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Cortes/Leon-Daniel B.

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BC: This Mix Book was presented by Daniel Berz ECA

FC: Juan Ponce de Leon and Hernan Cortes | By:Daniel Berz

2: Explorers have been around for many centuries. Perhaps without them this type of civilization would not be possible. Thats why today I am going to inform you about two very famous and important explorers of the world: Hernan Cortes and Ponce de Leon. In the following paragraphs there will be information about their background, all the voyages and important facts. Following that there will be a brief paragraph comparing the two explorers. I dedicate this to Yulicxma who did not know about what happened hundreds of years ago. | Introduction

3: Hernan Cortes | In the year of 1485 one of the greatest explorers of the world was born, his name was Hernan Cortes. As many other explorers his family was noble, which provided him to go to the University of Salamanca. Later he dropped out. Cortes had heard about stories of the new world and got interested and joined the expedition to the West Indies led by Nicolas de Ovando, also by Diego Velasquez. Cortes realized that he was getting seriously interested about exploring and decided to go on his second trip. This was a life time adventure, to the island of Hispaniola. This meant a possibility of never seeing his family again. Now is when the part that everyone knows him about begins.

4: Once in Hispaniola Hernan Cortes and other conquistadors were commanded to lead an expedition to Cuba. This expedition was pretty big; it consisted of four vessels and three hundred men. The Spanish out numbered the natives an soon enough became Spanish territory. Cortes spent few months living in Cuba waiting for orders. Soon enough he was named captain by Velasquez of the expedition to Mexico. But before that a fleet lead by Juan Grijalva returned. He explained that Mexico was a favorable expedition which made Velasquez want to explore that region. The expedition that Cortes directed was very important in size, as it was 600 men and less than 20 horses. Hernando Cortes sailed through the peninsula of Yucatan and anchored there. For the men not to run away he burned the boats and marched to Tenochtitlan. From there he reached Tabasco were he met Malinche the daughter of the Aztec emperor. This was almost his last destination. Malinche helped Cortes to govern Mexico by translating the native language to Spanish. During Corteses stay in Mexico he enjoyed learning about the Aztecs. He admired them because of all the riches they had. And so did the Aztecs admire him, as they thought that he was a god. This explains the reason why the Aztecs offered him gold and other valuables.

5: Hernan Cortes: Pictures | Hernan Cortes: Map

6: Ponce de Leon | As a student I enjoy learning about explorers but when it comes to Ponce de Leon is when the real enthusiasm comes. Juan Ponce de Leon was born in Santervas Spain, 1460 and died in 1521. His family was noble and rich, like many other explorers, which meant that he could provide for an expedition. As a student he was very good and well educated. Ponce de Leon was famous because he was the first European to get to Florida. Also he discovered the Gulf stream. Last but not least he established the oldest European settlement in what is now Puerto Rico. His official job was a courtier, explorer and a soldier. There follows a brief summary of his live as an explorer.

7: Ponce de Leon was introduced by Pedro Nunez de Guzman to the new world and also how to be a sailor. He also helped him by attacking the Moors and sinking there boats with its entire crew. Ponce de Leon's first voyage was when he accompanied Colombus on his second trip with 6 ships and thousands of men. He explored Hispaniola (Jamaica) and encountered the hostile Carib and Arwal native Indians. Later on Colombus established Spanish settlement in Haiti. He and Ponce de Leon began to gain wealth of experience from this voyage of discovery. During this time Leon was exploring the near by islands like The Bahamas and Santo de Domingo or Dominican Republic. Then he reached to one of his most important discoveries till then, Puerto Rico and they found natives who quickly moved to other grounds to have shelter and crops. After briefly exploring

8: the island of Puerto Rico he set sail with three ships, not really knowing were he was going to land. His first land sight was the same one Colombus saw, San Salvador. But he kept sailing. On 27 March,1513, Juan Ponce de Leon sights land, Florida. This is one of his most significant discoveries and in that time for him the most important. A few days later he reached land and took possession of land, which in those days only belonged to the native tribes. He named it Pascua de Florida because he first landed on Palm Sunday. After few days he set sail back to Puerto Rico to tell the great news. Every one was astonished because many people had searched the region but never found this "Florida" so he decided to go back with some friends. During his stay in Florida they encountered the native tribe. Ponce de Leon got wounded by a poisoned arrow.

9: Ponce de Leon: Map | Ponce de leon: Picture | The crew members rushed to take him back to Puerto Rico but it was to late. Ponce de Leon returned to Havana, Cuba, where he died of is wounds.

10: Slavery | Slaves, what a brutal way of treating people. This is what we think today, but in the mid fifteenth century this was a totally different point of view by many Europeans. Today this writing will focus on the Atlantic Slave trade; The triangular trade, the treatment of slaves, what is a slave. Also what does slaves have to do with Hernan Cortes and Ponce de Leon. Slaves in this case meant African colored people that were captured from there native tribes and used as tools to do hard labor and unwanted work. Europeans had a very sophisticated ways of capturing the salves and managing to get them to go to the Americas (or The New World) to usually work in plantations or in houses. Slaves who worked in plantations helped to produce the crops and then sent them back to Europe. This became a famous strategy or also route called Triangular Trade. This was a way of becoming very wealthy (as an European). It went like this: ships went with lots of capacity of space and food, as well as weapons, also many manufactured goods. This went from Europe to Africa, where they would

11: Triangular Trade: | get the slaves and would head to South, Central and North America to sell the slaves for work in plantations and then the raw materials would go back to Europe where they would sell them and as a result, become very wealthy. Slaves were treated very poorly they would be almost starving to death. Even though having a slave was illegal, people would still discriminate them. While transporting them on ships they were very tightly packed because the vessels were very crowded with slaves. And the point is that they were chained laying down and sometimes choked on there vomit.

12: Ponce de leon and Hernan Cortes had to do a little about the slaves because they were the ones who controlled them and sold them. This is because they were the ones to establish the new world ( of coarse with other explorers too) and were back and forth from Africa and the Americas to Europe. This means they were the ones that did the triangular trade. Here were some facts about the slave trade and many other things in that region. now there will be a fun quiz, to see if you truly understad and payed atencion to the writing.

14: QUIZ | Lets see if you can answer these following questions: 1. What university did Hernan Cortes decide to go to but ended up dropping off? 2.Why did the Aztecs admire Hernan Cortes so much? 3. What year was when Ponce de Leon Died? 4.What was the name of the route used to get to the slaves? 5. What is a slave, in this case?

15: Conclusion | In conclusion the both explorers Hernan Cortes and Ponce de leon were two great historical figures around the world and many people don't know this. I hope you have had all your questions answered and to the people who did not know they existed I hop I forfilled you memory. Say bye to......... | Ponce de Leon | And | Hernan Cortes

16: Bibliography: Text | Ponce de Leon: 1. Petrie, Kristin. Juan Ponse De Leon. Edina, MInnesota: ABDO Company, 2007. Print. 2. “Ponse de leon.” Elizabeth Era. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2010. . Hernan Cortes: 1. “Hernan Cortes.” Elisabeth ERA. N.p., 22 Sept. 2004. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. . 2. Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody. The look it up of Explorers. New York: Random House, 2004. Print.

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