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Cortes/Leon-Luis O.

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S: The History of Discovery: Cortes & Leon

FC: Cortes & Leon | By: Luis Daniel Odón

1: In the 15th century, European countries developed a curiosity for discovering a new world. From this; Ponce de Leon and Hernan Cortes, two legends from the discovery world were born. They had no fear of seeking places and things they had never heard of or seen before. These two brave men set a new era for world history, successfully. | INTRODUCTION

2: Hernan Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485. He was born into a noble family where his father was an infantry captain. Cortes was described as a pale and sick child when he was young. He was sent to the University of Salamanca at the age of 14, where he managed to study law and Latin. After he was in the New World and managed to locate the Aztecs, he married a native called Malinche. She helped him communicate with the other natives from her community. But Cortes’s relationship with Malinche quickly grew until she got pregnant to a boy called Martin, this boy was and is considered the first Mexican ever born. | Hernan Cortes

3: Cortés’s first voyage was captained by a man named Alonso Quintero, who controlled 2500 men in 30 ships. This expedition reached the island of Hispaniola and young Cortes proved popularity. Later on he settled in Cuba, where he established a great friendship with Diego Velazquez, the governor of Cuba at that time. In 1518 Velázquez put him in command of an expedition to explore and secure the interior of Mexico for colonization. He lands in the towns of Tabasco, where he learns about the riches of the Aztec empire and lead his troops towards there. He meets Malinche, a native that spoke both the language of Cortes and | the Aztecs. Cortes fell in love and married her. When he reaches Tenochtitlan, he managed to make the natives think he was a god. This greatly helped him to take advantage of the Aztecs. He convinced his troops of fighting the mighty and large empire telling them that they would become rich and powerful if the victory was theirs. After days of fighting, Cortés’s troops won because of the fact that they had more advanced weaponry. On August 13, 1512, the Aztec empire disappeared, and Hernan Cortes claimed the land for Spain renaming it Mexico City.

4: Juan Ponce de Leon was born in the small town of Santervas de Campos in nothern Spain. Early historians state that he was born into a noble family, but his family genealogy is very unclear. Leon was related to notable family, the Nuñez de Guzma. At a young age he became a squire de Pedro Nuñes de Guzman, a very recognizable knight at that time. He became and experienced soldier fighting and gained many techniques. | Ponce de Leon

5: After all his service to spain as a soldier, Ponce de Leon wnated to explore the new world. He was given the chance to lead an expedition to the island of Bimini in the bahamas, where the legend says is the "Fountain of Youth". He set sail on March 1513, and landed near a site of St. Augustine, FLorida thinking it was and island and not realizing he was in North America. He searched everywhere from the Florida keys all the way to Cuba, and found nothing. Claiming the land for his country, Spain, he decided to call it Florida. | He saw lots of different vegetations including many different types of flowers, and FLorida in spanish measn flowery. Ponce de Leon decided to go in search of Bimini and the fountain of youth again 5 years after claiming the land of Florida for Spain. HE set out with 2 ships and 200 men, landing in a coast of Florida again. Surprised, they were "welcomed" by a group of natives that where shooting bows and arrows at them.AFter fighting back, Ponce was severly injured and died shortly after from the injuryis damage.

6: Route Maps: Hernan Cortes

7: Route Maps: Ponce de Leon

8: The Atlantic

9: Slave Trade | Slavery in the Caribbean is a much discussed topic ever since it was abolished completely. Imagine your family was kidnapped by white skinned strangers and set to work with no pay and many punishments, how would you feel? Well Europeans didn’t think of this when they were in their trading business, and thought that having power over people from a different race was ok. The trade was based on a system where goods were traded as slaves and those were taken and sold at different countries. Different slaves had different jobs and were located in different casts, all very low. Europeans saw

10: slavery as a great chance to elevate their economy; therefore they didn’t stop the kidnap. Slaves were bought in the slave coast at western Africa and then taken to Europe and the Caribbean. THe system that was used to organize this exchange was called the triangular trade. Europeans traded their goods for African slaves and then took them to the Americas, where they were used to grow cash crops. Americans then took their crops to Europe and so on, Europeans had goods and Americans had slaves. purchased Since most Africans were slaves, the African society became incredibly un-popular and no one had respect for them. As I said some slaves were in a higher cast than other, for example indentured servants were probably the most respected ones but still with very little respect. Slavery was abolished in the 19 century when Abraham Lincoln signed a treaty to stop this mass illegal trade.

11: Now that you have read about my explorers, lets see if you really learned something! its quiz time!

12: Quiz Section | 1. Where did Ponce de Leon look for the Fountain of Youth? a) Costa Rica b) Spain c) Florida d) Canada | 2. Who did Juan Ponce de Leon Marry? a) Malinche b) Leonor c) Whitney Houston d) Angelina Jolie

13: 3. What empire did Hernan Cortes defeat? a) Mayans b) Incas c) Romans d) Aztecs | 4. When did Hernan Cortes and his men reach the city of Tenochtitlan? 5. Where was Hernan Cortes born? | ?

14: Bibliography Pictures | Cortes: (Young age) (Old age) (Old and Full body) (Cortes & Moctezuma) (Cortes & Malinche) (Cortes Route) | Cortes: (Young age) (Old age) (Old and Full body) (Cortes & Moctezuma) (Cortes & Malinche) (Cortes Route) Ponce de Leon: (Old with armor) (In color with clothes) (Old with hat) (With another guy) (Ponce de Leon route)

15: Ponce de Leon: (Old with armor) (In color with clothes) (Old with hat) (With another guy) (Ponce de Leon route)

16: Bibliography for Text | Dolan, Sean. Juan Ponce De Leon. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 1995. Print. "Hernan Cortes." Explorers of the Millennium. Oracle ThinkQuest, n.d. Web. 3 June 2010. . "Juan Ponce de Leon." Explorers of the Millennium. Oracle ThinkQuest, n.d. Web. 3 June 2010. . Wepman, Dennis. Cortes. New York: Chelsea House, 1986. Print.

17: CONCLUSION In conclusion, both Ponce de Leon and Hernan Cortes became great explorers to the world history, and thanks to them we are able to live in our community as advanced as we are now-a-days.

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