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Cortes/Magellan-Sara S.

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S: European Explorers

FC: The Interesting Life of European Explorers | Hernan Cortes | Ferdinand Magellan | Sara Starchevich, Period 4

1: In the 1500s Europeans started coming to America to discover what was called “The New World”. Hernan Cortes and Ferdinand Magellan were two of them. They both worked for Spain although Magellan wasn't born in Spain.


3: Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer who conquered what is now central and southern Mexico. Cortes was a nobleman born in Medellin, Spain around the 1485. His parents were Martin Cortes and Catalina Pizarro they were a Christian family. His family wasn't rich or poor. When Cortes was fourteen years old he went to the University of Salamanca in Spain and he studied to be a lawyer because his family wanted him to be one, but he didn't finish the carrier because he wanted to be an explorer. He married a Spanish woman called Catalina Juarez.

4: Hernan Cortes moved to Santo Domingo, when he was nineteen years old. He was given a small land and he stayed there for seven years.Then he took part of the Spanish conquest of Cuba in 1511. He stayed in cube until 1518. Cortes talked to the Spanish government of Cuba to lead him an expedition to Mexico. | He came to the Americas to conquered, fond new land and made more people Christian. Hernan Cortes overcame the Aztecs civilization in 1521.

6: In that time explorers were looking for gold and silver and wanted land and slaves. Looking for new land he destroyed the Aztecs civilization. He got to the Americas with six hundred men and few horses.

7: On his way, he made friend with a native group called Tlaxcalans and they helped Cortes and his people against the Aztecs. He had conflicts with the Aztecs but at the end he found what he wanted he end up with the civilization. He was successful for his country but not for the natives history.


9: Ferdinand Magellan was a Spanish explorer born in either Sabrosa or Porto Portugal in 1480. When he was seven years old his parents sent him to a monastery school at Vila Nova de Mura. He was the third child of Rui de Megelhaes and Alda de Mesquita. His parents died when he was just ten years old. They were part of the Portuguese nobility so he served the queen Leonor in Lisbon the capital of Portugal. He studied many subjects including advanced mathematics, geography, cartography and navigation. He also learned etiquette and hunting skills. He married Beatriz Barbosa and they had a kid called Rodrigo.

10: He made a first trip with Francisco de Alameidas. When he returned to from the trip he was trait poorly in the royal court. He Portuguese king did never let him sail from Portugal again. He went with the Spanish king Ferdinand and with Queen Isabella to ask them for another trip in name of Spain, and they accepted. He sailed from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain. He sailed west because he wanted to reach the Moluccas.

11: When he got to America he reaches the coast of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be precise. | He met with the Guarani natives and they thought that the voyages had power that brought rain and because of that they trait Magellan as royalty. After two weeks in Rio de Janeiro he Magellan ordered to go down the coast. He reaches Uruguay and Argentina looking for a passage to the South Sea (Pacific Ocean).

12: Slavery

13: Slavery is a system by the one black and poor people could be property of others. Before people started bringing slaves from Africa and America they used to have discussions or little battles between two families and the only rule was that the person that loses the battle would have to be a slave for the winner. Then explorers brought slaves from Africa to America because the natives were ding from diseases. Slaves were brought from the coast of Africa and they were send to different places in a triangular way through the Atlantic Ocean in the same triangular way as Hernan Cortes rout.

14: This triangular way is call the triangular trade it was the way that the explorers transported the slaves. It worked like this first the slaves were taken from Africa to America in a cargo boat for months. They were separated from their families and sold in auctions. Then they were taken to Europe with food and animals. After that the ships went to Africa again and de cycle would start all over.

15: Did Magellan's parents died when he was ten years old? yes no Did Hernan Cortes served the Portuguese queen Leonor in Lisbon yes no Which were the continents that Hernan Cortes conquered? Were Hernan Cortes and Ferdinand Magellan Christians? yes no Were Magellan and Cortes born in Spain? | QUIZ TIME!

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17: Pictures | Sara Starchevich http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-34591534167466/KnolSlaveTrade.jpg http://www.lilalions.com/blog/CM1A_LF/images/cortes=jeanne.jpg http://xpoferens.cat/cortmok1.jpg http://www.cadbury.co.uk/cadburyandchocolate/PublishingImages/Cadbury_and_chocolate_history_of_chocolate_hernan_cortez.jpg http://www.asij.ac.jp/elementary/gr5web/c5r/explorer_reports/images/tiffan2.gif http://www.koodal.com/contents_koodal/youth/images/109.jpg http://www.milkintheclock.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/magellan.jpg

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