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Crestomere Urban Legends

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S: Urban Legends of Crestomere 2011

FC: by Mrs. Ingram's Language Arts classes of 2010-2011 | Of Crestomere

1: Karley's Secret - by Cassidy The Sand Box - by Emily The Teacher's Assistant - by Matthew The Troll of Crestomere School - by Morgan The Axe Murderer of Crestomere School- by Dawn Blown Away - by David The Plumber Who Got Stuck Down Under - by Ferron The Indian Burial Ground - by Mark Hung By Your Toenails - by Emily Class Pet - by Angus Old Willow Waly - by Karley Safe At School - by Taylor The Crestomere Cougars - by Isabell Halloween Horror - by Kyle The Fourth Stall To The Left - by Delaney The Loucrest Monster - by Eric Don't Make The School Messy - by Brandon The Dirt Pile - by Danya The Glaring Lights Of Crestomere School - by Sarah The Hacking Fish From The Slough - by Sam The Rabbit Of Crestomere - by Simon Root Beer Of Doom - by Jennifer The Bus Man - by Ceyana P.A.T.'s - by Naomi The Man Who Walked - by Duncan The Bus Barn - by Meghan Burned Alive - by Shelby Never Return Dungeon - by Jennifer The Beech - by Matthew The Crestomere Cave Woman - by Brian The Crestomere Virus - by Ashlyn That Wascaly Wabbit - by Caleb The Haunted Paintings - by Ranelle The Crestomere Monster - by Samantha You're Fired - by Thomas Boyfriend Stealer - by Accacca The Room - by Merel The Bomb - by Tre The Long - by Brett The Black Hooded Figure - by Cassius El Chupacabra - Harlen Why Accacca Doesn't Wear Shoes - by Taylor Crestomere Chill - by Owen | Table of Contents

2: Karley's Secret by Cassidy Their once was a girl named Karley. She went to Crestomere School. It was a very small school, and out in the country. Karley was a very good but quiet student, and she was in grade 8. With only few friends, she kept all her secrets to herself. No one knew that she had one big secret. One day the class was doing a project on who their idol was. Everyone after class handed in their papers. Karley’s paper was one of the last ones the teacher had read. Most of the other students’ idols were their parents or a super hero. And surprisingly hers also fit in with the others. The next day at school, students were to perform who their idol was. Their teacher was so fascinated by Karley’s paper that she was sent to go first. She went all out with it too. She was wearing one white glove, a leather jacket and came in doing the moon walk. Some children were confused. They got the idea though when she sang her speech going with the song “The Thriller”. After her speech, you could say she was the most popular kid there. Want to know who her idol was? It was her father. Her father you ask? MICHEAL JACKSON.

3: The Sand Box by Emily Once a small boy, around the age of six, was playing in the Crestomere School sand box with his equally small friend. His mother turned around for a second to pick up the pen she’d just dropped, and when she turned back around he was gone. The child that her son had been playing with started to scream. The little girl said that her friend had been trying to dig the biggest tunnel ever; apparently he had been trying to dig to China. The little girl went on to say that the boy had fallen in, and that he had disappeared into the tunnel. The mother of the missing boy got very angry and started to yell at the girl. She said that it was impossible for that to have happened. But the little girl wasn’t lying to the mother- she was just telling the mother what she had seen. Angry and majorly upset, the mother walked away to call the police to report her missing child. After months of searching, the police gave up hope. The family soon started to believe that their son was dead and that they would never see him again. All of the family’s friends were worried about them and decided to all pitch in to give them a vacation. The tickets came in the mail and a week later they were on an airplane flying to China. While in China, they went to a flea market. There were so many people there, but through the crowd the mother saw a familiar looking little boy, around the age of 6, who was carrying a big bag of flour. The mother couldn’t be certain if he was her baby boy or not, but she needed to know. She started to run towards the child, but there were so many people that she couldn’t move very fast. She called out for the boy. The boy with the flour turned around, and for a few brief seconds she saw his face. It was her son’s face. But before she could even think, he was swallowed into the crowd, never to be seen again. | And that’s why we don’t dig giant holes in the Crestomere School sand box.

4: Jimmy was at school one day when he noticed the teacher’s assistant, Mrs. Long, studying him from across the room. He just assumed she was watching to make sure he was working, and went on with his work. He noticed her do this 2 or 3 times a day, every day, for the next week. Then one day on his way to the bus, she called for him to come back. When he got back to her and asked what she wanted, she just grabbed him and drug him back into the school. His scream could be heard throughout the school. No one did anything, though, because Jimmy was a bit of a goofball and screamed as a joke a lot. | A week later, Jimmy had still not been found. There was a great smell in the junior high wing, and the janitor, thinking a skunk had gotten caught under the gymnasium, decided to go down into the crawl space and check. He was walking and almost tripped on something. He looked down and saw the outline of a body. He assumed it was a dead animal and went to move on. He heard a voice as cold as ice say, “I would examine that body closely if I were you”. Scared by the voice that seemed to be coming out of nowhere the janitor backed up and examined the corpse closer. He suddenly recognized it as the body of Jimmy Peters, the boy that had gone missing a week ago. “Yes, it is true! I killed him and now I shall take your life too!” screamed the voice, as a hooded figure jumped out of the dark and grabbed the terrified janitor by the neck. He began to slowly suffocate. He had just enough time to recognize the hooded figure as the teacher’s assistant, Mrs. Long, before everything went black. | The Teacher's Assistant by Matthew

5: Once there was a small school in the middle of nowhere. The local area consisted of a store and a school across the road. For 3 years the students of Crestomere worked on an area near the back of the school. They called this area the Naturalization Area. There was a mulch path, a butterfly garden, an outdoor classroom, and a bridge. Not many people went near the bridge because of the legend of the troll. People believed a troll lived under the bridge (because trolls always seem to live under bridges). However, soon people forgot about the silly legend and started walking over it again. Little did they know, there really was a troll under the bridge. The troll was green, short, and very grumpy. He had bright orange hair that was spiked in a crazy way. Every time a kid walked over his bridge he would get madder and madder until one day he snapped. One late Wednesday night, when no one was in sight, a young boy of the name Fred walked over the bridge to see if the troll was true or just a myth. Then all of a sudden, the troll jumped out from under his bridge and captured Fred. Fred’s parents were very sad and didn’t know what had happened to the young boy. They looked everywhere for their kid but could not find him. The police even came and searched everywhere. No one could find Fred or even the troll. The troll stayed very quiet and kept Fred in a hidden cave underneath the bridge. The troll would torture Fred every time someone would walk over his bridge! Now every Wednesday night, when the moon is at its highest, the troll comes out and anyone he sees that is alone, he captures! The troll will put his victim in the cave with Fred and torture him or her. So whenever you’re alone at Crestomere School, on a Wednesday night, run as fast as you can. Beware or you may never be seen again! | The Troll of Crestomere by Morgan

6: It was a rainy day at Crestomere, a small school in the middle of nowhere. The trees lining the school yard and the old sheds creaked in the wind. The people in the 7/8 classroom watched the trees sway in the strong wind. When the recess bell rang and everyone went outside, Isabell and AJ decided to wander off into the trees, despite the rumors saying there was a crazy axe murderer. No one saw them leave. People started to get suspicious when Isabell and AJ weren’t in class. They hadn’t heard the bell ring because of the screaming wind. | The Axe Murderer of Crestomere by Dawn

7: They continued to sit in the trees, not thinking about how much time had passed. They jumped when there was a large cracking sound, but then they realized that the branch of a tree had been ripped off of a tree near them. Still they sat there. When they heard a smaller sound, which sounded like a twig breaking, they paid no attention to it. Suddenly it sounded like there were footsteps coming up behind them. They suddenly heard a quiet voice. “I’m coming for you...” Isabell and AJ spun around and looked at the man with the hockey mask and an axe. They both took off running toward the school. Isabell made it out of the trees, but AJ tripped. She screamed as the crazy axe murderer descended on her. “I don’t want to die!” AJ screamed. “If you don’t want to die, then you should never have been born,” the crazy axe murderer said in a low voice. The last thing AJ felt was the cold metal of the axe touching her neck. Isabell watched the axe murderer hack AJ’s head off, and ran toward the school with a new purpose. To live. “Help! Help me!” She screamed and ran as fast as she could, with the axe murderer bearing down on her. He kept getting closer, and closer. Isabell slammed into the doors, yanking on them. They were locked. She sprinted around the building to the front doors. She pulled them open, the axe murderer right on her heels, swinging the axe like a madman, which of course, he was. She made it inside, and was halfway to the office, when she looked over her shoulder. No one was there. She turned around and looked out the door. There was no one in sight. She ran to the office and told the teachers that the crazy axe murderer had gotten AJ. They didn’t believe her, so they followed her outside. They found AJ’s headless body lying in the trees. After that, Isabell was never the same. She jumped at every sound, and carried a gun or a knife in her pocket at all times. As she grew older, she slowly went insane, babbling on and on about the axe murderer of Crestomere. She swore to never return to Crestomere as long as she lived. Isabell died in an insane asylum at the age of 82, while the stories of the murders at Crestomere lived on.

8: 24 years ago in the school of Crestomere, they had a mysterious problem in which bloody hand prints appeared on the office windows. School officials put up security cameras and tried to keep the kids out of the situation. But the story eventually got out. Four grade 9 students went out after school to venture through the trees and all of the sheds, looking for an explanation for the bloody handprints. It was close to 5:30 p.m. when they came up with the idea that the sewer would be a good hiding place for someone, so they busted the chain that locked the top and crawled in. Everybody threw up at least twice because of the smell. They noticed that the sewer had been pumped out, so it was empty, and the smell they smelled was not gray water, but a pile of dead cats, one dog, a cow, and 3 human beings. | Blown Away by David

9: The grade nine students were paralyzed with fear and shock: they couldn’t believe that they had walked in on a rotting hole. They heard scratching up top, so they looked up to see this hairy old man that looked like Santa Claus but with one eye, the other one clouded over. He had a floppy and bent jaw with no teeth, and an ear that looked like it was cut off and was hanging down by his neck. He had no other ear. The students could think of nothing, so they just stood there. The Santa told them to leave, as he wanted Crestomere to himself, as it had been before the school was built. He’d been leaving bloody handprints to scare people away. Then he closed the latch and walked off. The Santa then ran to the school to smear blood on the window, but then a car drove into the parking lot. Desperately, he pried open an air vent to crawl into in order to wait out the passer-by. He got curious as to where the vent went, and began exploring through the different vents and tunnels. He passed some classrooms and the supply room, when he neared the outside wall. A fan started to spin, and the suction of the air began to slide him towards the deadly propellers. The Santa man had no hand grips, so he slid right into the fan; he got chopped into a smoothie. The next day there was mysterious debris clogging the vents, and a foul-smelling slime dripped from the cracks in the pipes. Six months later the school had a clogged sewer problem, the septic services found the students skeletons the 3 other bodies and the animals.

10: There once was a plumber who came to fix a school’s plumbing. This was a very small school in the middle of nowhere called Crestomere. This school was next to a gas station. Crestomere School had a slough and a skating rink. But most importantly it had a small hole located under the gym, which most of the students thought was used for storing chairs for events. This plumber came on a Friday afternoon. He opened the door to the the room and went to work. None of the teachers knew he was down there except for the principal. While the plumber was down there, a gym class went on. A kid at the school jumped on the stage and the door to the tunnel locked shut. The plumber heard the door lock but thought it was nothing. Finally the plumber was finished fixing the plumbing. It was three o’ clock. As the students left the school the teachers packed up and not long after the school was empty. The plumber banged on the door over and over again, desperately trying to get someone’s attention so that he could go home. But no one came. The plumber tried calling with his cell but there was no service in the tunnel. The man finally gave up when it was ten o’clock. The plumber tried his cell one more time but still there was no service. He then realized it was Friday and no one would be there for the rest of the weekend. A month and a half later there was a school event and they needed the chairs, and when they opened the door they found the plumber dead. | The Plumber Who Got Stuck Down Under by Ferron

11: The Indian Burial Ground by Mark Five thousand years ago, a native tribe lived on the very grounds that Crestomere School would be built on. The chieftain’s daughter and her husband died. Sad that his daughter had died, the chieftain got the tribe’s shaman to curse the ground in which his daughter and her husband lay. The shaman told the chieftain, “When the ground she rests in is disturbed, your daughter will come back to life, destined to forever work on this ground, and the hut that rests on top of the husband’s body will be forever haunted by his spirit.” Fifty nine years ago, when Crestomere School was being built, and the ground was dug up to put the foundation in, the construction workers found two bodies. Both were thought to be dead. One wasn’t. The daughter arose in the night and hid in the trees around the school for fifty years looking for her husband. Mustering up her courage, the native princess got a job at the school working in the library thinking her husband was trapped inside the odd-looking building. She discovered that her real name, Tsu Nu Tina, would not help her fit in at the school so she adopted the alias Mrs. Long. Five years later a strange breathing noise was heard inside a room. It was her husband, who haunted the walls of the school, trying to talk his long-lost love. To this day, there is a poem that all Crestomerians know: "The native princess was ecstatic that her love was found So she expanded the library by leaps and bounds The next day a dead body was also found In the breathing room the next day during the rounds "

12: There once was an old man named Mr. T. He was a teacher at Crestomere School. If a student was doing something wrong he would say, “I’m going to take you to the dungeon and hang you by your toenails.” At the time, the kids would laugh about it but they never knew the truth about Mr. T. However, one day the kids became suspicious when they saw Mr. T disappear under the stairs. Finally the kids had had enough. One day when he left, one overly confident student, Jen, decided to follow her teacher. She snuck down the stairs and saw him disappear into a hidden door. Behind the door, Jen heard the clanking of chains and a muffled noise. She peered through the space under the door. Jen couldn’t see anything so she slowly turned the knob. She slid through the door and entered a dark room with a long hallway. She walked slowly down the long hallway and realized that there were jail cells along the hallway. She peered into the first cell and gagged at the smell of death. There hanging on the wall was a skeleton. Upside down. Hung by his toenails?! On the door was a sign that said “Tyler R: 1987”. The next one said “Karley C: 1992”. And “Taylor J: 1994”. They went on and on. At the end of the hallway was a cell with the door open. On the door was a sign that said “Jennifer E: 2011”. “That’s me!” Jen thought to herself in horror. Then suddenly Mr. T emerged from the dark corner, and said casually, “I’ve been expecting you”. | Hung By Your Toenails by Emily

13: Class Pet by Angus Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a frog named Bob, who was the class pet. One night, one of the students broke into the science lab on a dare. He reached into the desk and carefully removed the keys. A cup full of pencils tipped off the desk, spooking him. He jumped, falling against a case full of chemicals. They crashed to the floor, spilling everywhere. He ran for the door, bumping into Bob’s fish tank. It shattered on the floor. The next morning, Bob was missing. A set of glowing footprints led to the slough, which the kids followed. One brave child put a foot in the water. Immediately, a giant frog leaped out of the water, catching him in his mouth. He crashed back into the water, the foam turning pink with the remains of the kid. The students fled back to the school, screaming in terror. The frog sank slowly back into the muck. Legend has it, that it comes out at night to prey upon the trespassers. Since then, no-one has snuck back into the school at night.

14: Old Willow Waly by Karley Somewhere in central Alberta, there was a tiny community of farmers with nothing but a store, a church, a vet clinic, gas station, and school; next to a giant marshy slough. This little establishment was called Crestomere. The kids who went to Crestomere School had heard from their family members, from generation to generation, that if you ever go into the bus barn, and hear a voice singing softly to run as fast as you can and shut the tool box at the end of the barn. Why? If you don’t, Ol’ Willow Waly, one of the bus drivers’ daughters who had died on the grounds from a gas explosion, will take a wrench from the toolbox and kill whoever is in the barn. One day, a girl who was new to the school, was playing ‘Capture the Flag’ in gym class. She was bullied a lot and didn’t have many friends, but she didn’t mind. If there was anything she was afraid of, it was the kids that were planning to come after her before the end of gym class. She heard them whispering in the change room, but all she heard out of the muted tones was “chase”, “daughter”, and “ Willow.” She wondered what it all meant, but she decided to leave as soon as she could. As she was hiding from the girls in the bushes, she thought about how she could make her escape and get away from them. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge cough rose up to her throat. She covered her mouth and shot up from the bush, making a break for the bus barn so the girls couldn’t chase her. Once she was safe and the doors were locked in the dingy, dusty, old smelling barn, her breathing calmed down, she peered through the small, cracked window to see if anyone had noticed her running. She sat down on a creaky chair and looked around. A small, soft, twinkling sound started to circulate around the room. There was nothing that could have been making the sounds, no speakers, nobody outside, and not even a person in the barn but her. It started to get louder, and then the voice of a small girl, singing to the music. Standing now, the girl walked around the barn to find the source of the music. The soft, innocent, almost scary tune got even louder, and louder, to the point where the girl had to cover her ears. She fled to the door to leave, grabbed the handle, and quickly drew back her hand in pain. The handle was smoking hot, and her skin burned as if she had stuck her hand straight into a fire. She yelled in pain and cried for the music to stop. But when she whipped around, a heavy object, like a wrench, was bludgeoned over her head. She hit the ground hard, and opened her eyes to look up, to see only flames and a silhouette of a child, in the midst of flames.

15: Standing now, the girl walked around the barn to find the source of the music. The soft, innocent, almost scary tune got even louder, and louder, to the point where the girl had to cover her ears. She fled to the door to leave, grabbed the handle, and quickly drew back her hand in pain. The handle was smoking hot, and her skin burned as if she had stuck her hand straight into a fire. She yelled in pain and cried for the music to stop. But when she whipped around, a heavy object, like a wrench, was bludgeoned over her head. She hit the ground hard, and opened her eyes to look up, to see only flames and a silhouette of a child, in the midst of flames.

16: Safe At School by Taylor The school bell rang, and the junior high kids were excited for their sleepover at Crestomere School. The teacher was sitting in her chair, sipping her so called “coffee”, rolling her eyes over the kids. She was not too happy about watching the little brats all night and not getting paid for it. All the kids ran down to the staff room to eat their pizza. Stuffed with pizza and loaded on pop, the kids couldn’t sit still for a second. It was a good idea to let their energy out in the gym. While walking down the hallway, two boys, Charlie and Shawn, noticed a picture of a man who once went to Crestomere School. It was rumored that he had been bullied all of his life, and one day had disappeared, and now lived under the school haunting people. While in the gym, a girl sat on the stage alone looking very depressed. She sat watching everyone have fun; she glanced at her new high tops she had bought the day before. She noticed a puddle of water coming from the doors underneath the stage. She jumped down, and touched the water: it was very hot. The girl noticed the water wasn’t clear, but a little red. While looking at the water she was hit in the head with a basketball. She turned to the door, crying, and rushed out of the gym. Later on, the kids were playing hide and seek in the dark. Charlie and Shawn decided to hide on the stage, one on each side of the stage. They heard stomping footsteps, and their hearts were about to pop out of their cavity. “Hello!!” a girl shouted, turning on the lights.

17: She found Shawn behind the riser closest to the door. Shawn tried to look for his friend, but couldn’t find him. He called his name. No answer. As they were leaving the stage, they heard a loud scream in the gym. They ran into the gym, but nothing was there. The girl noticed she had left her sweater in the gym; she grabbed it and found blood all over it. She thought someone was playing a prank on her. “Very funny” she chuckled. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a severed finger. Then Charlie, who had come up behind the girl, noticed the finger donned black ring; the one Shawn had been wearing. Horrified, the two ran to the teacher, telling her what happened. Too intoxicated with her “coffee”, she didn’t believe them. By the time the game was finished, all the kids knew about the finger. A lot of them thought it was a prank, but weren’t sure.... It was time to go to bed, so the kids got into their sleeping bag and scrambled into the gym. They all fell asleep, but quietly filling the room was a hum of a man. The next day, the parents came to get their kids from the sleepover. The back door was open wide as they went into the gym. The horror on their faces was bloodcurdling. There was blood splattered all over the walls. It was the worst picture to see. There were broken bodies all over the floor, and gore on the walls. On the white wall in front of them, written in blood, were the words:

18: The Crestomere Cougars by Isabell Have you ever wondered why the school mascot is a cougar? While they were building the school, a young mother cougar was living nearby. She heard the construction and came closer every day with her cubs. Eventually, they lived in the construction and had to be carefully avoided and not disturbed. The cubs had to eat and every day, their mother came with mysterious meat in her jaws. Slowly, the construction workers started to not show up. The site manager called the families of the missing workers, and asked where they were and why they weren’t showing up to work. The families all replied that they had left in the morning and hadn’t come home. The cougar still showed up with the mysterious meat. Day after day, workers disappeared and didn’t show up the next day. Soon the amount of workers had dwindled to 20 men and the cougar cubs were large enough to hunt on their own. They were suspicious of the cougars’ meat, and didn’t wander close enough to see the sharp, glistening white teeth. Soon a new worker came and went to see the cougars. He came back with long oozing scratches all along his mangled face. His eyes were crazed and his hair was torn and hanging from the scalp. “The.the..the.the COUGARS!” he screeched as he neared. “They... they.... they... chased me and attacked me. I barely lived to see them walk away with my hand! I warn you, they’re not innocent anymore!!!”

19: He cackled as he limped to his truck in the half completed parking lot. The remaining workers decided they had had enough of these dangerous creatures. An old German farmer came with his shotgun upon receiving an emergency call. He walked to the cougar nest and disappeared around the corner. There was a distant shot and a thump as a large body fell to the ground. The farmer came back and explained that the deed was done. Everyone went to examine the body and concluded that it was a cougar living on the site. They buried the body in a secret room underneath the gymnasium. The workers did feel bad about killing one of the creatures, but not after they got a call from Blue Cross. They let the first principal choose the cougar mascot for they couldn’t let anyone forget the incident of the Crestomere Cougars.

20: Halloween Horror by Kyle It Halloween at Crestomere school and all of the kids were dressed up in costume. All the kids showed off their costumes to their classmates during DEAR time. The kids got a bit out of hand, probably from too much candy, so Mrs. Long yelled at the kids for being loud. She even sent some of the students to the ‘dungeon’ AKA the office. When the students all finally quieted down, there was this unknown kid in a cat woman costume. He was about 6 feet tall and smelled rather nasty, so with that said, all the kids called him “Stinky Magoo”. The kid was so angry and hurt from this rude nickname, that he ran into the gym and right into a secret tunnel under the school. The whole class followed him to the hole, but he wouldn’t come out. So later that night, a group of kids went back to investigate the tunnel. The kids went right in and flashed on the flashlight to look around. They saw the person in the strange cat woman costume wasn’t a kid: it was the janitor! The next day the teacher came in early to do some editing, when she saw a note that said, “Now don’t you wish you didn’t make fun of me?” But there was nothing else there. The groups of kids never returned and are still missing to this day. However, without proof that anything deadly happened, the cops thought that it wasn’t worth investigating.

21: The Fourth Stall to the Left by Delaney There is a small farming community called Crestomere just off of highway 53 in Alberta. It is a peaceful area, and has a general store and a school. Children love going to school there, but this school has a dark secret. The fourth stall in the junior high girls’ bathroom hosts a very dangerous spirit, a spirit so evil that even the mice lurking in the walls stay away. The pale green door sits on one creaking hinge, and it is the gateway to hell. Everyone avoids this stall at all costs to avoid being possessed: most girls would rather wet themselves then drop their drawers in.. THE FOURTH STALL TO THE LEFT! The spirit belongs to a young girl who had just started grade 7. She was smart and all the other kids loved her, but one day she had a disagreement with her best friend and she went crazy. She stared blankly at the gymnasium wall for 2 whole hours, then her eyes changed colour. Those sweet blue eyes turned red, evil like her soul. She stood up silently and floated to the bathroom, almost cloud-like, and slammed the stall door shut so hard that the top rusty hinge came loose. She screamed to her friend saying, “I will wait! Oh yes. I will stay right here forever and the first chance I get I’m coming for you. Or your kids or your kid’s kids!!!!! Revenge is sweet!” The girl was never seen again. She actually disappeared off the face of the earth. But ever since that day, the toilet has had an odd glow. So if one of your relatives have ever gone to Crestomere School, my advice to you is to stay away from the fourth stall to the left!!

22: Once upon a time, there was a very nice country-side school named Crestomere, which held a hundred and some odd students. The little school also had a little lake, well, it was more of a slough, which had the Loucrest Monster living in it. One foggy evening, three surveyors from Lakeland Surveying went out to survey the lake in a little paddle boat and never returned home for supper. Their wives thought that they were working late, but when the men never came back, they began to worry. The next morning, the wives contacted the police and first thing a search party was sent out. No bodies, no boat, and no surveying equipment were ever found, but there was one thing found - an oar from the boat. | The Loucrest Monster by Eric

23: Don't Make the School Messy by Brandon Crestomere is a place for school. It is out in the country, and all that is near the school is a playground, a baseball diamond, and a little store. In this little school, there’s this place under the stage in the gym – it is a big storage section that is dark with a cement floor. Overall, it’s not the brightest place. Every time people passed the place, it smelled like a body disposal area. This one time a boy named Brandon and his friend Duncan went down into the crawl space. They saw tons of bodies. They even saw their good friend Harlan, lying there dead. They wondered who was doing this, and they suspected the janitor, Mr. Odoms, because Mr. Odoms always had an eye on Harlan. Harlen was always coming into the school with dirty shoes and making a huge mess – this drove Mr. Odoms crazy! Mr. Odoms wore a cowboy hat, and was in his early 50s. He was always upset with kids for making his school messy, and wanted his school to be perfect. His janitorial room was always locked, and no one knew what he kept inside. Brandon and Duncan wanted to find out the truth, but on the day they tried to break into Mr. Odoms’ janitorial room, he came up behind them and scared them. They ran 13 kilometers, all the way home, and never came back again. What is under the gym floor remains a mystery to this day.

24: In Crestomere School, an urban legend has been passed on for generations. If it’s true, nobody knows, because they are all too scared to find out, and those who have checked seem to disappear. Crestomere is a small school surrounded by trees, and built on a hill. On the bottom of the hill there is a small skating rink and shack, as well as a big bonfire pit. Beside the gymnasium, outside on the top of the hill, there is a playground and basketball court. There are three baseball diamonds located in the big open field of grass in the front of the school. One day, a couple of girls and a couple of guys in junior high were standing around during recess and talking about the latest gossip, when far off by the skate shack they heard a scream. They all looked at each other, informing themselves in a silent way that they had all heard the noise. They walked down towards the off-limits area by the shack without anyone noticing them. They checked in and around the shack, but there was no one around. They walked over to the big dirt pile on the other end of the rink and saw that the dirt was all dug up. The girls stopped and huddled closer to each other. They nodded at the guys to go look, because they did not want to get any closer. The guys walked up to the freshly disturbed dirt, and ran right back to the girls. The girls could sense the fear in their eyes and asked them what they had seen. The boys paused for a while and then finally spoke: they had seen two arms and legs, as well as the top part of a head, covered in blood and semi-buried. | The Dirt Pile by Danya

25: They began to run back to the school, and they all tripped at the same time. One of the guys got back up to his feet and started running again for help. The others were struggling to get up because something was starting to drag them back. The boy wanted to help his friends, but his fear overtook his feet and he climbed the hill in record time. He was out of breath when he got to a teacher, but he seemed to get his point across despite his breathlessness, because she followed him down the hill. The other teachers gathered up their students into the classrooms so no one could see, and waited for them to come back, but they never did. Students now know to never go near the dirt pile at the bottom of the rink – you may never come back.

26: The Glaring Lights of Crestomere School by Sarah The story had gotten all around the school by the end of the day. Justin, Elliot, Steve, and Cason were planning on showing up late that night and sneaking in to school. They were determined to prove to everyone that there was no white floating light in the halls of Crestomere School after dark. Crestomere School was a small little country school with no more than 150 people. Although it was small, cute, and harmless, it wasn’t always as it may have seemed to be. The legend was that there once was a teacher that went to Crestomere School when it was first built. His name was Hector. He was bald, very tall, and didn’t say much. He loved kids, but eventually the kids were too much for him to handle. He slowly started to go mad and just disappeared into thin air. Then, shortly after his disappearance, the janitor was at the school doing some extra cleaning before it got too dark. While he was washing the windows he noticed that he’d lost track of time and decided to pack his things and head home. He was walking past Hector’s old room and noticed the lights were flickering. On and off, on and off, on and off. Then they just quit. He found it slightly strange at first but thought nothing of it and continued walking. Down the hallway, he saw a bright white light in the dark coming closer and closer towards him. The light looked like it was coming from the forehead of a man. A bald man. Then the light vanished. He didn’t know what to do so he ran as fast as he could out the doors and drove home. The next day the janitor tried to tell people what he had seen, and claimed that Hector had come back to haunt everyone. Nobody believed him. After all, he was known for telling lots of tall stories. The very next day, after working more late hours he disappeared and was never seen again. And that’s when the whole school started to get their suspicions that maybe the janitor wasn’t lying. Maybe Hector was back to haunt them. But not everyone believed it was true.

27: Justin, Elliot, Steve, and Cason weren’t fooled and believed that the teachers were just pulling stupid pranks on them for bugging Hector about his shiny bald head, or about how the boys would constantly harass the teachers. They assumed that Hector had just moved away because he was sick of the kids and that the janitor was on vacation. They wanted to prove to everyone that it was all lies. So, to prove this, they planned on sneaking into school after dark and recording everything that happened. It was about 8:30 p.m. when they were finally able to crack the door open and enter the dark hallways of Crestomere. Elliot decided that he would tape everything that happened. They started walking towards Hector’s old room when they saw the lights flashing. On and off, on and off, on and off. Then they quit. Cason and Steve told Elliot and Justin they would go to the room while they walked around. So Elliot and Justin continued on as if the boys hadn’t seen what just happened. After half an hour of walking around, Justin and Elliot went back to the room to find Cason and Steve. But they couldn’t find them, so they just assumed they went home. Justin wanted to go home, too. They had enough evidence to prove that the legend wasn’t true. Elliot agreed and they started to head down the hallway towards the door where they had entered. Then they started to see a small, bright, white light at the end of the hallway. It seemed like it was getting closer and closer. Then the light disappeared. All that was found of the boys the next day was Elliott’s camera on the floor. The boys were never seen again. The teachers were never the same after the boys went missing. When Elliot’s camera had been found, the teachers all decided to watch the film and see what the boys had seen or been doing before they disappeared. The beginning was all black. All you could hear was the boys trying to freak each other out. Then they watched how the light flickered, but also noticed in the background a man who looked exactly like Hector. After, everything went black again. Everything was quiet. Then they observed a light that was coming closer, and closer towards the boys. The light was coming from the baldness on Hector’s forehead. The boys screamed and ran, but the light caught them and they disappeared as the camera fell to the floor. From that moment on, the teachers knew that the story was real. It wasn’t a prank. Hector had come back to haunt them. Later, after the film had been shown to many people, the school was shut down immediately. Anyone who dares go in the school will see the light from Hector’s bald head and will never been seen again.

28: The Hacking Fish From the Slough by Sam Once upon a time a little boy named Angus wandered a little too close to the Crestomere slough, and was met by a fish with an ax. Now, this fish was a half fish and half human (he only had the legs and arms of a human, but his body was that of a tiny fish). Some people say an innocent jackfish swam around the minnow-infested lake, eating steroids that people “dropped” into the lake and he grew legs and arms, but his body stayed the same. We have no idea why the minnows didn’t develop the same traits as the jackfish, because they also ate the steroids. After the jackfish discovered his newfound legs and arms, he started to learn how to walk on land. We don’t know how he is able to breathe above land, but he is. Anyways, he found an ax and went back to his slough. As well, this fish is very homicidal because the schools of minnows that live in the lake teased him about his legs and arms. After he found the ax, he went back into the water and he killed all the minnows with extreme ease. He is a vegetarian, so he didn’t have to worry about eating minnows. To this day, he kills anyone who comes near his lake because he hates getting teased. Now back to Angus. He ran to the school, but he never made it into the school. Nobody knows what happened to the remains of poor Angus. We have found the hacking fish’s ax (we think) and if you are reading this, oh hacking fish, come to the school and get your ax! To all children, please stay away from the slough and the crazy hacking fish.

29: The Rabbit of Crestomere by Simon The Naturalization Area has been haunted time after time by a mysterious thing that always eats everything. When teachers send a student to go see the extent of the damage done over the night, that student would never return. Teachers soon discovered it was because the rabbit ate them whole. When the rabbit has eaten a student, he weighs over 450 lbs, and when he is hungry, he only weighs 123 lbs. When there are no students around, the rabbit chews on the school. The rabbit has a cave in the bush behind the skating rink. Inside the cave are all the skeletons of the people he has eaten. Nobody can find the cave, because the rabbit plugs the hole with a 14 by 14 foot rock that takes 23 people to move. He uses the skating rink as a bath tub, but he only bathes once a month. There is a bounty out for the capture of the rabbit, but so far, no one at Crestomere has seen it or caught it. We only know he has been around when students go missing, or damage occurs in the Naturalization Area.

30: Root Beer of Doom by Jennifer After a long time waiting for renovations of Crestomere School to be finished, all of the students and staff finally got to come back from Sylvan Heights in the year 1990. Along with the staff and students, came liters upon liters of root beer that the grade three class had concocted with their teacher Mrs. H. (Names have been changed to prevent law suits and such.) When spring-time finally came, so did the time to open their soda pop. The pop had been placed in the janitor’s room, and that was the place that the class congregated to open up their bottles of root beer. Just as Mrs. H went to open the first bottle, very bad things began to happen! Root beer was everywhere in a matter of minutes, the caps were flying off like crazy, and the bottoms were cracking and becoming unattached. Mrs. H was covered in root beer from head to toe, laughing merrily as she muttered something about cleaning up the mess later. The class went back upstairs, where Mrs. H asked a teacher’s assistant to hold down the fort while she went to clean up the massive mess. She asked for a student to volunteer their help, and when hands shot up every-which way, she had no choice but to pick her favorite student, Pauly C. (For although teachers say that they don’t have favorites, they definitely do. Do not be deceived by their cunning lies!) When Mrs. H and the student finally got back to the janitor’s room, they noticed that one bottle had been left undisturbed. While Pauly was bent over sopping up the root beer, Mrs. H got a sudden hankering for some of the root beer, and decided to open the bottle and share it with Pauly. WHUBAM! Before Mrs. H could stop it, the bottle flew out of her hands and came into direct contact with Pauly’s left temple, killing him instantly.

31: It is unknown what Mrs. H. did with the body: some say that she hid Pauly in her locker until the end of the day, when she buried him in the middle of the skating rink. Others say she burned him in the skating shack’s furnace. All that is known for sure is that sometimes, on the darkest of nights, when children have gone to go skating down at Crestomere’s rink, they often find themselves getting a little extra help lacing up their skates from a person who isn’t really a person at all...

32: The Bus Man by Ceyana One dark, cold night during the summer of 1958, a young man not much older than the age of 18 drove over to the Crestomere School late one night after a party. Being intoxicated, he wandered over to the bus shed and entered without a second thought. The shed was in pretty rough shape that year, and it was currently off limits to everyone as a big storm had caused the roof to collapse in one end. The boy wandered around for awhile, tripping over loose pieces of debris every once in a while. It was when he tripped over a particular long beam leaning against the wall when everything went wrong. The walls started to shake and suddenly a large beam fell from the ceiling, landing right on the boy. The beam crushed him. He was killed instantly. No one has ever figured out who the boy was. The incident had made it so the boy was unidentifiable. Shortly after finding the boy and removing the body, kids started to hear a mangled scream coming from the shed. The bus shed had been searched numerous times in an attempt to find out where the scream was coming from, but there was never anyone or anything found. One night, about a month after the incident, there was a group of kids walking home from a friend’s house past the school. On this night they heard the scream, but this time it was louder than ever. They looked towards the shed, too scared to move. Suddenly, a boy emerged from the bus shed, drenched in blood, his body mangled beyond belief. He stared at them for a moment, and then let out a piercing scream, causing them to cover their ears and turn away from the gruesome sound. When the group looked back, he was gone. Extremely frightened, they started to move away from the shed. Without warning, from behind them came the boy. He grabbed them and drug all of the kids back into the bus shed. They were never seen again.

33: To this day, if you wander close enough to the shed you can still hear his scream. And if you are walking near the shed at night, you might even get a glimpse of his ghost, before you hear his piercing scream, and are suddenly drug into the bus shed. No one knows what happens once you’re inside. Bodies of the many victims have never been found. The Bus Man still haunts the shed, and to this day children have gone missing, never to be found.

34: P.A.T.'s by Naomi This is the story of how the Provincial Achievement Test came to be called PAT’s in Crestomere School. Crestomere School is a small country school way out of the way. It has a store on the south side, a pool of algae and other scum on the west side, and fields on the other two sides. In this school we have year-end tests called P.A.T’s for grades 3, 6, and 9. They are called P.A.T’s because of a tradition that one of the teachers started on the very first test. The teacher was a very nice teacher and all of the children loved to be in her class. As she passed out the first P.A.T.’s she wish her students luck and patted them on the back of their hand and wished them luck. She did this to every one of her students. When they handed back there tests she patted them on the back and congratulated them on their test. Now every year teachers with students that have to write these tests pat the students on the hand as they pass them out and pat them on the back as the students hand them in. The teacher who started this tradition was Mrs. Ingram. She still teaches her today in the 7/8 class. At least, that’s what I heard.

35: The Man Who Walked by Duncan A long time ago, there was a man who lived in an old community called Crestomere, where he kept his hidden graveyard nice and clean. This is the way the whole community looked before all of the rest of the buildings fell apart. The wind was always howling like a wolf, and the church bell always went off at midnight because a storm would hit Crestomere at the exact same time every night. The man I speak of is known as Duncan, who always kept the dead inside the town because then he could have them go on a rampage. When it was time for the rampage, he would ring the bell of the church tower, and then he would say some mumbo-jumbo words and use a hand action. Then hands would come out of the ground of the graves, and zombies would then groan with hunger. People would hear Duncan cry, “My minions! The time has come for you to terrorize the little school over there! Go terrorize Crestomere School!” Then he would open the gate of the small, hidden cemetery. The zombies would run out and chase the small children who were playing on the playground, and cause mass chaos.

36: The Bus Barn by Meghan If you’ve ever been to Crestomere, you will know that it’s small and in the middle of nowhere. Crestomere also has a small store, a slough, and a school of about 150 students. You have to understand that Crestomere is known to be made of very interesting and selfless people, and a few unexplained mysteries. Most of these mysteries were complete fantasy, made up by overtired and spooked Junior High students on Halloween. However, not all of them are fake - some have been proved to have the slightest sliver of truth, like the story of the bus barn. Outside of the school, there’s an old bus barn. It is a little ways from the school and nobody is allowed inside, especially not the students. Every now and then, someone will notice a teacher walking over to the barn. On occasion, they have even been seen walking there with a bag over their shoulder. Most of the time they don’t come back for hours, and when they do they are covered in dirt. As you can imagine, this had caused many curious students to make up some interesting stories. One story said teachers were digging an underground tunnel to China. Others said they were building a teachers’ hang out - that’s why sometimes you could never find them. About a month ago, a horrible story made its way to a particular 7/8 class where two students were very intrigued by it all. The story said that the teachers were actually trying to hide something in the bus barn. Some even thought that could be bodies.

37: Later that same day, when these students were supposed to be at a practice, they snuck away to the bus barn. When they opened the side door, it was pitch dark. Instead of turning around to leave they walked inside to look for the light. The first kid tripped over a large mound in the ground; it was covered in freshly laid dirt. They heard a rattle of metal and a bang. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered them, but because of the stories they were a little scared. They turned to leave when the door slammed shut. Those students were never seen again. Sometimes the students of Crestomere claim they can hear a loud banging on the door of the bus barn, as if the students were screaming and banging on the door from the inside. Of course this story was changed many times, eventually seeming too surreal to be true.

38: Burned Alive by Shelby One dark and stormy night there was a group of friends hanging out in the skate shack at Crestomere School. They were about 15-years-old and were having a great time when they started to get hyper and act a little stupid. One of the guys, Jesse, thought it would be funny to lock his friend Jared in the caged heating area. All his friends ran out laughing, thinking that it was so funny, but little did they know that the heat was turned up too high and it started Jared on fire. The whole shed burnt down that night. All of Jared’s friends were traumatized at the death of their friend. When they got to school, they had to endure a huge lecture and perform community service for burning down the shed. Three short months after the death of Jared, strange things would happen around Crestomere. Jesse and all of his friends would have weird things happen to them. They didn’t really think anything of it, until one night when they were having a party at the Crestomere skating rink. Jesse was fooling around, having a good time, when something weird happened. He saw something in the bushes that looked like Jared and thought he would check it out. When he got over to where the object used to be, there was nothing there. To this very day everyone believes that the ghost of Jared still hangs around Crestomere.

39: Never Return Dungeon by Jennifer In a small country community, there was a small school called Crestomere where there were not that many children. Many wondered why there were not that many students, but many also knew the whole story. There was a teacher named Mr. T, who had a very strict rule in his class - if you were bad you were sent to the dungeon. Everyone just believed that you were sent to the principal’s office, but really, he had a better place. There was actually a dungeon. The students discovered this when they were pulling out chairs underneath the stage and found a hole. They wanted to see where this area led to, so they went and looked. When they got to the rear, they heard the scraping noise behind the door. The few students were too scared to open the door, but they kept on wondering. Emily was curious enough to open the door. When she saw Mr. T behind the door, he lunged at her and dragged Emily by her feet to the dungeon. That was when everyone ran up the stairs, but Mr. T was too fast. Everyone was locked in the dungeon. They were locked in a tiny room. They tried to scream to get help, but it was useless. Angus hated small areas and scraped against the wall with his fingernail until he found a way out. Everyone escaped, all except Taylor. Mr. T was quick enough to grab Taylor’s leg and pull her back down to the dungeon. Taylor was never heard of again.

40: The Beech by Matthew Once upon a time, at Crestomere Lake, there was beach. It was a massive and beautiful white sand beach. Just beside Crestomere Lake was a small school. One day, the school decided to hire two new teachers. The one was fine, but the other was just a little bit strange. His name was Mr. Beech. He was about 6’2” and 200 pounds, with eyes just a little bit too far apart, and a nose that was a little bit too small for his face. After all, he was west of the fifth. One day at lunch, all of the students headed towards the beach to go swimming. But when they arrived, they were met by an unpleasant surprise. The beach was gone. It was muddy and covered in a green slime so thick that a small child could sit on it and not sink. One kid made the mistake of going into the treacherous lake. The poor kid was gone in a matter of seconds - he didn’t have a chance to scream. Then all of the students noticed something: Mr. Beech was standing there, nearly hidden behind a willow bush, looking over all of the children, just standing there with a serious look on his face, covered in a green sludge. Slowly, Mr. Beech went into the lake. The students were awe-struck and speechless. Yet they had so many questions that needed to be asked. Where did the kid go? Why was Mr. Beech there? Why did Mr. Beech go into the lake? But none the questions were answered, the kid was never found, and nobody ever went into the lake again.

41: The Crestomere Cave Woman by Brian Crestomere was a small school out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes things happened there that were unexplainable. When the people taking down the old teacher houses, they dug up the foundations and found a bone. They figured it was an animal bone from long ago that had been forgotten when the foundations were laid. They tossed it off to the side and forgot about it. The next morning, when the workers came back to the site, the bone was gone and many different shaped holes dotted the ground. They thought they were sinkholes so didn’t worry - they had too much work to do to care about odd holes in the ground. The school year began without a hitch, and everything was going smoothly. One day, the custodian stayed after school because he was hearing weird noises in the walls and thought that something was in the walls. He was walking down the hall when he heard a loud crash in the staff room. He whirled around, but no one was there, so he gave up and went home. In the next week, many such noises were heard but nothing was ever found, so the principal put up surveillance cameras. When the videos were reviewed, an old woman was seen wearing clothes left behind in the classrooms (namely Mrs. Ingram’s stash of drama clothes). She was nicknamed Mrs. Long due to her age. They called in the police, but they couldn’t find her and to this day she is said to still roam the halls.

42: The Crestomere Virus by Ashlyn It was a bright sunny day at Crestomere School on May 3, 1953. The school was opening for the first time. It was the kind of school that was located in the middle of nowhere, and very small as not many people went to it due to the small local population. The junior high classes were tiny, but one of the students’ favorite classes was Outdoor Ed. class. Since it was a sunny day, out they went to play a game of “Predator and Prey”. In this game, people pick an animal to play the game as. Then run around trying to tag each other, and find the home base for food, water, and shelter, then hide out so they don’t get tagged. But they did not know about the virus. As the students gathered around their teacher, Mr. T, the first gym teacher at this school, they picked their animals. “I get to be a bear,” said a young girl named Dawn. “Well I get to be a squirrel,” said another young girl named Ajay. After all of the children got their animals, the game started. Children were running this way and that, here and there. After a small while, people would go into the woods and not come back. But for every person that went in, a scream was heard, then a soft sucking noise. Eventually a small cat with deformed eyes would emerge and drag people back to the woods. People were running around hysterically screaming, but Ajay thought it was part of the game so she climbed the nearest tree.

43: As she sat in the tree, she heard a soft meowing noise. She looked down and saw a small golden-yellow cat with red, stained lips, and chilling blue eyes with big black slits in the middle. More and more cats arrived, all with the same disturbing meow, eyes, and red-stained lips. Eventually she was surrounded and alone. No one was running, no one was calling, no one was screaming - everyone was gone. The hair in the cats’ necks rose, and a growl rippled out from their throats. They started to climb the tree. They were coming for her. Ajay screamed, but it did nothing. She scrambled to the end of the branch, and would have gone further but she heard the snap. The branch released violently from the main trunk of the tree, and fell to the ground. There was a loud snap and it was all over for Ajay. The infected cats would dine that evening. It is said that the branch has grown back today, and if anyone is to climb that tree, they will fall to their deaths. You can still hear the snap of the branch, and hear Ajay’s screams.

44: That Wascaly Wabbit by Caleb Once upon a time, Crestomere School used to have a rabbit. His name was Tucker, but he died or something along those lines. This is the story of his passing. One day, little Fudd was hungry, as he hadn’t brought a lunch and he didn’t want to ask for food. He did the next best thing, which was to go outside, find a rabbit, and bring him inside to kill, cook, and eat! Before he could manage to get the first step done, his plan was thwarted by a teacher who had watched him bring the rabbit in. “Fudd, what are you going to do with that rabbit?” the teacher said in a calm voice. “Uh, nothing yet,” Fudd replied nonchalantly. “Then give it here,” the teacher said sternly. “We can keep it in a cage in the classroom, and you can see it every day you are at school.” Her voice had suddenly softened. So the rabbit was put in a cage and, as promised, Fudd got to see it every day he was at school. But Fudd never did like the rabbit as a pet - after all, rabbits taste good. Every day, Fudd would plot and scheme about how to get that rabbit. This went on for many years, and every year the rabbit and its cage would move to the classroom that he was in. Then one day, Fudd thought that he had finally found a way to get the rabbit. Fudd’s homeroom teacher would call out each morning, “Now, who would like to volunteer to clean out Tucker’s cage?”

45: By now they had named the rabbit Tucker, and every day no one would volunteer, so she would always pick someone for it. So Fudd came up with an idea: he would feed the rabbit a toxin that is harmless to humans, but lethal to rabbits, and when it died he would collect the rabbit and cook it and eat it. But getting the rabbit to eat the toxin was a different story. Tucker would always eat the real food and leave out the toxin pellets or pellets that were coated in toxin. One day, Fudd got so fed up with Tucker’s wiles that he decided to just strangle it. He tried, and the rabbit fought so ferociously that all of its hair came out, but Fudd didn’t leave uninjured either. He had a half-torn shirt, scratches all over him, and a bitten, bleeding lip. Tucker escaped out of the classroom with Fudd on his tail. Eventually Fudd caught up with Tucker, stomped on him, and instantly eviscerated him. Then in triumph, Fudd lifted up the hairless, deceased rabbit by its ears, turned around, and was met by the cold glares of every person in the school. “Can I eat him?” Fudd asked, happily half laughing. “NO!!” The sound of 150 angry voices blaring at him down the narrow hallway was the answer to his question. “He needs a burial!” “We should throw him in the trees.” “Make a funeral pyre for him,” were the suggestions that came afterwards. Fudd looked from the school body to the rabbit and back to his peers again, and shrugged. “Too bad I’ll make a great meal of him.” And with that, he marched out the door, shirt flapping in the wind, the remains of Tuckers entrails flying behind him. That’s how a boy named Eric got his nickname Fudd, because Elmer Fudd is always trying to get Bugs Bunny. In this case, though, Crestomere’s Fudd actually got his rabbit. That’s why no one is allowed to catch rabbits anymore when they show up on the school grounds – the rabbits show up to try to find a way to get their revenge on Fudd because he killed Tucker the rabbit.

46: The Haunted Paintings by Ranelle It was Christmas at Crestomere School, and all of the grade 8 classmates were decorating their room all festive. Kids were hanging streamers, making snowflakes, and most importantly, painting the windows. They were painting snowflakes, Christmas trees, and presents. After a long day of decorating, the children went home and Mrs. Ingram stayed after to do some marking. While in the middle of marking a test, she heard a knocking noise. She looked around, but nothing was there. Fifteen minutes later, she heard another knocking noise and again nothing was there. For a third time, she heard the noise, and then got scared and left for home. In the morning, she arrived at the school before all the kids, and headed into the classroom. On the board, in black marker, it said, “You will pay for ignoring the knocking!” Mrs. I erased the board, as she thought that it was just a prank. All that day, she thought about the mysterious message and curiously stayed after school to investigate. While pretending to mind her own business, the knocking started again. She turned to the window, her eyes turning big, and sat there speechless. All the Christmas paintings on the window had come alive: not only alive, they were coming after her! Mrs. I ran to the door, but failed to open it for the door was locked from the outside. She was now pinned in the corner. The paintings ran at her and her piercing screams filled the room.

47: 20 years later... “I got the lock open,” whispered Joe. “Okay! Let’s hurry! I don’t want to get caught,” Bob answered back. Joe and Bob were sneaking into the school because they had heard a frightening rumor and they wanted to see if it was true. The rumor they had heard happened about 20 years ago, when a teacher named Mrs. I got haunted and killed by the evil paintings that had come alive at night. Joe and Bob snuck into the school, picked the lock of the haunted classroom, and crept in. Jaws trembling and knees shaking, they backed away from the moving paintings, ran out the door screaming, and surprisingly got out safe. Joe and Bob ran home scared, and the next day they told all of their friends about the haunted paintings.

48: The Crestomere Monster by Samantha Once there was a school called Crestomere, which was in the middle of nowhere. The only thing by the school was a store across the road. Also near the school, there was a big stinky slough and the school was surrounded by trees. Every night at 7:00 p.m. after the store closed, a creepy monster would crawl out of the slough and would attack anything or anyone around the school and slough. The monster originated when a teacher named Mr. T went crazy from all the kids constantly screaming and yelling, and wiping their noses on his pants. He ran into the slough at exactly 7:00 p.m., and apparently drowned. Everyone says that the teacher mutated and is now taking revenge on everyone that has gone to the school, goes to the school, will go to the school, or is around the school at 7:00 p.m. all night until 4:00 a.m. The teacher would kill these people by coming up behind them and dragging them to the slough and drowning them under the slough water. One night a man named Elvis Robert and his girlfriend Dawn were on a date. On this particular date, Elvis Robert was planning to ask Dawn to marry him. Elvis Robert thought it would be nice and romantic if they were by a lake, but the only lake around was the Crestomere slough. Elvis Robert thought, Oh well, I will take what I can get! When they got to the slough, they parked the car on the shore, and sat on the car’s hood. Elvis Robert had packed a meal for two, and after they were done the meal, he was going to ask Dawn to be his wife. However, after they were done eating, he had to go pee, so he said, “Oh honey, I have to take a number One. I will be right back.”

49: “Okay, I will be here,” replied Dawn. While Elvis Robert was gone, Dawn started getting scared. She kept hearing noises from the slough, and then a bubble would pop from the sludgy water. Then out of nowhere, “BOO!!!!!!!” Out jumped Elvis Robert. “OH MY GOSH! YOU SCARED THE POO OUT OF ME YOU DUMMY! YOU ALMOST MADE ME JUMP INTO THE SLOUGH!!!!!” screamed Dawn. “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie. I really am,” Elvis Robert apologized. “Well, don’t ever do it again,” Dawn said sternly. “Sweetie, what is that behind you?” Elvis Robert said worriedly. “Oh, come on, you dumb, stupid fool! I hate you! I just told you not to scare me again, and now you are trying to scare me. You are despicable!” Dawn yelled. “I am not trying to scare you! There is a monster behind you! OH MY GOSH! RUN! COME ON!!!!” panicked Elvis Robert. The two began to run, but they were too slow. The monster formerly named Mr. T dragged them into the slough, never to be found again. People spent time looking for Elvis Robert, but no one found out Dawn went missing because she had no friends.

50: You're Fired by Thomas Once upon a time, there was a boy named Thomas that always disobeyed his teachers. One day his teacher, Mrs. Long, told Thomas, “Go take a hike.” So Thomas walked out of class and went outside. Meanwhile, Mrs. Long went to the office to do some photocopying. Mrs. Long was so busy that she forgot about her student Thomas. While Thomas was outside, he decided to steal a vehicle and drive out on the highway. He drove to the nearest town and grabbed doughnuts and an Ice Cap from Tim Horton’s. On his way back to Crestomere, he decided to drive down a gravel road because he saw the cops coming. After a long chase with speeds up to 100 km/hour, the Chief of Police, Miss Hall, pulled Thomas over. As she walked up to the window Thomas yelled, “You’re fired!” and drove away. He drove on many different roads trying to get away from the police. Thomas did not notice that he had a flat tire so he went out and kicked the tire. Then he noticed the police coming, and ran to the next field into the bushes to hide. After searching for Thomas for a while, the police gave up and left the area. Thomas snuck back to the vehicle and drove to Crestomere and hid on the roof top of the school. Mrs. Long realized that Thomas had been gone for a long time and began searching for him. After looking inside the whole school, she went outside and searched some more. She crawled up the ladder to the roof of the school and saw Thomas just as he fell off the ledge. The time was 4:00 p.m. Mrs. Long left the school very upset and was never seen again. Years later, there is still talk of Thomas in the hallways. He is said to come out at 4:00 p.m. and haunts the teachers by whispering, “You’re fired!”

51: Once upon a time, there was a wonderful boy and a wonderful girl who liked each other a lot. The girl was named Jill, and she had long, brown, curly hair. The boy was named Walker, and he had blond hair. Walker desperately wanted Jill to be his girlfriend. He asked Jill out, and she said yes. However, there was another girl named Taylor: she liked Walker and heard that Jill was going out with Walker. After that, Taylor got incredibly upset and depressed, to the point where she wanted Jill to be killed. Taylor pretended that she wanted to be Jill’s friend. They began doing things like going to each other’s houses, and doing stuff like styling with each other’s hair and makeup, and going to the mall to buy clothes. Taylor and Jill had the best time ever. Taylor then started to like Jill for real, but constantly kept the thought in her mind that Jill was dating Walker and that she had to die. One day, Taylor pretended that she want to talk to Jill, and took her to the boys’ change room so they could ‘talk in privacy’. Taylor then killed Jill with a compass - the compass was used to stab her to death, and the pencil was used to stab her eyes out. Taylor stuffed Jill’s body in a locker, then went to find Walker, as calm as could be. To this day, Jill's ghost haunts the change room, chasing girls away with a bloody compass. | Boyfriend Stealer by Accacca

52: The Room by Merel I heard this story from my mom’s coworker, whose aunt went to school at Crestomere School. Back when the school was built, the school division had trouble finding the right people willing to come to a school in the middle of nowhere and teach. They also had trouble finding a janitor. After searching for a while, they settled on some under-educated teachers and a man that lived down the street in a crooked old house to do the cleaning jobs. The first couple of months after opening went fine for everyone, but after a while kids started disappearing from their classrooms. After their parents stopped looking and gave up the search for their missing children, they just assumed that they had been kidnapped from the walk home, or lured away from the playground. They were dead wrong. Not even 50 years later, after a total of 40 kids had been ‘kidnapped’, kids started disappearing from the school yet again: not because they were being kidnapped, but because the parents thought that the school wasn’t safe. Their kids started complaining about weird noses coming from the gym, and strong odors emanating from the floor boards! The staff had no idea where the sounds or smell was coming from. They all knew they couldn’t keep losing kids though. So they decided to investigate. After days of searching, they concluded that the odor was the strongest on the stage, but they couldn’t find anything that made the smell. They hadn’t checked under the stage, though.

53: After crawling under the stage the teachers found a small yet wide hand-dug tunnel. Curious, the teachers followed it only to stumble upon an seemingly empty room. After turning a small corner they encountered 3 cells, large enough to hold 10 kids each. After the police were called in and the kids were sent home, the police emptied out the chamber. They found 40 bodies. Some of them were older kids; some were younger. Each kid was wearing a necklace with the picture of the janitor inside. Sometimes late at night, some people can still hear the dead children’s moans. If people go down to the chamber, most can also find the dead children still calling for help.

54: One day a class was working hard in the class room on their LA project. Suddenly, there was a ‘beep, beep, beep’ sound, like a stopwatch going off repeatedly. It went off for one minute, and then it shut back off. The beeping sound had gone off every day at the same time for the past four months. The students looked for the source of the mysterious beeping for a month with no luck. The thing that the class didn’t know was that the beeping sound was from a big bomb that could go off at any time, but yet it hadn’t yet. The bomb came from a person that doesn’t like kids. He wanted to explode the Crestomere Junior High! It was set to go off like a nuclear bomb and blow the roof sky-high. The students thought that the beeping sound was in the ceiling, but it was somewhere else. They didn’t know where it was, but they kept on looking because it was so annoying. The students were looking for the beeping sound and tearing the ceiling apart: the room was a big mess. However, the bomb stayed where it was and the students went home for the weekend, hoping to find the beeping source on Monday. The students didn’t find the beeping source, and the bomber accidentally set off the bomb on the wrong time. On Saturday night, at midnight, the detonator blew and the Grade 7/8 classroom was blown to pieces. Lucky for the students the bomber wasn’t very smart! | The Bomb by Tre

55: One day in May, I was walking down the hallway in school when I heard a slight growl. It was coming from the boiler room, but no one ever went in the boiler room! If you did, you just didn’t come back. After hearing that growl, I told everyone to stay away. But there was this one kid – Brian – who liked to try things even when he knew he shouldn’t. I should have known he would go and do a stunt like this... One day, Brian walks into the boiler room and out of nowhere the teacher’s assistant, Mrs. Long (who we called “The Long”) ran out and bit Brian’s leg off. Instantly, Brian turned and hopped towards the door, but The Long grabbed him and drug him into the corner. By this time, we had heard Brian’s screams and had come running, but the door was shut. All we could hear was tearing sounds and the cracking of bones. Hearing this, we all ran back to class shaking from the fear of The Long getting us next. The next week went on with police searches looking for Brian. No one believed that he had been eaten by The Long that lives in the boiler room. Until... one officer went into the boiler room and The Long jumped for him! There was one shot, and The Long was dead on the floor. | The Long by Brett

56: Some people wonder why Crestomere School has a hole underneath the gym. Is it for storage? Does Mr. A, the janitor, live there? What is it really for? On October 15, 1992, a student named Samuel disappeared for three days near the Crestomere school gym, and then out of nowhere Sam (for short) suddenly showed up. They thought he was fine, so they just dropped the case. His mom, Pamela, wasn’t so sure and kept investigating. She waited until dark, and went to where they had last seen Sam before he disappeared, which was in the school hallway by the gym. She called up an old friend to open the school doors, and when she went in she saw her son walking down up and down the hallways saying, “Let me in, let me in.” He did this over and over again. “It was like he was sleep walking. But his eyes were open,” she stated afterwards. She was getting really scared and ran up to him, shook him awake, then took his hand and ran out of the school. When she got home, Pam called her cousin who was a psychic, and told her what had happened throughout the past week. Her cousin, Sheila, didn’t say much on the phone, but she said she needed to come over right away. When Sheila got there, she got right to work and still didn’t say much. When she asked where Sam was, they both started to panic because Pam had not seen him since supper. | The Black-Hooded Figures by Cassius

57: The ladies went to the school, ran down the hallway into the gym, and turned the light on. They looked everywhere: on the stage, in the storage room, and in the change rooms, but couldn’t find Sam. Finally Sheila saw one of the cabinets in the gym under the stage ajar. When they opened it, all they found were chairs. They were about to leave and give up, until Pam saw a faint light in the darkest corner of the little crawl space. The women got a flashlight and shone it in the corner - they saw a hole with stairs descending downwards. When Pam and Sheila went down the flight of shallow steps, the first thing they saw were nine people in a standing circle wearing black hoods, with Sam in the middle. He was laying on the ground and he wasn’t breathing. He was deathly pale. “They were humming something, but I couldn’t figure what it was,” Pam later said. They ran screaming towards Sam and tried to see who the black-hooded people were. As soon as the hoods were pulled back, nothing was there. They had invisible heads. Pam had no idea what was going on, but all she knew was that they had to get Sam out of there. With surprising strength, the ladies managed to gather Sam into their arms and run up the flight of stairs. Once outside the school, Sheila called the police while Pam was crying and holding Sam tightly. Since he wasn’t breathing and his heart was stopped, Pam knew that this was the end for her son. After the police and her cousin left, she went back into the hole underneath the stage to get revenge for her son, but was never to be seen again. Up until this day, you can still hear the humming, just faintly though. Remember never go near the hole under the stage - you never know what’s under there!

58: One foggy night, near Crestomere School there was a horrible monster that lived on a neighboring farm. It came out in the darkness of night to satisfy his hunger for goats. The monster known as El Chupacabra was part alien and had spikes on its back. It was well-known and feared by the local community members. Duncan the farmer was fed up with the beast, and decided to start a search party to help get rid of it. The big, ferocious Mrs. Long decided to help all of the angry farmers. They started their search near the school to look for mysterious tracks when they heard a blood-curdling scream. The group ran towards the sound to see what was happening. They saw a boy screaming like a girl and pointing towards the trees saying, “It took my pet goat and ran into the trees!” Mrs. Long ran towards the trees to hopefully catch the EL Chupacabra and rescue Brett’s goat but it was too late. All she found was a bloody ball of fur and a broken horn. She followed a blood trail until she came to a rock patch where she found a broken claw from the beast. Mrs. Long picked up the claw and kept it in case she could use it. As the beast was out of sight, the ferocious Mrs. Long went to tell Brett the bad news that his only friend, the goat, was dead. Brett was heartbroken and asked Mrs.Long if she would continue to look for the beast. | El Chupacabra by Harlen

59: The next day, when Duncan the farmer was putting up a new electric fence to try to help keep his goats safe, he heard the scream of the El Chupacabra. Shivers ran up and down his spine and he wished that the angry mob of farmers was closer. Duncan headed to the woods with a net and a pitch fork, thinking he could catch the dreaded beast. As he rounded a corner in the path, the beast stepped out from the trees just in front of Duncan. Duncan charged the beast, screaming and waving his pitch fork. The beast stumbled backwards, but then bent down, grabbing Duncan by the hair. The beast pulled Duncan up into the air, and slashed his throat leaving the farmer Duncan to die. The El Chupacabra did not eat Duncan, though, because he had the smell of goats on him but he was not one. Mrs. Long was never able to solve the mystery of Duncan the farmer’s murder.

60: There once was a girl that went to Crestomere School, and her name was Accacca. She was always on time, because she loved coming to school. She would consistently come to school with a smile on her face. But there was one thing about Accaca: she hated wearing shoes, no matter what time of the year or the time of day. She would never wear shoes. The teachers would always ask her to put on her shoes, and she would reply, “Okay.” Even then, though, she would never put her shoes on. It didn’t matter how much the teachers would ask her, she would always refuse. The reason that she didn’t want to wear shoes, a reason that she didn’t want to share with anyone, was that if she did wear shoes she would grow a horrible foot fungus. The fungus was so gross that every time she stepped down, her toes would ooze with green slime. It got so bad that one day she had to get all of her toe nails removed. The smell was a mix between vomit and rotten eggs. This fungus that she had was an undiscovered fungus which was contagious. Every time the fungus would get passed on, it would worsen. Eventually, it would get so bad that flies would get attracted to the sufferer’s feet. What Accacca didn’t know was that because she refused to wear shoes, she was actually passing the infection on to everyone else in the school. Now everyone that walks through the halls of Crestomere School is infected with this horrible fungus. If you ever walk through the hallways of Crestomere School, remember the oozing green liquid and the flies that slowly eat at your feet. Always wear shoes at Crestomere School! | Why Accacca Doesn't Wear Shoes by Taylor

61: It was Timmy’s first day at school. He hopped on the bus and went to his school called Crestomere. After about 30 minutes, they arrived at the school. He found his classroom and nervously sat waiting for the day to begin. A lady walked and said, “Hello kids! I am your teacher, Miss Chuck. I will be teaching you this year and we will have lots of fun.” Then she showed them their seating arrangement. Timmy sat down, and then a boy came and sat down beside him. He introduced himself as John Smith, and Timmy introduced himself. The two of them became friends. Later that day, the teacher brought up the myth about Crestomere. The myth took place in 1960, five years after the school had opened. One of the grade six kids had gone missing, and they could not find him anywhere. They thought he must have run away during recess, so they phoned his house and talked to his father. His father told them that he had not walked home, so they phoned the police. The police sent out a search party, but the boy was never found. Timmy and John thought it was the best story they had ever heard. When lunch recess came around, the two boys decided to go look for the boy who had gone off and was never seen again. They looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find one trace of the boy. Then the bell rang and they raced inside to go to gym. They were the first ones to the gym, so they went up onto the stage to wait for their classmates. While they were sitting, Timmy noticed some green doors on the front off the stage, so he jumped down and opened one of them. There was a whole bunch of chairs and tarps; then he noticed a hole in the back wall, so he went to check it out. As Timmy went through the tunnel, he noticed a light switch so he flipped it on. A light appeared from the hole in the wall! As Timmy crawled towards the hole, he felt a chill down his spine. He thought it was nothing, and continued on until he got to the hole in the wall. He stuck his head through the hole, and saw a room with a dirt floor. Timmy noticed a ladder, and being a curious kid he went down the ladder. Once he was on the ground, he saw that the space went down towards the end of the gym, so he started walking. He felt that chill again. Finally, after much walking, he began to think that he should turn around and go back up. He turned around to see a black figure. A dark hand reached out and grabbed him by the throat. Looking down, he saw a scattered skeleton littering the dirt floor. All Timmy could feel was the cold as everything went black. | Crestomere Chill by Owen

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