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BC: Created by: Sean Kujas, Jackson Bartholemew, Dimitri A, And most definitely Alfonso the Peasant

FC: The Nerve of Some Religions | Jackson Bartholomew Sean Kujas Dimitri Anagnostou

1: Day 1 I'm Alfonso, just a normal peasant and our leader, Pope Urban the II, has just announced the beginning of the war against the kingdom of the Muslims. The new religion called Islam has begun to invade the Christian empire and has already taken over Jerusalem and the Holy Lands. THE NERVE OF SOME RELIGIONS! Pope Urban thinks the Muslims are a threat and he wants to put a stop to it once and for all! The crusades are meant to fight for God and not your own greed.

2: Day 2 Pope Urban made us prepare for the first crusade and the knights are helping us train. Unfortunately, the knights have to stay in our homeland. They need to defend the borders and the castle so the Muslims can't invade. Some peasants were executed by the knights because they would not fight. I hope that won't be me in a couple of days, or hours, because I don't feel like fighting the Muslims very much. Oh gosh, here they come to select the fighters. I knew my luck wouldn't hold as I got chosen within minutes. The training will be challenging. Wish me luck.

3: Day 3 The knights woke us up at the crack of dawn and I hadn't slept all night. They are bringing us outside to spar with each other to test sword skill. Surprisingly, the first few people I fought were fairly easy but the last man was hard. He was a peasant like me but had apparently been training in the past. I was first to attack with a simple overhead strike and he blocked it with ease. It was then his turn to attack and he sent me sprawling with a flurry of strikes, stabs, and slashes that were too fast for me to even comprehend. I tried my best to defend and counter but I could not. I caught him off guard with a stab but he countered quickly, twisting, causing me to drop my sword. I had lost.

4: Day 4 I woke up the next morning with a knight leaning over me telling me that I had completed the training. I am going to fight the Muslims at their great fortress of Antioch in the Holy Lands. We are going to drive them back to where they came from and take back Jerusalem for God. Our intentions are good but I question the Pope and his decision to shed blood for God.

5: Day 5 I have completed the training for the crusades but nothing could have prepared me for what I was experiencing. The Muslims fought hard and dirty. We have already had our camp raided and have lost 25 men. I am running out of food and water and I am so tired. We are almost to Jerusalem to fight for the Holy Land. The great Muslim fortress of Antioch is there and we will fight courageously and win back the Holy Land! It's very dark and I desperately need sleep. I must go.

6: Day 6 We have been walking for hours. Just beyond the horizon, I see the Muslim fortress and the Holy Lands. We are within striking distance and have just sent our first and second wave of Christian soldiers to attack the fortress' walls. We are not making much progress. I fear we are losing. I see Greek Fire, or molten tar pouring down the walls, burning our men. Like I said before, the Muslims fight dirty and have no mercy with Christians. I am next and I am scared. I don't want to be a part of this. We will never win. We are leading these men into a slaughter. I feel bad for them but for now I have to worry about myself.

7: hard and strong and that is what we are going to do. WHen we are at the Holy land, I am going to go berserk on those Muslims. They won't know what hit them. This is our battle cry!! | Day 7 We lost most of our men yesterday. It was a disaster although we did put a dent in the Muslims army. I actually think we might have a chance to redeem the Holy land. We are heading back to camp. If we want to win the holy land, we need to hit

8: Day 8 We reached the Holy land and are fighting for our lives. So far, I think we are actually winning. We have taken out about a third of their army. I tried going berserk and that almost got me killed. I guess I am going to have to stick with the basics.

9: Day 9 Oh man, I'm done. I was engaged in a battle with a Muslim and I was downed by a man on a horse. I am seriously hurt with a big gash down my arm and across my back. The Muslim I was fighting thinks I am dead and nobody is attacking me nor coming to my aid. This might be my chance to escape unnoticed. I am going to crawl. Maybe I will find a nice cave where I can lie dying slowly. Oh! Right there! A stray horse! I am going to make it if I can just get a little closer. Halfway there, almost there. Yes, good horse! Come here. No, here. Good, now to haul myself up. Uh, I'm losing consciousness.

10: Day 10 I woke up the next morning to the sound of a roaring battle cry: GOD WILLS IT! GOD WILLSIT! and right away I knew we had taken Jerusalem. WE defeated those Muslims and maybe if I die of my wounds

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