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Current Events - Economy

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S: Current Events

FC: Current Events By Christopher Felix

1: Table of Contents P. 2 ........Current Event #1 Better Lives In Mexico Means Fewer Emigrating to America. P.5 ......... San Diego Power Outage Economic Toll

2: America is the greatest nation in the world, but is currently in an employment drought and an overall economicly unstable. The United States is a in a conflict in the Middle East, fighting an enemy that is almost invisible. But there is another conflict that is right down the road. Mexico is our southern neighbor that have much bigger conflicts than just economic turmoil. They are dealing with a corrupt Government, plauged by an onsuing drug war. This too affects the protection of its citizens by corupting the Police force, schools, banks, and hospitals just to name a few. Mexico, though, has found ways to get out of their economic rut. Their currency is coming back and their education system is at a historical high. More and more young Mexican citizens are seeking a good education and not immigrating, whether legally or illegally, to the United States. | Current Event #1 Better Lives In Mexico Means Fewer Emigrating to America

3: In fact, illegal immigration to the United States, from Mexico, has decreased from 525,000 in 2000-2004 to 100,000 in 2010. There is another variable that is contributing to the decrease in emigration for the Mexican population. Actually, the size of Mexican families have shrunk. Studies show that birth control has lowered the birth rates for a family from 6.8 children in 1970 to 2 children per family today. The economy of a country is one of the most vital components for running a government, society and businessses of a nation. The economy ties into every part of life, business, and the government. The economic development in mexico is important because of the effect it will have on the health of the nation of mexico and their neighboring countries. It will solve over time many problems within their government and problems in their society. It will keep citizens from feeling like they cannot make a living in that economy and unsafe from the crime. They would be able to contribute to the economy and make it grow and thrive. It would also affect the United States. The criminal activity on the border would drop and it would put less pressure on U.S. homeland security.

4: In my opinion, the United States should not depend on Mexico to fix all the border problems on their own. We must secure on our southern borderand attempt to prevent illegal border activities and crossings. While Mexico crackdown on crime. The Mexican government should make green cards and visas more obtainable for citizens that are looking to work and make more profit in America honestly. We will never have the right answers for every problem we face in this world but we can strive to make nations come together and make a better more healthy world.

5: San Diego Power Outage Economic Toll | Last Thursday, we all experienced something many of us may not have ever experienced. All of San Diego, parts of Arizona and northern Baja California lost power Thursday for 12 hours. The outage occurred around 3 pm and ended at 3 am. The outage was caused when a power plant employee accidentally shut two plants down and could not start them back up because of malfunction. It caused gridlocks all over San Diego's freeways for several hours, forced restaurants to close along with other businesses. Residence were told to stay home and stay indoors and not used cell phones in fear of server overloads. The regions economy took a blow in addition. Local restaurants had to close and dispose of perishable foods and other businesses closed as well. Generators in two major hospitals failed, but critical patients were moved to other hospitals while maintenance was being preformed on the generators. In some areas water was shut off and schools canceled the school day for the following day for precaution. It was estimated that the economic toll that was taken on the region was approximately $100 million. The economic damage was divided up between three main categories; $70 million for business that lost customers, $20 million from overtime government employees and $18 million from spoiled foods. But no insurance losses have been calculated yet. The brunt of the damages was absorbed by businesses, this is critical because private industry is the primary contributer to the local economy and the taxes were collected by the state and the same for federal taxes. This was an historic day for this region because a power outage of this magnitude has never occurred in this area before.

6: The outage may have had an economic toll on the area and certain dangers, numerous 911 calls were made for stuck elevators and traffic collisions. But the communities around the county found the outage to be refreshing and relaxing. Not having electricity for the later portion of the day was a time for many family and friends to be together and enjoy each others company. Instead of having the t.v. on, while the computer on my lap while i attempted to eat dinner. I got to enjoy dinner with my family and talk and relax. It was interesting to see how much technology rules our lives and how we never appreciate something until it is gone. We take so much for granted in our lives. That would have been a perfectly normal day in parts of Africa. http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/west/2011/09/13/215102.htm http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/sep/09/effect-of-power-outage-linger/

7: Occupy Wall Street. The world has seen many protests for change or a single cause. some were peaceful and others extremely violent where many people died. For example, the current protests in Greece over economic instability have left hundreds dead and injured. On the other side of the globe in the United States, the economic recession has caused my unhappy Americans to take to the streets of major cities to protest corporate greed and federal corruption and favoritism. They protest the economic inequality that forced many to tighten their belts. The economic crisis has turned many of these college students and low income individuals to protest. Many of the cities have seen the same protests. By October 9th, protests were held in seventy other cities around the United States. It has attracted celebrities like Michael Moore. Media attraction has come to the demonstration doorstep and no doubt has the left and the right in a huge debate. Alleged police brutality has sprouted up, yet over nine-hundred arrests have been made due to law-breaking of one kind or another. The law officials argue that the law and order has not been maintained, but obstructed. The occupiers claim they have the right to free speech and these are peaceful demonstrations. So far, it seems that the protesters have no goal or single purpose. Signs read "End the Racism" and "Stop Aid to Israel". An example of obvious different wants. The protesters might want to think about uniting and developing one goal if they truly have the desire to accomplish something. The dis-organized rants are costing the cities millions of dollars to police it. This current event is important in that it reveals who people really are in time of economic crisis. Yes, we have the constitution and we have rights as a free people, but where is the wisdom? The masses want more strength and more power, because they feel they have been cheated out of it. Our country's economic crisis caused the unrest, but the views are different as to how to change it.

8: "Laughter is an instant vacation." | More and more, it seems that a spoiled generation expects money to be handed out to them from some rich entrepreneur somewhere as though all rich are evil and greedy. Capitalism is how they even got their cell phones and other electronics that they are using each day during this battle. The more time they waste, the harder it will be for them to be on track to make a change. The rest of the world sees America as the the greatest place on earth to live. When our government decides to shrink itself and spend less money, the people can be free to start and to expand businesses and to grow the economy again, so we all can save and spend a little more. Everyone should strive for living within their means to not put a drain on our society. Credit can be good if used wisely, but it can be such a burden when used in greed and for instant gratification. People need to stop blaming the system and have the faith that our country was built on solid principles of moral, ethical, and economic truths that work. We can be great again, if government and the occupiers get out of the way.

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12: "Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone."

18: "Mi corazon esta en Mexico"

24: "A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." Robert Orben

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