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Current Events Notebook U.S History Christian Garcia

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Current Events Notebook U.S History Christian Garcia - Page Text Content

S: Christian Garcia U.S History Current Events Notebook

FC: Current Events Notebook U.S History Mr. Blough 11/28/11

1: Table of Contents | Page 1 - Cover | Page 2 - Table of Contents | Page 3 - Black Friday Article | Page 4 - Black Friday Opinion | Page 5 + 6 Black Friday Location | Page 7 + 8 Al Jazeera Protest Article | Page 9 + 10 Al Jazeera Protest Location | Page 10 + 11 Syria Article | Page 11 + 12 Syria Location | Page 13 + 14 American Airlines Article | Page 15+ 16 American Airlines Location | Page 17 + 18 Conrad Murray Article | Page 19 + 20 Conrad Murray Location | Page 21 + 22 Bibliography Ending Pages

2: Black Friday 2011 Unnecessary Aesthetic Consumerism? | Summary - Black Friday continues again and racks up record setting numbers. This year, there was a surprising 52.4 billion earned by U.S retailers in total on Black Friday. This is an increase in 16.4% from last year. There was an overall 226 million shoppers in the U.S for Black Friday, up from 212 million from last year. | Why this article is important? This article demonstrates how heavy Capitalism and consumerism is demonstrated in our country.

3: Black Friday 2011 Unnecessary Aesthetic Consumerism? | My opinion - I believe that the U.S is very heavy on consumerism, and it drives our economy and we have become dependent on our heavy spending. I believe it shows how lucky we are to live here, where we are free to buy as much as we want, when we want. Although it is a necessary evil that drives our economy and makes our country great, there might be a solution to the unnecessary spending that occurs on Black Friday, but that solution is yet to be found.

4: Black Friday Location

5: Black Owl = Location

6: Occupy Protest Crackdown -Al Jazeera Article | Summary - Currently as the Occupy movement continues, the crackdown also continues. Punishments, arrest, and unusual things are done to those that are supporting the movement. They are currently having arrest in Occupy L.A because the city wants the occupy movement off the parks and city halls. | Why this article is important? This shows how a movement can happen in any country, including the U.S. It is happening in many major cities in the U.S and continues to happen

7: My Opinion- I believe that the occupy Wall Street movement has good causes and has a good message. In my opinion, the fact that the rich are getting richer and the fact that they are still getting tax cuts is ridiculous. They need to increase taxes on the rich and lower taxes on the middle class and the poor. I don't believe those that are rich are any better than every once and deserve the same treatment as anyone else. | Occupy Protest Crackdown -Al Jazeera Article

8: Occupy Movement Location

9: Black Owl - Marks Movements Mentioned

10: Syria Gross Violations of Human Rights | Summary - The U.N recently warned Syria of it's "gross" violations of human rights. Syrian military forces have been accused of murder. Many think that Syrian forces have murdered over 2,000 civilians and have blamed it on local gangs and militia. | Why this article is important? This article shows how throughout the world there are many sick things happening in the world with little to no resistance or attention to it.

11: Syria Gross Violations of Human Rights | My opinion I believe that this shows how there are many problems still occurring all around the world and there is not much that is done about it. I believe there should be more done and people in power need to change what happens to deal with situations like this instead of formally meeting about it over the course of months.

12: Syria Article Location

13: Black Owl - Location

14: American Airlines Article | Summary- American Airline's parent company recently filed for bankruptcy. The company told the public that their tickets are safe and their 'frequent flier' miles are safe. The company will run normally for the holiday season. They posted a loss of 884 million dollars in the last quarter. | Why this article is important - It shows how the economy is still in a tough spot and shows how it is still affecting companies today.

15: American Airlines Article | My opinion - I believe this shows how the economy is doing in this time. It shows how companies are still being affected and the economy still hasn't recovered from the recession. I believe that there is a big problem in our economy and much corruption in our government for this to happen. I believe that it is all about money

16: American Airlines Location

17: Find the Owl - Find the Location

18: Conrad Murry Sentence Article | Summary - Conrad Murry, Michael Jackson's Dr, received a 4 year sentence recently for negligence, and is on trial for involuntary manslaughter of the pop icon. There is controversy over this case because many believe if he is sentenced to a county prison someone with higher priority of violence might be released. | Why this article is important?- This article shows how controversial cases are dealt with in the U.S

19: My Opinion - I believe that Conrad Murry is guilty and I believe that although he isn't the "violent" type he still needs to be put in jail regardless of the extent of his crime. I believe that although murder and stealing are both serious crimes, I also believe that other crimes such as involuntary manslaughter are very serious and should have a bigger extent. | Conrad Murry Sentence Article

20: Sources | Article 1 - http://finance.yahoo.com/news/early-holiday-winner-best-buy-011345143.html | Article 2 - http://blogs.aljazeera.net/liveblog/Occupy-Protests | Article 3-http://www.cnn.com/2011/11/28/world/meast/syria-un-report/index.html?hpt=wo_c2 | Article 4- http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/money_co/2011/11/american-airlines-says-business-as-usual-for-passengers-during-bankruptcy.html | Article 5 -http://www.cnn.com/2011/11/29/justice/california-conrad-murray-sentencing/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

21: The End. Thank you for Visiting. Bye.

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