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FC: Cyberbullying

1: Cyberbullying: When a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another child by using the Internet, mobile phone,or other type of digital technology.

2: Ways to prevent: Don't React: bullies want you to react so don't. Don't be a bystander: tell the bully to stop. Don't be a bully: if you aren't a bully and it would increase the amount of people being cyberbullied. Save the evidence: if you are being bullied save all evidence possible to prove it. Tell an adult: tell someone you trust that can help you. | Student

3: Ryan Halligan: Ryan Halligan killed himself on October 3, 2003, because he was bullied on line and in real life. He was only 13 years old, and he lived in Vermont. He was tormented and made fun of on instant messaging. It was in fifth grade when his parents found out that he was being cyber-bullied. The kids that picked on him for his academic weaknesses, and his coordination skills. He had a melt down one day when he was in seventh grade. Then Ryan actually had a fist fight with the bully that a teacher had to break up. Ryan was doing good a couple of months later. Then he became friends with the kid who as bullying him. His mom gave him a password for every account that they signed up for, and she wouldn't spy. He spent a lot of time online, and then took his life. After his funeral his mom logged on to his AOL IM. She seen that Ryan told the kid who bullied him, and who was supposed his friend an embarrassing story that happened to him. The the kid told everyone and they started to call him gay. his mom later thought that's played a big part in why he took his life.

4: Parent | Depending on the state, sanctions for bullying could range anywhere from suspensions and/or expulsions, to jail time. Cyberbullying harassment statutes may also provide an avenue for charging online bullies in some states. More serious criminal charges have been brought in cases where cyberbullying has resulted in tragic consequences Cyberbullying may often be treated as a civil, rather than a criminal matter. Laws have started to spring up in various jurisdictions, but often these laws leave enforcement in the hands of school officials. Recently, no laws specifically addressed cyberbullying.

5: 10 Ways for parents to help with cyberbullying: 1. Parents can promote self confidence 2. Don't over react 3. Monitor when your kids are going online 4. Limit the time your kids are online 5.Know who they're friends with 6. Know whats going on in school 7. Don't let them give out their passwords 8. Don't let them give our personal information online 9. Block/report the person cyberbullying your kid 10. Don't let them respond to the bully

6: Megan Meier: Megan Meier was a 13 year old who used social media. One day when she was on MySpace, a cute boy named Josh messaged her. Over time they talked more and more and became close friends. After about a month of talking, Josh told Megan that he heard she was cruel and they can't be friends. That made Megan really upset and she ended up killing herself. It turned out that Josh wasn't a real boy. One of the neighborhood families created him as a joke. After he started being mean to her, she started getting really mean and threatening messages from other people she didn't know and everything went downhill.

7: Every school has an Acceptable Use Policy. (AUP) is the Rules applied by many networks which restrict the use to which the network may be put. Our school has an (AUP) but it doesn't say anything about cyberbullying. In our schools (AUP) i think it should say what can happen on the Internet and how they can be bullied. They should also say what can happen if you post anything on the Internet and how you have no control of what happens, because once it's out there you can't take it back. | Teacher | Acceptable Use Policy | ________________________________________________

8: 5 ways teachers can stop cyberbullying: | - create a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, without being afraid | -If a teacher observes bullying in a classroom, he/she needs to immediately intervene to stop it, record the incident and inform the appropriate school administrators so the incident can be investigated. | -teach them skills so that they know how to intervene when bullying occurs | -Teachers need to explicitly remind students that bullying is not accepted in school and such behaviors will have consequences | -teachers and administrators can facilitate friendships or provide “jobs” for the student to do during lunch and recess so that children do not feel isolated or in danger of becoming targets for bullying

9: True Story: | A kid who went to a middle school in Washington had been bullied. After his parents learned that the student was terrorized in a bullying attack by peers and at some points, by the teacher, they wanted the teacher fired. This had happened in February but it wasn't discovered until a video had been put out on the Internet by a student who was in the class videotaping what happened. In the video it showed the boy being thrown around like a toy by the student and the teacher did not step in to help but instead he encouraged it. Then the boy was mad so it looked like he had tried to take down the teacher but the teacher was three times his size and overpowered him. The teacher had threw him on the floor and then got on top of him holding him down, that is what the video had shown. The teachers name was Rosi and he was suspended for 10 days without pay, given new classroom management training and moved to a different middle school. But the boys parents have requested a criminal investigation and are calling for Rosi's termination.

10: Principals | Disciplinary Code Cyberbullying: Cyber Bullying: Posting inappropriate information about a specific person or otherwise harassing that person on the Internet, in emails, through instant messages or through other digital formats such as text messages on a cell phone. The school will not tolerate actions by students, which could fall under the classification of bullying, intimidation, or extortion. These acts lead to greater violence. Not only do they harm the intended victims, but they also affect the climate of the schools and the opportunities for all students to learn and achieve in school. Students must be taught that the individual rights of other students will be safeguarded. Bullying may be physical, verbal, emotional, the Internet through cyber bullying.

11: Statistics Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied. 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats. Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones. 84 percent have seen the people defend the person being harassed. 27 percent report seeing this frequently. 27 percent of people reported bullying A kid at school 10 percent of kids had rumors spread of them 10 percent of kids are cyberbullyed daily several times a week 4 percent had personal belongings destroyed by bully's 11 percent of kids were bullied on a school ground this proves that a lot more cyber bullying is going on rather then normal face to face bullying.

12: Bully victims story. cyber bullying and school bullying hurts When i started year 8 about 5 months ago, i started out new, i started out who i really was. A goth, and every day now i get comments online and behind my back and to my face saying "your an emo, you suck, go slit your wrists, just f*** off and die" and blah blah bah. I'm 13 and i have had enough, i have learned to take this for a few months, some people last years. But i just wanted to say if any of you bully anyone, i say "what comes around goes around", which means if you did something to someone else it will eventually happen to you and you wont like it. Just ignore this pathetic lot of school kids if you can ignore them and be who you are. Thats all that matters and if you have friends that cant accept you (i had friends like that) then its time to find new friends. PLEASE DONT BE THE BULLY, BE THE ONE THAT SAVES THE VICTIM!!!!! —Guest wants it all to stop

13: What can A principal do for you? A principal has authority over pretty much the hole school and all of its students he can make who ever do what ever if you really need it to stop come to a principal it can help in so many ways

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