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Daily Life as a Soldier

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Daily Life as a Soldier - Page Text Content

S: By Jonathan Darling

FC: Six Days as a Renaissance Soldier | Rogers A. | By Jonathan Darling | 94/103

1: A Soldier's Log | By Jonathan Darling

2: Day 1 My name is Alex Rogers, I am soldier. It is 10 October, 2011. I was on a recon mission with my 4 man team in a remote part of Libya. We entered a cave and split up because there were 4 forks at the entrance. I walked into what looked like a room that had been abandoned. Evidence showed a lot of research had been going on at some point. All of a sudden I saw a bright light shoot down on the ground and I walked over to it. I was yelling for my team when all of a sudden I was sucked into a vacuum. Everything I was carrying was pulled out of my hands, even my helmet. I didn't know if I was alive or dead because all I saw was white. I was out of it for quite some time.

3: Day 2 I woke up in the same place I started, but I didn't see the lab or anything; it was pretty dark. I could see a light beaming down from above. I tried to call for help on my radio still on my hip ,but I could not hear a thing. At first I thought maybe I had bad reception or the batteries were dying, but I soon realized nothing was the same. I made my way out of the dark cave and could not see the road we took, no trucks in sight. So I tried the radio again and nothing. I will admit I was getting a little freaked out. Then I heard a noise and looked over to see camels coming towards me, and just beyond them a castle that was not there before. So I ditch my useless radio. My belt goes next because I was so hot. At this point I thought I was losing my mind. | Day 2 I was so tired I fell asleep after that weird experience yesterday. I was clearly am in the same room in the cave, but everything was gone. All the items I discovered when I first entered the cave were no long there. I lost everything but my radio. I tried radioing my platoon, but all I heard was static, so I tossed the radio. I made my way out of the cave and everyone and everything that had been there before is gone. All I saw was desert. To my left I saw two men on horseback, they were heading to what looked like a castle in the distance. I estimated it was about 2 miles away, so I followed the men into town. I had hoped to find some help. I found something else.

4: Day 3 I made it to the city late yesterday. I don't know how else to report my situation, but I think I am in another dimension. Luck on my side they speak English. The style of clothing seems to be from the 17th century. I drew a picture of a soldier.. I think the cave I discovered, or something in it, may have been a time machine. I needed to blend in, so I stole some clothing from some baskets that a lady had left outside her dwelling. They are clearly working class people. The shirt was simple billowy shirt made of cotton?, leather vest, fitted pants. It is pretty uncomfortable. The women wear loose dressed with caps. The wealthier are much fancier. I went into the city and hid in the alleyway. Until I can figure out what is going on I need to stay low. My pen is running low on ink so I don't know when I will be able to write to you again.

5: Day 4 I am hiding out in a soldiers house now. Last night I was sleeping in the alleyway when a body was tossed out of this residence. Since I need a place to hide, I thought I could stay here. and pretend to be him He must of been a soldier by evidence of the many weapons and uniform. I identified daggers, throwing knives, spears, swords, pistol and a damaged suit of armor. I was amazed at what I saw. I know I am living in the 17th century now. I must take live as they do until I can figure out how to get back. At least I have a place to stay until I am discovered. | Daggers | Pistol | Sword

6: Day 5 I was really hungry and needed food. I blew through the MRE (mean ready to eat) packets I had stashed in my pants yesterday. I ransacked this place and found some silver coins stashed away under the hay filled bed, I drew in image. I could only find two silver coins and unsure of value. I went to a market place everything smelled dirty. It was an open market with many people bartering. I was offered mutton, some sort of protein, wasn't trying it. I ended up purchasing a loaf of burnt bread, it seems to have been baked over an open fire or brick oven. It tastes like cardboard and the it was rock hard, but I was to hungry to care. As a Army soldier I am accustomed to mediocre food so it is not a big stretch. | 17th century food vs. MRE food and a silver coin found in dwelling

7: Day 6 I was awakened this morning by a lot of chaos and yelling outside. I looked out the doorway and saw people being attached killed everywhere I looked. The city is on fire. A man ran up to me and told me the city is under attack. I am in the middle of the Holy Wars! I dressed into the soldier uniform, took two daggers and a sword and went to fight. This style of fighting was exhausting. I wish I had my weapons. I ran around a corner and a laser shot out ahead of me. Someone else is here that does not belong. I ran after the man with the laser gun, but I lost him. At least I can identify him. After endless fighting, all around me most people were dead or injured. | Rough sketch of the city | laser gun?

8: Day 7 I was helping to carry the bodies to the mass grave. I wanted to help. I also knew of no other way to spot the man with the gun. I found him. I subdued him and interrogated him. He told me he also had been in the cave and shot the gun not realizing what it was. His shot pulled me into the time warp. He said he needed a battery source to fire the time gun. to get back. I remembered my radio batteries. I told him "I will not kill you if you take me home ,but I can help." He agreed. After a few hours we located the cave and found the radio. We got the batteries and charged the gun. A flash went off and we shot back into the cave in Libya where we started. My team were just entering the cave room. They all stared at me kinda funny. Then Foley said "Where did you get that uniform?" I answered, "Its a long story."

9: final entry I am back in the year 2011. I am fortunate to be back. I still have not fully shared my experience with my team. I appreciate my life now more than ever. The 17th century life was tough. The living conditions, food, harsh life and fear of life was almost unbearable. The idea of bathing one bath a year is unimaginable. The food was really disgusting and the lack of hygiene along with that made many people sick. The style of fighting is exhausting. The weapons are heavy and the uniform would make it difficult to move. I learned the pay was terrible as well. All I can say is that I am grateful to be home safe. | 17th century bath

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