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Dante's Inferno Example Book

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BC: This pattern will continue for the next 3 groups each with five students (with the last as an exception which will have four) until we have the entire layout of Dante's Inferno. This will be used as a project/review before the Dante exam.

FC: Miss. Carton's 2nd Period A summary of Dante's Inferno Source:

1: Students will be graded by creating their own pages for one level in Hell, then a pattern within the group between their pages to look like they belong together (5 points). Each first page has to have the title of the level (10 points), its location in Hell (15 points), who the main sinners are (if any) (10 points), who lives there (10 points), and the punishment (15 points). Each second page must contain at least two pictures (10 points) depicting something about that level and it's source URL(10 points). The students must be creative (15 points) to total 100 points. | Assignment

2: Group 1: Tommy, John, Maria, Jay, and Kayla

3: Vestibule Circle 1 Circle 2 Circle 3 and Circle 4

4: The Vestibule Location: The first place Dante encounters in Hell. Who lives here: The Indifferent or those who never choose sides Main Sinners: There aren't any important sinners here. Punishment: They are stung by hornets and wasps, their faces run with blood ,and maggots collect in pus while they forever chase an aimless banner.

5: The Vestibule Source: | The Wasps Source:

6: Limbo Location: 1st circle in Hell Who lives here: Unbaptized Babies and people who are free of sin but born before Jesus. Main Sinners: Virgil, Homer, Plato, and Aristotle Punishment: They are blinded by fog, but live in peace.

7: Dante's Guide Virgil Source: | Homer Source: | Plato Source:

8: The Lustful Location: 2nd circle in Hell Who lives here: Those that committed a bodily sin such as cheating on your husband Main Sinners: Francesca & Paolo, Helen of Troy, Paris, and Tristan Punishment: They are continuously blown around in a violent storm, banging into one another

9: The Storm in Circle 2 (right) Francesca & Paolo (left) Source: | Paris Source:

10: The Gluttonous Location: 3rd circle in Hell Who lives here: Those who feasted on material items and food more then being pious Main Sinners: Ciacco the Hog Punishment: Rained about by crap and garbage, and are forced to stand in the decomposing mess of worms.

11: Ciacco Source: | The Gluttons Source:

12: The Avaricious & Prodigal Location: 4th circle in Hell Who lives here: People who hoarded their items and those who wasted all their items Main Sinners: There are no known sinners here because part of their punishment is to be unnoticeable. Punishment: They push stones back and forth at one another shouting to the other side, why do you hoard and then, why do you waste.

13: Dante & Virgil in Circle 4 Source: Hoarder & Wasters Source:

14: Circle 5- Wrathful & Sullen Circle 6- Heretics Circle 7, Ring 1- Against one's Neighbor | Circle 7, Ring 2- Against Oneself Circle 7, Ring 3- Against God

15: Group 2: JaMiE, HaYlEy, RiCh, and MaRlA

16: Location: 5th circle in hell | Main Sinners: filipo argenti | Who lives here: Those who are always angry (wrathful) and sad (sullen) | Punishment: The wrathful are fighting in the mud on the bank of the river and the sullen are stuck in the river Styx | The Wrathful & Sullen

17: In the river styx Source: | The banks of river styx Source:

18: Location: 6th circle | Main Sinners: Farinata Uberti | Who lives here: Those who took bribes while in office or did not follow the teachings of the church | Punishment: They are locked in burning tombs, one piled on the other. The deeper you are, the worse your sin. | The Heretics

19: The heretics Source: | Farinata Uberti Source:

20: Location: 7th circle, ring 1 | Main Sinners: Alexander the Great & Attila the Hun | Who lives here: Those who were violent against their neighbors or the people of their own country. | Punishment: They are made to boil in blood and are shot by arrows if they are not in the river where they are supposed to be. | Violence against One's Neighbor

21: Alexander the Great Source: | The Centaurs arrows Source:

22: Location: 7th circle, ring 2 | Main Sinners: Pier Della Vigna | Who lives here: Those who committed suicide or left Earth before his/her time was up | Punishment: They are turned into trees and bushes and are immobile. They are tortured by a pack of Harpies who break off their limbs so they can talk and bleed. | Violence against Oneself

23: Pier Della Vigna Source: The suicide trees Source:

24: Location: 7th circle, ring 3 | Main Sinners: Capaneus | Who lives here: Blasphemers, sodomites, and those against art (nature) | Punishment: Blasphemers lie on the hot sand. Sodomites are on the sand too but fire rains down on them as well. Those against art, along with lying on sand with fire raining down, carry heavy purses on their necks. | Violence Against God

25: Blasphemers Source: | Sodomites Source:

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