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Darkness Before Dawn Auction Book

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BC: Auction http://m5.paperblog.com/i/7/76294/going-once-going-twice-going-too-many-times-L-tScd3w.jpeg No date Knife http://www.foxqualityknives.com/content/177358/productimages/Kershaw_Knives_Pro_Tech_Jalepeno_Runt_J4_Black_Blade_Silver_Handle_Button_Lock_Knife.jpg BMW Oct 15,2012 http://www.blogcdn.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2008/04/02_m3_cabrio_red_450-op.jpg sept.25,2007 IV http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f4/Infuuszakjes.jpg/220px-Infuuszakjes.jpg No date Soup http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/11723657/2/stock-illustration-11723657-bowl-of-soup-with-spoon.jpg Feb 9,2013 Scolarship http://site.stop-painting.com/images/scholarship-logo.jpg Decorations http://img0.etsystatic.com/005/0/5249765/il_fullxfull.386503528_8qwz.jpg Roses http://a1128.g.akamai.net/7/1128/497/0001/image.proflowers.com/is/image/ProvideCommerce/ROS24red50_rbye11_PF Portable CD player http://ak1.ostkcdn.com/images/products/P10528791.jpg short ilver dress http://www.magicmomentsprom.com/item_images/Hannah%20S%2027644-F-007.jpg silver necklace http://www.evesaddiction.com/images/450/nl10213.jpg movie ticket http://us.cdn2.123rf.com/168nwm/artselectory/artselectory0802/artselectory080200009/2553220-vector-grunge-movie-ticket.jpg collage http://www.shapecollage.com/collages/collage-heart-2.jpg | Pictures

FC: Going Once | Going Twice | SOLD!

1: Silver Handled Knife | This was the knife that Jonathan used when trying to get girls to do as he said.This was the same knife that Keisha and Rita were approached by. But if it hadn't been for this Knife Keisha might have not been able to flee away from Jonathan for this is what she cut his face with. This knife was used for both good and bad reasons. I think this knife could sell for 50 dollars and my start up cost would be 20 dollars.

2: Brand new red BMW | This car was originally given to Janali for free so for her it means a lot. Janali would give Keisha and her friends a ride whenever they needed one. A lot of people had been dying to ride the BMW but especially Gerald.When his sister had passed out during dance class he was too shaky to drive to the hospital so Janali gave him a ride. I believe this car affected the way event happened in the book.I think this car could sell for 10,000 dollars but my starting price would be 5,000 dollars.

3: IV | If it hadn't been for the IV Angel might have passed away after she fainted at dance practice. As soon as the paramedics got to her they put her on an IV. While she was at the hospital they also kept her on it because she hadn't been eating enough. The IV helped Angel get her fluids back to normal and maintain her alive after what seemed like a horrible nightmare to Gerald.I think this could sell for 300 dollars and my start up cost would be 200 dollars.

4: Soup | This soup was intentionally meant to be for Angel.As Keisha and Jalani got out of the car a homeless lady called to them. She complained about how people only give her food on the holidays. Jalani had no problem with giving the soup away to her.The homeless lady thought it wasn't going to be good since it had been made by a teenager but it turned out making her day. I think this soup could sell for 5 dollars and my start up cost would 3.50 dollars.

5: Christmas Decorations | Wouldn't want your house looking all dull on Christmas decorations. Give your house some Christmas spirit with this Christmas decorations. It even made Keisha feel more positive and every is going to love them. Jonathan sure did like them. I think this decorations could sell for 50 dollars and m y start up cost would be 35 dollars.

6: Scholarship | Its senior year for Keisha and all her friends and all of them are looking foward on going to college.But they're going to need some helping paying for it.With high school almost being over so will their free education and a scholarship sure will come in handy. I think it would sell for 5,000 dollars and my start up cost would be 3,000 dollars.

7: Portable CD player | This portable CD player was given to Monty by Keisha. Monty had recently lost his older brother and the only other close person he had there to look after him was Keisha. She looked after him like a brother which in my opinion leads me to believe that this portable CD player meant a lot to Monty since him and her were very close now that they had both someone very special in their family. I think this portable CD player would sell for eight dollars and my start up cost would be $3.50 .

8: Short Silver Dress | This was the dress that Keisha wore to her school dance.Most people didn't usually dress up for the dance but she decided to do so since she was going to see Jonathan after the dance and wanted to look pretty for him. Keisha got a complement from both Leon and Jonathan. I think since this dress sounds very pretty my starting up cost would be 20 dollars but i think it could sell for 35 or even 40 dollars.

9: Silver Butterfly Necklace | This necklace was given to Keisha by her secret crush,Leon. She first thought that Jonathan was the one that had given it to her because it was it wasn't given to her in person. She loved the necklace and would wear almost everyday. Once she found out that the necklace was given to her by Leon she felt bad because she had been ignoring him and paying more attention to Jonathan who didn't really like and just wanted to take advantage of her.My start up cost would be 30 dollars but i think this necklace would sell for 50 dollars or more.

10: Bouquet of Red Roses | This flowers were delivered to Keisha on Christmas. Each of them were individually tied with a silver ribbon. Keisha once again thought that this were from Jonathan but really they were from Leon.She was thinking about saying thank you to Jonathan because she absolutely loved the flowers but she didn't because there wasn't a card on the flowers.My starting cost would be 40 dollars but I think this flowers would sell for 60 dollars since each flower had a silver ribbon tied to it.

11: Movie Ticket | Jonathan had taken Keisha to the movies and she said that it had been a lot of fun. The next day she couldn't stop thinking about him. He didn't text or call her the next day which made her think even more about him. My start up cot for this movie ticket would be 8 dollars and I think it would sell for 10 dollars.

12: A collage of pictures of Keisha | When Keisha when into Leon's house she got to meet his dad. While talking he told her about all the pictures that Leon had of her in his room. Leon's dad thought that Keisha all ready knew but really he was making Leon look like a creeper.Keisha didn't really have a problem with it though and let it go. My start up cost for this would be 5 dollars but I don't think it would sell for more than 8 dollars.

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