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S: Our Wedding

BC: About the Author... | I'm Jacob Small and I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I enjoyed making this album because it forced me to really get to know each character and their prospectives on events throughout the story. This presented challenges at times but most good things do.

FC: The Tull Family

1: Pgs.2-3: Ezra Tull Pgs. 4-5: Cody Tull Pgs. 6-7: Jenny Tull Pgs. 8-9: Beck Tull Pgs. 10-11: Pearl Tull Pgs. 12-13: Slevin Pgs. 14-15: Luke Tull Pgs. 16-17: Emmaline Pgs. 18-19: Ruth Spivey Tull Pgs. 20-21: Mrs. Scarlatti Pgs. 22-23: Bow and Arrow Incident Pgs. 24-25: Pearl and Beck's Separation Pgs. 26-27: The Homesick Restaurant | Table of Contents

2: Ezra Tull | "But this was his special gizzard soup that she had always loved.However, it wasn't on the restaurant's menu because it was a bit "heart"" (Pg. 113) | "He decided to start serving his gizzard soup in the restaurant." -(Pg. 119)

3: "Ezra, so sweet and clumsy it could break your heart." -Pearl Tull (Pg. 4)

4: Cody Tull | "Cody the troublemaker" (Pg. 1) | Cody always, seemed to be causing trouble. He usually did things to get other people in trouble. One incident in particular involved him breaking some glass and making it look like it was Ezra's fault.

5: "Maybe he's changed," Ezra said. "He hasn't," said Jenny, "and I doubt he ever will." | X | When Ezra wanted to give some pictures to Cody, Jenny told him it would be a waste of time because he would just burn them.

6: Jenny Tull | "After Ezra came Jenny, the girl-such fun to dress, to fix her hair in different styles." (Pg. 4)

7: "Dr. Tull Is Not a Toy" | Jenny was a doctor and she always had bruises and scrapes on her when she came home from work. These were from unruly patients (children). Joe made her a sign to put up in her office that read " Dr. Tull is not a toy.".

8: Beck Tull | "I'm not an irresponsible person. I do plan to send you money." -Beck (Pg.9)

9: Beck traveled a lot even when he was still with Pearl. He was a business man and he loved his job.

10: Pearl Tull | "Sweeney Meanie" | Pearl worked at the local grocery store in town and she earned the nick name "Sweeney Meanie" because of her attitude. She was always very stern and not very friendly. She thought she was fooling everyone in the town by making them think Beck was just away on business. She was fooling herself.

11: "Once, when Beck was away on business, she'd walked around with a broken arm for a day and a half till he could come stay with the babies." (Pg. 5) | The quote above shows how dedicated Pearl was to her children. This is a foreshadowing of what is to come when Beck leaves her. Then, she cant even rely on him. Throughout the book, the only person she can rely on is herself except near the end of the book, she counts on Ezra to be with her.

12: Slevin | "Who needs Slevin anyhow, the old grouch." (Pg, 192 | Slevin seemed to be affected the most by his new family. He didn't get along with anyone and he stole a vacuum from his step mom's mom. He tended to act out a lot.

13: Then she said, "I wonder if he might be calling for help in some way." (Pg. 204) | Trouble Maker

14: Luke Tull | "Luke was born-nine pounds, 3 ounces..." (Pg.180) | Son of Ruth and Cody Tull

15: "Me and Cody reckon Luke's eyes are going to stay blue..." -Ruth (Pg.181) | Luke moved to Illinois with his family when he was just a baby.

16: Emmaline | "They stayed awake half the night gossiping and giggling..." | "Her old friend Emmaline stopped by, on her way to visit a sister in Philadelphia..." | "...They could talk girl-talk to their hearts' content. She put Emmaline in the double bed with her, instead of in the guest room.

17: Beck used to claim that Emmaline reminded him of a woodchuck." (Pg. 11) | "...Pearl said Beck would be sorry he had missed her, "You know he's always liked you," she said. Although actually,

18: Ruth Spivey Tull | "Once, baiting Ezra, Cody stole one of Ruth's BROWN CIGARETTES..." (Pg.152) | "The Country Cook"

19: ""Ruth," he said, and he held out the flowers. "These are for you."" -Cody (Pg. 142) | Cody, Ruth, and baby Luke

20: Mrs. Scarlatti | "Ezra, pour me a glass of wine." (Pg. 94) | After basically selling her restaurant to him, she told Ezra to pour her a glass of wine. | "But she was such a no-nonsense woman"-Ezra (Pg.113)

21: "Now she had a private room, and the most she could do...was open her eyes and then wearily close them...Mrs. Scarlatti's bed was cranked upward slightly to help her breathe..." (Pg.113) | Mrs. Scarlatti was not portrayed as a very nice lady. She always seemed like a very stern, serious person.

22: Bow and Arrow Incident | "Ezra ran towards him, flapping his arms like an idiot...did he really think Cody would shoot him?...Ezra took a flying leap with his arms outstretched like a lover...it knocked the wind out of Cody...meanwhile, what had happened to the Arrow?" (Pg. 39) | "See there?" Cody asked him. "See what you've gone and done?" | "It was Cody who drew the bowstring, but that was incidental : Cody was not the one she had blamed...she blamed Beck, who through sheer thoughtlessness if not intention had shot her through the heart."(Pg. 28)

23: "Pearl, my God. Oh. Pearl"-Beck (Pg.39) | He looked across the field...his mother leaning on his father's arm, hobbling in his direction with a perfect circle of blood gleaming on the shoulder of her blouse. (Pg. 39)

24: Pearl and Beck's Separation | When Beck first told Pearl he didn't want to be married anymore in 1944, she didn't panic. She thought she could convince him to stay or that even if he did leave, he would eventually come back. | When Beck left, Pearl told the children he was just off on business. She thought she could hide it from them that their father had left them. Of course, they knew what was going on and Pearl was only fooling herself. | "There was not a hope for Becks return." (Pg. 13) | When Beck left, It made life very hard for Pearl. She had very little money.

25: Beck sent money and letters for a few months, then he stopped sending letters and only money. | "Two months passed. Three months. Fifty dollars a month from Beck. When the second check arrived, no letter came with it." (Pg. 12) | Pearl desperately missed Beck. "At night she dreamed that Beck was new and wonderful again, someone she'd just become acquainted with..."(Pg.13) She continually thought of him after he left her and even though it made her life very hard.

26: The Homesick Restaurant | "Ever since Ezra had inherited this place...he'd been systematically wrecking it. | "But if you'll just try our food, you'll see that we're still a fine restaurant. Tonight It's all one dish-pot roast."-Ezra(Pg.136)

27: "He was fully capable of serving a single entree all one evening, bringing it to your table himself as soon as you were seated..." | One dollar is what Ezra paid Mrs. Scarlatti to basically buy her restaurant from her. | The Homesick Restaurant wasn't always the name of the restaurant. It was formally called Scarlatti's. | This is just one example of a dish you might enjoy at the homesick restaurant but be prepared, you never know what you're getting when you dine there.

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