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David Adler

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BC: I've always been a dreamer... - David Adler

FC: READ 4493

1: An Author Study of David Adler | Amanda Shivers Whitney Farris Shajee George April Jason

2: Goals | Lesson #1: - Introduce David Adler - Students will understand that biographies are about real people. - Students will differentiate between main ideas and supporting facts - Students will summarize and synthesize in own words Lesson #2 - To promote higher order thinking skills - To promote the importance of historical figures - To teach the students the importance of questioning, visualizing and inferring.

3: Lesson #3 - Students will use prior knowledge to discover new facts about David Adler - Students will express though drawing important facts and information within a text - Students will create visual images based on text by connecting. - After lifting text, students will join other groups to summarize the whole book. Lesson #4 - Students will compare and contrast autobiographies and mysteries written by David Adler. - Students will use prior knowledge about biographies in order to understand differences in text and genres. - Demonstrate knowledge by retelling information

4: Rationale

5: Summary and Synthesis While learning about important people in American History using a topic/subtopic chart, the students will understand the difference between key facts and supporting details. They will use this to summarize and synthesize biographies. Inferring and questioning By using A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. we helped the class see how important it is to ask questions and make inferences about a great leaders. The students used their wonderful background knowledge in order to create visualizations and inferences about Martin Luther King Jr. Determining Importance in Text Students will be determining importance within a text by drawing the important details within a section of the book. By separating the parts of the book from what is/is not important will aid in student comprehension. (strategy) Students will be able to see the different styles of writing that David Adler has created by comparing and contrasting 2 books. They will actively consolidate all of the facts about David Adler they have learned.

6: David Adler Facts

7: Born on April 10, 1947. Has written over 200 children's books. Writes biographies about people he finds interesting. Does extensive research on the books that he writes. Writes mysteries. Writes books about math. Middle name is Abraham. Before he was an author, he was a math teacher. From New York and still lives there today Has 5 brothers and sisters

8: Instructional Plans

9: Lesson Plan #1: Book: A Picture Book of George Washington Strategy: Summary and Synthesis Intro: - Introduce David Adler and show a picture of him. - Give students a few facts about David Adler. - Explain what a biography is and explain that we will be reading a book about George Washington. Large Group: - Introduce topic/subtopic chart. Explain the difference between them. - After reading first few pages, model placement in appropriate subtopic areas. Small Group: - Teachers will break into their groups with their pre-made topic/subtopic charts. - Each group will read a different biography and will model their chart before reading. - Active reading by appropriate placement of sticky notes. - Review chart when it is completed. Closure: - Each group will introduce their historical figure and share their charts with the class. - Review what biographies are and facts about David Adler. - Post a star on the map to show that he is from New York. - Post stars on map where the historical figures are from.

10: Lesson Plan #2 Book: A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. by David A. Adler Strategy: Inferring and Questioning to Understand Historical Concepts Intro: - The teacher will ask the class, “What author have we been studying?” - The teacher will then ask the class to guess how many book David Adler has written? (over 200) - Inform the students that one of the books David Adler has written is about MLK. - Activate student’s background knowledge by asking “What do you know about MLK?" Large Group: - Introduce student’s to the “I think, I wonder, I see” anchor chart. - Describe what type of questions/comments belongs in each category. - Read the first several pages of A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. - Teacher models correct responses that should be placed in each of the three categories on the anchor chart. - Place students into their groups. Small Group: - The teacher will read 4-5 pages of the text. - Allow the students to write out their “I wonder, I think, and I see” questions/comments. - Allow the students to place their information on the anchor chart. - Continue reading, asking questions to see how many responses the students can think of. - Each student (that volunteers to do so) can share out loud 1-2 comments of their choice. Closure: oThe teacher will close the lesson by bringing the class back together as a whole. oThe teacher will check the students learning by asking, “How many books has David Adler written?” This fact will be placed on the author board with the previously placed facts. oThe teacher will then ask 3-4 students what they learned about M.L.K. Jr?

11: Lesson Plan #3 Book: America’s Champion Swimmer by David Adler Strategy: Determining Importance in Text. Intro: Discuss previous weeks' facts about David Adler. Increase knowledge by adding new facts about author. Link a fact about our author to a fact about our historical figure in the bibliography. Large Group: Introduce book America's Champion Swimmer and read first 3 pages. After reading, look at a collage of drawings that illustrate a summary of what we just read. Break into small groups. Small Group: As the teacher reads, students will be thinking about important parts in the section that they can draw. Teachers will scaffold the process and think aloud to help students come up with key facts for illustrations. Explain that we have a part of the book we just read. Each group will summarize their section by illustrations. Closure: Each group, in order, will explain their section by showing the class their drawings as well as explaining them. Students will review their historical figure as well as David Adler facts. Place a star on the map of where this person is from.

12: Lesson Plan # 4 Book: Picture Book of John Hancock by David Adler & Young Cam Jansen and the double beach Mystery by David Adler Strategy: Compare and Contrast the different genres of books that David Adler wrote. Intro: - Remind the students of what type of books that we have been learning in the previous weeks written by David Adler. - Give new facts of the type of different genres David Adler wrote. - Compare and contrast the two different books one is a biography book and the other is a mystery book. Large Group: - Read the first two pages of each book - Write on the white board the similar and differences of the two books. - Break up into small groups. Small Group: - As the student teacher reads the book the first 3 pages of each book. - The students will have a t-chart that is broken up to the similar and difference in the books. - At least one person from each group will share what they have learned in the lesson. Closure: - The students and teacher will bring the class back to whole group discuss what they did in the lesson. - Students will respond to the whole class what they discussed in the lesson. - The student teacher will put on the poster board an image of David Adler and the image of the Cam Jensen book.

13: Books We Used...

14: Book List

15: A Picture Book of Anne Frank A Picture Book of Frederick Douglass A Picture Book of George Washington A Picture Book of Harry Houdini A picture Book of Jackie Robinson A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. America’s Champion Swimmer Cam Jansen and the Barking Treasure Mystery Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery Cam Jansen and the Secret Service Mystery Joe Louis: America’s Fighter Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man Young Cam Jansen and the Double Beach Mystery

17: Lesson 1: Summary and Synthesis | Lesson 2: Inferring and Questioning | Lesson 3: Determining Importance | Lesson 4: Compare and Contrast

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