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Days in the life of an Egyptian.

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Days in the life of an Egyptian. - Page Text Content

S: The Egyptian Times Arnith

BC: Learn amazing facts about Egypt Stone Age to the time of the pharaohs.

FC: The Egyptian times | By Arnith Eechampati

1: Days in the life of an Egyptian. | By Arnith Eechampati | Sources: Wikipedia, Google, and Yahoo answers.

2: The Stone Age | The time when Egypt was ruled by the pharaohs is known as Ancient Egypt. (after 3100 BCE) This time was when pharaohs didn't rule also known as the Stone Age. People would settle near the Nile for water and farming. The people would use irrigation to help with farming. They would grow wheat and barley.(Barley is a type of wheat the Egyptians grew) During the Stone Age, their were also wars against each tribe. They used weapons such as the Mace Head. | This weapon is called a Mace Head. The weapon is used to kill a wounded enemy.

3: Most of the Egyptians went to war for land development. They would use traps to catch the enemy by surprise. | This was the head gear that the warriors used.

4: The time of the Pharaohs | During the time of the pharaohs , the pharaohs were also one of the first to have slaves. When the pharaohs were wrapped up to be a mummy, the slaves were as well turned into mummies. | This a picture of king Tut. He started ruling at age nine. He died at age 19, but people aren't completely sure when he died though.

5: The mummies | When the slaves where turned into a mummies the people who would dry the bodies would have to take out brains and organs for the body to last. The reason why slaves of the pharaohs were turned into mummies is because the people thought that the pharaohs needed slaves in the after life.

6: Hatshepsut This pharaoh ruled Egypt for 20 years. She started to take reins over the government when she was suppose to regent for her young stepson. She first took power in Upper Egypt, which bears the cobra goddess. | Ramesses This pharaoh ruled in the 13th century BCE. He ruled Egypt for 67 years. He took the thrown right after his father "Ramesses the first". He made more statues and monuments then any other statue. | The Armless Queen This queen ruled in 700 BCE. She prayed to the god "Osiris" the god of the Underworld. | Pharaohs

7: The Sphinx | The Sphinx has been around for 4,500 years. Some scientist think that it represents the Pharaoh Tuthmosis the 4th.

8: Food Most of the food the Egyptians ate were fruits. The food was grown in the North and is still growing in the North today. They did eat bread, but it was made from barley. The fruits they ate included grapes, sycamore, dates, palm-tree fruit, and pomegranates which was also known as the ancient fruit for the Egyptians.

9: Drinks As much as they drank water they also drank wine, milk, and just regular grape juice. The rich would get wine and grape juice and have it severed to them. The poor would just get milk and water.

11: Some animals were also turned into mummies as well.

13: Hunting was also a sport. Like in Europe,only the rich could hunt. If any poor person was caught hunting they would go to jail or worse

14: Most of the Egyptians used many types of jewelery. They used jewelery the most on the pharaohs tombs.

17: These are how the houses looked like.

18: Egypt after the pharaohs | Egypt stopped putting pharaohs to power after the Romans invaded Egypt and started ruling.

19: Cleopatra | She was the last princess to rule Egypt. Some people say she died from a snake byte, but people are still not sure.

20: Egypt times | The main culture in Egypt know is Muslim. This happened when the Arab armies conquered Egypt.

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