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DCS for morons

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S: By:Tori Fleming

FC: DCS for morons

1: Context Page 2-3 Computer fundamentals Page 4-5 Speech recognition Page 6-7 Alt. input devices Page 8-11 Leadership

2: There are many types of speech recognition fast ones and slow ones where you have to pause between words this would be called discreet speech. Ones where you don't have to pause between words and you can use continuous speech is CSR or continuous speech recognition. Speech recognition helps you not get carpal tunnel syndrome or a condition that inflamates the carpal or wrist portion of the median nerve. This is a very painful and serious condition one of the ways to get it is typing.

3: speech recognition is very complicated and takes times and patience. Not to mention not screaming at your computer when it cant understand you. The first thing you have to do is make a profile and no one but you can use this profile otherwise you'll have to start from scratch. After reading enough material so your computer can understand you you would be able to go into whatever you have for typing so you could try it out. If its still not accurate you might want to go work on your profile. After your computer understands you you will be able to instead of typing say what you want on the screen and the computer will say what it heard you say weither its right or wrong.

4: There are two types of copies for computers there is the hard copy the copy of something you can physically touch and there is the soft copy the copy you cant touch because its on the computer.Another computer fundamental is the four types of hardware. This is the process the computer goes through but a easier way to remember is the robot face. The first block is input or the beginning of the process.The second is the process or what the computer goes through. The other eye is the output or the result. And the mouth part is the storage which just means storage. Another fundamental is the three components of of a computer they are hardware, systems software, and application software.

5: There are three classes of software, theres commercial software, shareware, freeware, and public domain software. Commercial software is a type you have to pay to use. Shareware is copy righted but you can have a free trail. Freeware is obviously free but you cannot copy, sell, or distribute it. And public domain software is when anyone can get it, its not copy righted, and you can change, alter, copy, and distribute it./a virus is something that messes up a system and makes it crash. There are six types of viruses, bomb,

6: LETTERS There are two types of business letters: business letters and personal business letters.The difference is if you're representing yourself it's a personal business letter, if you're representing a company or where you work it's a business letter. But either way it doesn't matter who types it it matters who they represent.

8: Just a few of alternative input devices are notebook computers, environmental control units, webcams, digital cameras, and the mouse. Notebook computers are everywhere we go and now they're a lot different then the older ones like now they're portable and they get internet and other functions a plain computer has. Environmental control units help the physically disabled do everyday things like watch tv, control temperature and other everyday things with a tiny device. So it helps the disabled live a normal life.

9: Webcams are little cameras just for your computer so you can talk over live video fed to anyone in the world who has one. you can now have meetings over them and just talk to complete strangers or your friends. Digital cameras are cameras that take video, pictures, and make slide shows. Today anyone who can afford it can get one and most people do weither its for fun, memories, school, or work. The mouse is something that lets you go around the Internet by moving it and clicking on the icon you go to somewhere else on the page or site. Everyone who has a computer has one whether its a track pad or just a mouse.

10: There is a victim in accountability The sign of victimization are: Blaming or pointing fingers Citing confusion as a reason for not acting Avoiding people, meetings, and/or situations Viewing the world as a pessimist Repeatedly becoming defensive Looking for collaborations of other person's injustice Feeling unfairly treated and powerless to do anything about it Failing to confront issues Being held prisoner by your circumstances Using one or more "victim phrases" on a frequent basis

11: The victim phrases are: It's not my job I didn't because... What more can I do? That's too hard No one else ever does that That's unfair It wasn't my fault I'm doing the best I can There's nothing I can do about it I don't see a problem It's not my job Just tell me what to do and I'll do it That's too much work I would have but... somebody else should do that

12: The steps to accountability Step 1: (See it) See the truth of the situation. Understand the situation from all sides. Step 2: (Own it) Become accountable for your part in the situation. Decide to face the situation and deal with it effectively. Step 3: (Solve it) Be accountable for finding a solution. Focus on your goal and involve others wherever they are effective.

13: Steps to accountability continued: Step 4: (Do it) Implement the solution. Embrace your full responsibility for results and remain answerable for your n attaining those results.

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