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DCS stuff

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S: DCS Stuff

BC: Thank you for your time.

FC: DCS stuff

1: This is me.

2: Hardware Types | Input Processing Output Storage

3: Software Classes | Commercial Shareware Freeware Public Domain

4: Virus Terms | Bomb: Is set to go off at a certain time Worm: Slowly eats away at data Phage: Attacks files on PDA's Trojan Horse: Looks like something useful or nice but actually contains a virus Hoax: says that there's something bad on your computer when there really isn't

5: Virus terms cont. | Anti-virus program: detects, isolates, & possibly destroys viruses Encryption: a way to make a message so that only the one who receives it can read it Ethics: internet morals Hacker: breaks into a computer system for malicious reasons

6: Components of a computer system | Hardware Application Software System Software

7: Speech recognition | Accent - Way of speaking characteristic to a specific geographic region. Acoustic model - Set of medical formulas that analyze human voice patterns and evaluates the probability of spoken words matching words in the speech vocabulary. Automatic speech recognizer (ASR) - Speech recognition software, sometimes called a speech engine, which listens to human speech and converts it into text. Carpal tunnel syndrome - Painful inflammatory condition that affects the carpal or wrist portion of the median nerve.

8: Speech recognition cont. | Continuous speech recognition (CSR) - Speech recognition software that enables user to speak normally, pausing only to give commands and insert punctuation marks. Dictation mode - Enables users to dictate text into a computer application. Discrete speech - Speech recognition system that requires you to pause between each word. Dragon - Company, also known as Dragon Systems, that released the first continuous speech recognition (CSR) products in 1997, with over

9: 30,000 words in its dictionary. Jargon - Unique vocabulary includes technical terms, slang, and phrases not used by the general public called shoptalk. Language bar - Speech recognition or voice control center providing easy access to speech and hand writing tools. Lernout & Hauspie - Early leader in the development of speech recognition software. Pioneered many speech recognition technologies we have with Microsoft. Pioneered Natural Language Technology (NLT) commands in its Voice Xpress software.

10: Speech recognition cont. (Still) | Natural Language Technology (NLT) - Commands that make speaking to a speech recognition system almost as natural as talking to a person. Naturally speaking - First accurate, continuous speech recognition product with over 30,000 words in it's dictionary. New line command - Ends the current line of text and moves the insertion point to the next line. New paragraph command - Ends the paragraph and moves the insertion point to the next line. Generally,

11: there's more white spaces between paragraphs than lines within the paragraph. Phrase - Group of words that express an idea. Profile - Special file that collects data about a user's speech patterns. The user profile enables speech recognition systems to store speech patterns and vocabulary for individual speakers. Pronunciation - Sounds of words when they are spoken. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) - Condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that causes painful inflammation that affects the part of

12: the body involved in constantly repeated actions such as typing. Say what you see - Voice-activated technology that enables users to access any function or command visible in a dialog box, menu bar, tool bar, or task pane. Scratch that - Voice command that erases the last word or phrase dictated. Speech balloon - Displays messages about the current status of the speech recognition software and warns users if speech is too loud or too soft to dictate. Speech dictionary - Contains words

13: recognized by CSR software. Speech dictionaries containing over 300,000 words are now common. Speech vocabulary - List of words a speech recognition program recognizes. Train -Process in which the user reads sample scripts aloud, enabling the speech recognition system to record an individual's unique speech patterns, increasing the accuracy of the conversion of spoken words to text. USB - Acronym for Universal Serial Bus, an interface connection to a personal computer. The USB speech recognition headsets bypass the soundcard and

14: input speech more directly and with less distortion to the processor. Via Voice - Continuous voice dictation software by IBM. Voice command mode - Enables users to give verbal commands to control menus and format documents in any Microsoft application. Voice Xpress - Speech recognition product created by Lernout & Hauspie. They pioneered many Natural Language Technology (NLT) commands.

15: Web-cams | What they are | A web-cam is a camera that constantly plays & uploads when used. They are often used for messaging. | How they're used | As the name implies, they're used with the world-wide-web. To be more specific, you can use them for anything that would be needed or desired to be constantly looked at. The most common uses for them are monitoring and messaging.

16: Types of web-cams | Dedicated - Theses are the most common. They're simpler to use & have lower quality & frame-rate, so they're cheaper & are nicer to your computer. Integrated - These are built in. Many lap-tops have them now, & use them for a security measure. (Which isn't always effective.) Megapixel - These are higher quality, there for, they are more expensive, & would be rough on a standard computer if used for streaming. They're often used to catch still images over a | long distance business meetings.)

17: consistent period of time, instead. | Things to look for | Frames Per Second (FPS) - Digital video cameras, such as web cams, use frames, or pictures, to produce the image. They show these frames at a hopefully fast enough speed to give the illusion of movement. FPS means how many frames and go by in a second. Higher FPS means that the movement will be smoother. Portability - Most can easily be moved from computer to computer due to use of a USB connection. Many are light & have clips so that they can be clipped

18: onto a portable computer & taken with that computer where desired. | Costs | Basic web-cams can be as low as $10 they work quite good enough for normal use and are not as hard on your computer. Their connection is typically USB. Those with microphones are around $15, & probably just a little harder on your computer. There are also those with many special features, such as zoom, for around $40.

27: Leadership | Victimization | You don't do the things under accountability. | Accountability | You see the problem or task, you claim it, you figure out the solution, you do that solution.

28: Signs of victimization | Being held prisoner by your own circumstance; Feeling a loss of control over current circumstances; Paying no attention when others, directly or indirectly, provide feedback about what could or should have been done to achieve better results;

29: Blaming or pointing fingers; Failing to confront issues; Directing discussions of problems toward what can't be done rather than what can be done; Looking for collaborations of other person's injustices; Being unwilling to ask probing questions about personal accountability, Citing confusion as a reason for not acting, Wasting time and energy "bashing others, especially those

30: in authority; Viewing th world as a pessimist; Repeatedly becoming defensive; Avoiding people, meetings, and/or situations; Feeling unfairly treated and powerless to do anything about it; Using one or more "victim phrases" on a frequent basis.

31: Victim Phrases | I don't see a problem. It's not my job. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Let's just wait and see what happens. There's nothing I can do about it. Someone ought to tell them. It wasn't my fault. I'm doing the best I can. I didn't because... All we can do is wait and see. That's too much work. Do you think I don't have anything else

32: What more can I do? If it were me, I'd do it differently. That's unfair. No one else ever does that. Somebody should do something about that. That's just not the way my other teachers do it. If I do a great job, they'll expect it all the time. I would have but... That's too hard.

33: Letters | Business - The writer represents a business. Personal Business - The person represents a business. Block - Everything starts from the left side without indentions. Modified Block - May have indention & may have date and complimentary close start from the center. | Types

34: Parts of a letter | Block Style | return address date 4 new lines letter address 2 new lines body 2 new lines complimentary close 4 new lines name of writer 2 spaces above all things afterwards

35: Optional stuff (block) | Reference initials Attachment Enclosure Notations

36: Mycrotype Graph

37: This shows the rate of improvement I've made in mycrotype skill analyses.

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