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Destinie Sykes The Adventures of Allicia Green

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Destinie Sykes The Adventures of Allicia Green - Page Text Content

S: The Adventures of Destinie Sykes!

FC: The Adventures of Allicia Green.

1: The Adventures of Allicia Green By: Destinie Sykes

3: Hi my name is Alissia Green my mom is Alicia Keys and my dad is Kanye West, and I would like to tell you about recent events in my life in France. I am 11 years old and I love to read and I love school. I am a little shy and I usually don't like going outside. My parents where tired of me being in the house all the time so one day they told be to go out and have fun , and this is what happend.

4: It all started when I was walking down the road. I saw an young looking man with a lot of books and papers in his hands. He seemed like a nice person to talk to but I was wrong. I walked towards him and said "Hi my name is Aliccia whats yours?"

5: "My name is Voltaire now go away please I am very busy." "You don't look busy." I said. He said "Look I am an author I have written more than 70 books on Political Essays, philosophy and drama I am on my way to a salon so can you please so away." "Whats a salon?" I asked. "It's a place where intellectuals and philosophers meet seeking Enlightment. But you wouldn't know anything about that now would you? Your just a little girl wasting my time, your going to make me late so good day!" He speed up and walked away. "Well fine!" I shouted after him. "I don't want to talk to you anyway!"

6: So I continued to walk down the street and I smelled warm baked bread. I didn't have lunch yet so i decided to get some. As I was paying for my bread a lady came up to me and said. "I saw how Voltaire spoke to you. Don't worry about him he's always grouchy. But he's a very smart man" Who are you?" I asked "My name is Cathrine." Cathrine the Great!?! I gasped "I know all about you my parents was talking about you last night." "I hope they said good things about me?" She chuckled.

7: "Yes they said good things my mom admires you and my dad thinks there should be more women out there like you." "I'm glad they feel that way now i really must be going, I have some important things to do, but it was nice talking to you." She said. "Bye Cathrine" I said. "It was a pleasure to meet you." "It was a pleasure to meet you too and next time i see Voltaire I will have to talk to him about how we spoke to you." "Ok thanks." I said. She left and i continued on my adventure.

8: It was a hot sunny day outside so I decided to go down to the river to go cool down and finish my bread. As I was sitting under a tree enjoying my the rest of my bread I saw a man sitting under a tree writing in a book.

10: I was a little lonely so I decided to go join him. I walked towards him and set down beside him, he glanced at me but didn't say anything."Hi" I said I'm Allicia." "Hello | Allicia my name is Galileo Galilei." "Nice to meet you. "What are you writing?" I asked. "A book about astronomy." He said. "Whats it about?"

11: "It's about how the sun has dark spots, how Jupiter has four moons, and how our moon has an uneven surface." "Oh wow how interesting, well I have to go now nice talking to you. "Bye" Said Galileo.

12: I left the Galileo and skipped down the road until I saw two men in deep conversation. As you know I am a shy person but i had nothing else better to do decided to go talk to them. I walked up to them and asked what they where talking about. The two men told me they where talking about political matters and how we need to break off from Britain. I totally agreed with them and asked them to tell me more.

13: One man named Thomas Jefferson said he never met a girl at my age so interested in political views before. He said he is going to write the Declaration of Independence, to try to release us from British rulers. Also he said he was going to wright the Bill of Rights and that is a statement of rights for each American citizen. The other man Montesquieu claimed that the government needs to create something called checks and balances that is when one form of government can't dominate over the others. It was getting dark so I told them I had to go. When I got home when we were eating dinner my parents where talking about Galileo Galilei and how he was creating trouble with his "new discoveries." I asked them what did he do wrong and they said he was going against the church with his new claims about the stars and the moon. I didn't say anything because my parents would be very angry in they found out that I had met him today.

15: For the next month I couldn't go out because my mean teacher Billy Bob gave me tons of homework . Finally it cleared up and I wanted to go see Galileo. I was walking looking for him when i saw a great group of people standing in front of a church. There was a preacher on the steps claiming that Galileo was a lier and don't believe the lies that he wrote in his book. I was now afraid for him. I didn't want him to get hurt, or worse.

16: I decided to go back to the river where I first meet him and lucky me! He was there under the exact same tree he was under when I first saw him.

17: "Allicia! Nice to see you again." Said Galileo. "Nice to see you to, whats going on?" I asked. "People don't like the book I wrote about what I discovered while looking at the heavens. People don't like it when the church is wrong so then they stop believing. Thats why Copernicus didn't published his book about how all the planets revolve around the sun also known as the Heliocentric theory until after he died.

18: He was afraid that he would be punished by the church, because people always thought that everything evolved around the earth also known as the Geocentric theory but they was wrong."

19: "So whats going to happen to you?" I asked. "We will just have to wait and see." He said. | As we where talking two men walked up and asked Galileo to come with them. and that he was going to be placed under trial for accusing the church as being wrong.

20: I was worried for my friend I hoped that he would have liberty and not be punished for telling the truth.

21: Galileo was found guilty of going against church beliefs. He was then but on house arrest for the rest of his life.

22: Galileo was one of the best astronomers of all time and he held a great part in the Scientific Revolution. He was my best friend. He died in 1642 and I will never forget him and neither will the world.

23: THE END!

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