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Developmental Psych

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S: Brittany Anderson

1: Our little sweetie pie | My moms pregnancy was a hard one. With her small size, it was hard for her to carry two babies full term. She developed anemia, high blood pressure, and other medical problems till eventually was forced to have a C-section a month early. Surprisingly we were born at a pretty healthy weight for twins born under our circumstances; 4 pounds 6 ounces. We were born 3 seconds apart at 10:00pm on December 13th, 1993.

2: Attachment I was definitely a "Slow to warm up" baby. I loved my mother and I rarely wanted away from her. I had behavioral Inhibition, which means that I was shy and easily stressed in unfamiliar situations. I was fine when it was just me and my immediate family, but put me in front of a group and I hid behind mom and screamed if someone tried to touch me. Apparently this has a genetic background, so that's probably why my brothers were the same way as well as my sister. Parenting Style My dad is a firm believer in using spanking as a reinforcement. This meaning he has an authoritarian parenting style. My mom on the other hand is feels guilty about the divorce and is now a permissive parent. We lost all the rules we had living with my dad, and I can now see why they didn't get along when raising us.

3: Growing up... | Baby Girl

4: Cute as a button

5: Growing up, my height and weight have been constant. I have always been skinny, and my height has always been a little over everyone else's. I like being tall, it made me feel older when I was small. It also helps when I go to reach for something :) Just because I'm growing doesn't mean that my mental skills are. My ability to process information has been great, but not everyone is so lucky. My attention span has allowed me to be able to focus on problems long enough to eventually find a solution. I solve problems using logic and trial and error. I have always been able to do this, which positively effects my life. Vygotsky had the idea that children learn with the help of adults. I know children can learn on their own, but some things such as math and reading must be taught to be properly used. I loved solving problems, but could have never gotten to where I am today without the help of adults.

7: Piaget's Stages My mom Struggled wanting my sister and me to be independent. Because of her pushing, some of Piaget's stages came early. The Sensory motor stage was natural. I crawled around and explored my surroundings like any other child would. The Preoperational stage also came on time. I loved picking out my clothes and trying to do my own hair. I thought I was a big kid and that everything I did was perfect. I think that Concrete operations came a little early. I could work at solving a problem till I found an answer. As long as I could pay attention long enough, I had no problem solving problems. The same thing goes for Formal operations; I learned from my past, and worked hard enough in school to learn to solve problems logically.

9: Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development I have been through every stage purposed in his theory. Because of my parents disciplining me, I went through the beginning stages of being scared of authority and conformed to their rules. But, I spend most of my life in Stage 3 which is Interpersonal Relationships. I loved being the little good girl and going about my life living by the rules. That was how my parent's raised me. I got to the last stage, Stage 6: Universal Principles, by moving around and becoming friends with different types of people. I found that I had my own opinions and sometimes things are o.k. not being done according to everyone else rules.

10: Erikson's Stages Just like in Kohlbergs Theory, I am in the group concerning my new views of having my own identity and own rules. I am in Identity vs. Role Confusion. I am establishing myself and deciding what is right and wrong according to my own views. Trust vs. Mistrust was probably the most influential of the stages. I learned to not trust people because of my shyness. That lesson stuck with me even this far into life.That lesson effects Industry vs. Inferiority. I don't trust people and therefore don't know how to act around them. Being as shy as I am, this stage isn't something I have mastered yet.

12: ;]

13: I remember when my sister first started going through puberty. My family then looked at my like "When are you going to start?". At first I really wanted to start going through puberty just to make them be quiet. I even went as far as thinking something was wrong with. If only I had known what going through puberty actually meant; I wouldn't have ever wanted to start. When I finally started changing my hips grew tremendously. That made me feel awkward, not to mention when other things didn't change as much as other girls tI got judged. Having my first period marked my lifetime of dread once a month. This definitely wasn't something I expected when I was little/

14: Self Esteem As a person, I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. But for some reason my self esteem is extremely low. It effects who I talk to and how I act toward the people I am around. Most of my friends are the same way and our beliefs about ourselves seem to be what our conversations are based around.

16: Momma and Me

17: Family Relationship Some of this may be because of my relationship with my family. Because all of us have independent thoughts we tend to fight and bicker constantly. Everyone is constantly put down, so I'm sure these negative comments didn't help my situation.

18: Currently in life I am at a stage where I have figured myself out and am perusing a path that hopefully ends in happiness. Career wise, I hope to go off to college and practice Veterinary Medicine. I have thought through things and have reached identity achievement. Relationships are a totally different story. I am currently still at the diffusion stage. I'm not even sure what type of person I want to be with and am not at a place in my life where that is a big issue. I have my whole life ahead of me. I plan to live it to the fullest. Death does concern me, but I try not to think about it while I have so much of my life ahead of me. It's a scary thought though I know everyone has to go through it.

19: Baby Girl | Family <3 | Me and Alexander.

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