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Devin Goenner's Monomyth Project

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BC: The End

FC: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time & The Monomyth By: Devin Goenner

1: The Call | The Call to adventure was when Christopher saw Mrs. Shears dog dead in the front lawn with a pitchfork stuck in its body. This is considered the call because this is the entire reason why he started writing his book in the first place. When he said "I stroked wellington and wondered who had killed him, and why." (Haddon 2) this was the first part of the mystery. This also required Christopher to leave his comfort zone. | Stage 1: Departure

2: Refusal of the Call | Christopher's refusal of the call happened when he was telling his father that he didn't kill the dog and his dad said "try to keep your nose out of other peoples business." (Haddon 20) This was the refusal because for a short time he did listen to his father, this also made it harder for him to investigate the death of Mrs. Shears dog.

3: Supernatural Aid | Christopher's supernatural aid was Siobhan. I consider her to be the supernatural aid because she gave him advice on what type of book to write about by telling him that "he should write something that he would want to read himself."(Haddon 4) So this was the basis for the mystery novel that he began to write.

4: Crossing the First Threshold | Christopher crossed the first threshold when he started interviewing people about who had killed Wellington, the dog. This started when he said "That evening i went round to Mrs. Shears house and knocked on the door and waited for her to answer it." (Haddon 30) I Believe this is the crossing because it was the first time he started actually entering into his detective work for the story. He also didn't have the skills or knowledge necessary to complete the quest yet, because he had no leads on the killer.

5: I believe the belly of the whale was when Christopher went into his fathers room and found all the letter his mother has been writing him for months when he thought she was dead, this can be supported because his father says, "I'm sorry, Christopher I'm so,so sorry. You read the letters." (Haddon 114) This is because this is where he is "swallowed into the unknown" because in his mind everything his father has told him so far has been a lie. | The Belly of the Whale

6: The Road of Trials | The road of trials began for Christopher when his Father told him that he was the one who killed Wellington. He admitted this when he said, "I Killed Wellington, Christopher." (Haddon 120) This began the road of trials because he no longer felt safe in his own house and he realized that he had to leave to go live with is mom so he would feel safer. | Stage 2: Initiation

7: Meeting with the Goddess | During the stage when the hero meets with the Goddess Campbell says that the hero is given a piece of advice instrumental in attaining the higher level of consciousness. This happened for Christopher when his teacher Julie taught him that, "When i was little i didn't understand other peoples minds. And Julie said to mother and father that i would always find this difficult but i don't find this difficult now." She taught him this lesson by giving him a pack of smarties with a pencil in it, then when she asked what was inside he said smarties, when it was actually a red pencil.

8: Temptation from the true path | Just like in the Matrix with the lady in red, Christopher had something that was holding him back from the true path that he wanted to follow. With his pet rat Toby he almost couldn't go to live with his mom because he couldn't find someone to take care of him and he didn't want him to die. Knowing that he needed someone to take care of Toby made it harder for him to leave because in the back of his mind he would be worrying about Toby. This can be supported because here Mrs. Alexander says, "Why do you need someone to look after Toby, Christopher?" (Haddon 133) Eventually he just takes Toby with him on the Journey.

9: Atonement with the Father | The Father figure after he left his home was a police officer he met in the train station. The Police officer came when he said, "I looked up and saw that there was a policeman standing in front of me and he was saying, "Anyone Home?" but i didn't know what that meant." (Haddon 148) I Believe he was the father because when he first met him he was unsure of the police officer but later on in the train station he ended up helping him, and Christopher even became reliant on the Policeman for safety.

10: Apotheosis | The Apotheosis is when the hero becomes godlike and finally is able to prove to themselves that they can do it. This happened for Christopher when he was in London but didn't know how to get to his moms house. He needed to buy a map but before he would be afraid to ask strangers how to get to a place. But now after all of the journey he has been through he no longer needed to be afraid. He proved this by saying, "I had already talked to lots of strangers which is dangerous, but i didn't know how to get to 451c Chapter Road so i had to ask somebody." (Haddon 186)

11: Refusal of the Return | Around the end of the book Christopher had a chance to go back to his fathers house and have everything go back to normal. Instead he chose to live with his mom longer Christopher described these by saying, "Then the policemen came back because Mr. Shears had rung the police station and told Father to calm down and he Took him out of the flat. This was his only chance to return during the book. | Stage 3: The Return

12: Master of Two Worlds | Christopher became the master of two worlds when he realized that he could do anything that he put his mind to, He found this out when he said, "I know i can do this because i went to London on my own, and because i solved the mystery of Who Killed Wellington, and i found my mother and i was brave and i wrote a book and that means i can do anything." (Haddon 221) By saying all this he had a fuller understanding of his potential and abilities just as Campbell described this stage.

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