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Devon's Mixbook!

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BC: THE END By: Devon Newman!

FC: Canadian Soldiers Journal!

1: D-Day/ June It was early in the morning about 5am when the sun came over the hills of Normandy when we landed on Juno beach. We didn't know that the Germanys would be waiting at the beach heads with machine guns. The battle started at about 6am, two hours later the German troops were destroyed and me and my fellow boys took control of the beachheads. 14,000 Canadians landed on the beach of Juno. 340 were killed, 547 were wounded and 47 were taken prisoner.

2: France/ July July 25 1944, after are launch on D-Day we had are eyes on France. The U.S. forces were able to break a hole in the German lines, soon after are troops in the east made a second attack | at the german lines. We made a hole into there lines and for the first time the germans were on the recieving end of the war. Are troops also helped liberate Caen, we lost some of are men . We also made an attck on July 4th on Carpiquet a small town, some were hert but we are still going strong.

3: Belgium/ August In late August and early September are troops went including the Britits, Polish and others under command were coming out of France trying to liberate Belgium. This wasn't an easy task in the case that there would be many little towns we would have to fight through to get to Belgium. In the first few days of September are troops liberated the Capital of Belgium, Brussels. As we patrolled along Belgium we incountered Buzz Bombers, they were quickly destroyed.

4: Holland/ September It was middle of September when us and are Allies tried to cross the three main water bodies into Holland, they were the Lower Rhine, Maas and the Waal. This toke both airborn and ground fighting, the ground attack was Operation Garden, the airborn was Operation Market and together they were Operation Market-Garden. The airborn attack failed and in the ground attack we only gained about 50 miles which was alot smaller than expected.

5: October In all of October we were all over Europe, we never really had time to sleep. On the 1st the Soviets entered Yugoslavia, I heard this over the raido. On the 4th are troops and Allies landed in Greece. On the 14th we liberated Athens,on the 20th we | also liberated Belgrade. Both liberations cost some of are men and are weapons, but we are still moving like theres no tomorrow. On the 21st are Allies captured Aachen and on the 23rd the Soviets entered East Prussia. The most severe battle in October for me was the Bombing of Braunschweig. This was the night of the 14th/15th, it was part of Operation Hurricane. The bombing stated a hugh fiestorm that burned for two days staight. This was the first thing that really got to me, I got tranferred to a different squd.

6: November It was November 4th and the war was proving to be to hard for some, the Axis forces surrendered that day in Greece and we provaled. On November 5th and the germans were making Dutch people in to the town of Heusden, they trapped them inside there town hall and like the savages that they are they blow it up and killed them all. On the 12th we tried and tried and we finally destroyed the german battle ship, the Tirpitz. | The Britiish were the ones who finally finished them off with two big bombs. The Tirpitz went down with it's 1,900 crew members. On the 23rd France put a message out that they weren't standing back anymore by capturing Strasbourg. We are still losing men but all we can do is pray that we will come out as the heros.

7: December In early on the Western front the Battle of Bulge which started in Ardennes. When I got transferred they put in with a U.S. squad, this was some what difficult for me at first. When the battle was going on three german armies tried to punch there way through the U.S. First Army and | Third. The germans were coming at us storng and we soon found are selfs trapped in the town of Bastongue. We were held there for that battle. As Christmas came around the germans had stopped there attacks for what ever reason. On Christmas day I was joined with my fellow brothers once again. On Chritmas day we made a treaty with the Germans for that one day, we all drank and had fun. It made me feel sad to have to go and fight all the germans again because they were just like me. The next day it was back to battle. The Battle stalled though.

8: January On the first day of January the battle and struggle started right up. In December at least I had a little break. On the 1st the Germans withdrew from Ardennes. | On the 16th of January the Germans Ardennes Bulge was eliminated, there troops were pushed back from the France army. The next day on the 17th the Soviets captured the Warsaw. The Soviets Union and the allies were in a race to capture it. A week after are race to capture Warsaw the Japanese retreated to the Chinese coast because of are extreme threat. On the same day the Soviet Union liberates Aushwitz. On the 17th we lost are Lutenit, I was promoted to Commander which was a scary thought.

9: Febuary On the second of Febuary we captured Trier, since I was now promoted to Commander I got to experence war not on the fromt line. On the 4th Manila falls because of a special tactic that I suggested. Koblenz also fell because of us, and we captured Saarbruken on the 20th. Since I became Commander I have help in some of the captures. We have been losing some men but not as much as before. On the 20th the Soviet Union captured Danzig, and Poznan fell to the Soviets on the 23rd. We found out there radio frequency they were brodcasting on.

10: March In the early days of March things were going pretty good. On the 6th the last German offensive in the war began to try and efend the oil fields in Hungary, they were unsucessful. The next day we toke Coloque, we made | a brigde across the Rhine at Remageh to establish it. Two days later on the 9th and 10th Fifteen miles around Tokyo was going up in flames thanks to fire bombing. 279 B-29s droped the fire bombs on Tokyo. The B-29s also layed mines in Japans Shimonoseki stright to interfer with there shipping on the 27th. On the 30th of March the Soviets captured Danzig.

11: April In April are troops the allies discovered something very odd. The Germans had hidden stolen Nazi art and | me wealth hidden in some salt mines. We had be liberating and capturing many places since the war had started, which was still true even till now. On the 10th Henover fell to us and on the 15th we captured Arnhem. On the 18th of April the Germans in the Ruhr finally surendered. The happiest thing that I had heard since this war started was that on April 30th Adolf Hitler commited suicide. This was a sign that the war was ending.

12: unconditional surrendered to the Allies. On the 8th of May because of all the surrenderin by the Germans Europe declared it V-E Day. The next day we liberated the Channel Islands. | May In May the German Amry started to surrender. On the 2nd there forces in Italy surrendered and on the 4th they surrendered in Holland, Denmark and in N W Germany. On the 7th of May the German Forces

13: June On june 5th me and my troops had to take a hour and fifteen minute drive to Germany. When we got there we help divide up Germany and Berlin and to take over the German government. On the 25th the United Nations Charter was signed in San Francisco. Since the war in Germany is over I have been reassigned to help with the conflict in Japan.

14: July On the 1st of July the U.S., British, and French troops moved into Berlin to start the attck on Japan. On the 10th of July 1,000 bomber raids against Japan began. On the 16th the first atomic bomb test was sucessfull by the U.S., the Potsdam Conference begins. I don't know when I will return but I love you all.

15: August On August 6th the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The second one was dropped on AUgust 9th on Nagsaki. On the 14th the Japanese had to agree to uncoditional surrender. It is finally the end of the war and I can come home. I should be home in about 2 weeks. See you soon William Geroge.

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