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Digital Fortress

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FC: Susan Fletcher By: Alexander Kim

1: Susan Fletcher is second in-command at the National Security Agency (NSA) which is the country's top cryptography institution. It is a part of the Department of Defense. She always has her badge with her and is ready to work whenever she is needed. | Although Susan Fletcher is a serious agent for the NSA, she also is also engaged and gets very frustrated when things interfere with her time with David, her fiancé.

2: Throughout the book, Susan Fletcher is shown to be very nervous because of the problems Digital Fortress is causing. She's as nervous as a public speaker who doesn't want to talk. | Like most ants, Susan Fletcher is a hard-working person. She is giving up her time with her fiancé to work to get rid of Digital Fortress. She's very passionate about her occupation.

3: If you think of Susan Fletcher, you think of computers. Without computers, her job would be completely useless. Everything she deals with have something to do with computers. She's constantly hacking codes on her own computer. | The triple spiral symbol, is a Celtic symbol that was drawn to show respect to their gods. Susan Fletcher, respects and admires Trevor Strathmore, her superior and the Deputy Director of Operations, like a god.

4: Detectives are always curious when it comes to cases. Susan Fletcher is the same way. She's always curious and is skeptic if a fact is not back by proof. | Susan Fletcher may look like an ordinary cold government worker, but she is actually a very caring and loving person. She's like an optical illusion that confuses most people.

5: Susan Fletcher is an adventurous woman. She travels many places throughout the duration of the book. Her fiancé David does as well. | Birds fly away and have lots of freedom. Susan Fletcher dreams of having some time to herself and wants to sometimes relax and have freedom. The NSA gives her none of that even though she really wants it. On the bright side, she has a very open and free personality.

6: Susan Fletcher is on the verge of having her company and her career destroyed throughout the whole novel. She's "walking on thin ice". | Without the supercomputer "TRANSLTR", Susan would have not obtained the fame she has. The programming and software on the machine was hers, and it played a huge role in her career.

7: Susan Fletcher is a huge optimist. She always believes in her abilities. She was anxious when dealing with Digital Fortress, but she had plenty of confidence within herself. She tends to think of a glass of water as half-full. | Susan Fletcher is very calm under any circumstance. She is like a heartbeat. It is always consistent, and always with us.

8: Susan usually stores information and never forgets it. She's organized. She is the type of person to take information and store them in file cabinets. | Susan works fast, but she also works with precision. She's precise in everything she does, which is why she is one of the most talented workers at NSA. She hits the target every time.

9: Susan always wore nice shoes. Even if her shirt and pants weren't all that nice, her shoes were. It was something she was taught at a young age by her grandmother. | Best of all, Susan is a leader. She has a the great qualities of a leader and never gives up. She takes initiative when she deals with the Digital Fortress in the novel.

10: The badge shows that Susan is always ready to work whenever she is needed and has her badge with her at all times. It's a very special item to her. | Badge | KEY PAGE | Ring | Susan Fletcher is very passionate about her fiancé and would do anything for him. The ring is a symbol of their relationship because it's difficult to break. | Empty Podium | Susan Fletcher is shown to be nervous throughout the entire novel. She doesn't panic, but she does realize what is at stake when Digital Fortress is made. | Ant | Susan is hard working, like an ant. Ants lift up heavy objects and move them all day. Susan, for example, went right to work when she found out about Digital Fortress and didn't stop until she got the job done. | Computer | Susan Fletcher relies on her computer. Without it, her job would mean nothing. At NSA, all they do is decipher computer codes, by using a supercomputer.

11: KEY PAGE | Triple Spiral Symbol | The triple spiral symbol represents respect. Susan respects Strathmore, the deputy, when she sees his calmness when they figure out about Digital Fortress. | Spyglass | The spyglass represents Susan's curiosity. She shows curiosity when she doubts that Digital Fortress worked and then doesn't stop until she figures out how it works. She's always observing. | Ship | The ship shows how adventurous Susan is. She accepts the task of stealing the code to activate Digital Fortress without hesitation. | Bird | The bird shows Susan's longing for relaxation. She gets very frustrated when things interrupt her relaxation time with David. | Supercomputer | The supercomputer is what took Susan's career to the next level. She developed the software and programmed it. Without it, she would never have become so famous within the NSA.

12: KEY PAGE | Duck on Ice | The duck on ice represents Susan's struggle throughout the novel. There is a big risk that she is taking. If she messes up the task, her company and career will be of no use, because cryptography would be of no use. Digital Fortress would help everyone be able to send codes that are unbreakable through e-mail. | Glass of water | The glass of water represents Susan's optimism. This trait is shown when Susan takes on the task of defeating Digital Fortress with confidence. She like to think of the glass as half full, not half empty. | The heartbeat shows Susan's calmness. She stays calm even when she knows her career is at stake. She's calm like a heartbeat. Its consistent and keeps going with ease. | Heartbeat | File Cabinet | The file cabinet shows Susan's organization. She's a very neat and tidy person, because her work habits travel over into her personality. Her job calls for much organization.

13: KEY PAGE | Target | Shoes | The target shows Susan's precise and consistent work ethic. This is shown when Susan defeats the Digital Fortress within a few days. | The shoes are there because in the novel, Susan says that when she was young, her Grandmother told her she had to have pretty shoes. She follows what her Grandmother had told her. | The optical illusion shows that Susan is very confusing to understand. She's serious, and hard-working, but she's also caring, and self-confident on the inside. | Optical illusion | Leader Arrow | The leader arrow shows that Susan is a leader. This is shown when Susan takes initiative and deals with Digital Fortress in way that no one else could have.

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