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Dmitri Bohanon *

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FC: Dmitri Bohanon's Life Story

1: Preface | The fallowing is an account of my entire life. Going threw the best and worst parts of my life so far. I hope the next pages give you a good interpretation and idea of what my life has brought me thus far.

3: There was the aroma of vanilla in the air. I did not understand these flashing lights in my face. However they had interesting keys to keep my attention. There were several people moving and talking to me, I didn't understand what they said. This went on for what felt like hours I didn't understand what they were doing. Later that day we went to get sweet creamy ice-cream. I could still remember the flashing lights I had gotten used to. Several days later we got them in the mail, the brand new shiny pictures. I was so confused I had no idea what these were but I recognized it was me. Then I found out it was what the flashing lights took. Finally I understood that flashing lights take pictures. | Flashing Lights

5: Role Reversal | It was a panoramic day in July; the kind when the sun was shining and it was a comfortable seventy degrees. I had been laying down on my floaters in our pool comfortable. Later that night we had a fun movie night, finally it was bed time I slipped comfortably into my footie pajamas. Then I noticed I was very hungry we had already eaten dinner but I was still craving something. I decided I would crawl around the house and look for something I could reach at my height. I crawled around for a few minutes in the dark running into the various furniture. Then I finally saw it, was a small blue box with an animal on it, I reached and grabbed it. It smelled very bitter and salty, I still did not have any teeth and it was difficult to chew. It was very difficult to chew, my pink gum were struggling to break it. My mother walked into the room laughing and surprised at what I had done her immediately took a picture. I was confused and also in pain at the hard cookie.

7: I was woken up by my mother telling me we were going somewhere special. I did not understand at first my dressed me and we hopped in the car. We took several roads I did not recognize there were more industrial and wooden houses than I ever saw. Finally we approached it the chain of three stores. The big sign read beauty parlor I haven’t seen such a place. We walked into the building greeted by an old woman at a desk. Immediately several women came up to me looking at me in aw, I was very confused. My mother led me to a chair which I thought was very comfortable and bouncy. My body could hardly be still I was moving around way more than I should have. Eventually she asked me to stop moving so she could continue what she was doing to my head, I didn’t listen and ended up cutting her finger there was a silence for the rest of the trim. Once she was done I got a sucker and was on my way back home with less hair. | Squirmy

9: A Great Find | It was a beautiful gorgeous spring morning, except it was a very special day Easter morning. This was a great tradition in my family lots of candy and eggs hidden. My brother and I walked outside to find baskets with candy waiting for us, I was ecstatic at the gifts that were inside it. Later that day we had walked around our yard looking for eggs my brother had found the entire mind I found none yet. When suddenly it appeared there for me. My face lit up and the fact that I had found an egg. I was expecting to not find any but my dream had come true. It was a bright blue round perfect egg. I shook it expecting to hear something when a did I popped it open and found a creamy Hershey kiss.

11: It was a very hot summer day in Mexico when I fell in love two statues. There copper glistened in the hot sun when I saw these gorgeous statues. It had been a tiring eventful day it was our summer break and I was excited to leave the country for the first time. It was a true adventure in my young years and one of the most trips. We were walking to our hotel when I saw it, two beautiful statues of mermaids. As I walked to them my mother fallowed me my brother did not want me to because he was worried about me getting lost. But I ignored him and continued to them, my mother immediately took a picture of me playing on these statues. It was one of the most funs I had been having on the whole vacation. | The Perfect Trip.

13: A Mystical Place | It had been the most fun birthday of all five. We had been at the Indianapolis children's museum for the day, observing all the exhibits. It had been a great day of learning and adventure. This was my first time at the museum as well it was a truly amazing experience. As we were walking out of the museum something very special caught my eye. In the building they had a special exhibit on ancient Egypt; I loved the topic and was fascinated at its history. As we were walking to the car I noticed that were several statues dedicated to my interest in Egypt. It was so compelling to examine and play on; I had never been able to have hands on experience with this model. After my mother had seen how much interest I had in this she quickly took the picture.

15: A Great ending | We were having the best spring break I have ever had we were staying in Florida for one week. That whole week was warm and humid with a lot of rain. Our whole stay we could smell the sweet aroma of fruit and chlorine. Time felt so short at our stay in Florida, it was out last night there. There was a slide which you had to be a certain height but the man running said since it our last night I could go on it even though I was too short. My face lit up when he said that, I thought he wasn't serious at first. When he told me the rules to sliding I was so excited and ecstatic. I ran to the slide and jumped with all my force. I slid down with joy and laughter as I slid it was truly amazing.

17: A Mystical place | My best friend and I had heard of a great place called Chuck E Cheese. We had seen several commercials for this wonderland of games and prizes. Many of my friends had been there and frankly I was very jealous that they got to experience this wonderful land. Then it hit me when I was in the middle of the commercial my birthday was less than a week away. After seven days of very anxious waiting it was finally here they day I go to the monumental Chuck E Cheese! In the past night I could hardly sleep I was so excited and anxious for my big day and first day of being seven. We picked up several of my friends and there it was booming huge beautiful wonderland of games. We slowly approached the premises with caution as it felt like Chuckee was going to pop out of his brightly colored banner. Once we had checked in it was wonderful a prethela of games and fun! That day was truly amazing and one of the best birth days I had in years.

19: Our summer had been going great when my father gave us the surprise at the table that we would be visiting North Dakota. My reaction to this was great but I had never been to anywhere in this region of the country, I was very interested to see what they had. We packed up the car and were on our way to the Great Plains of the Dakotas. Our family had decided to stay at a camp were we rented a cabin for the week. At our stay I learned a lot about the woods and the wilderness, also about how important bug spray is in the summer. On the last day my father surprised us with a visit to Mount Rushmore, this was the highlight of our trip it was a great adventure! | The Great Adventure

21: Education | This was one of the most influential parts of my life to date. Unlike many past spring breaks were I just sight see and visit places, when we visited Washington D.C it was all about education. At first I protested the idea because I always wanted a fun easy vacation. But either way this is what we going to be doing. Once we had done one day of sightseeing I had loved D.C. We were staying at my uncle who works for the government regulating confidential documents. He drove us around and showed the places most visitors could not as well as letting us go into the congress building and meet several congressman and women including Gabriella Gifford's. This was one of the most educational and fun trips I had ever had.

23: My First Wedding | Another interesting part of my life was when I went to my first wedding. I attended this ceremony for my cousin who was currently twenty three. This was held in Florida in their hometown of Gainesville. This was a beautiful humid town with little population and lots of alligators. We arrived at the beautiful Catholic Church ready to celebrate a gorgeous union. The ceremony was beautiful as well as very long. Once it was over we went to the reception hall after the long mass. This was one of the most fun I have had in a while, there was loud music and lots of relatives. I was having such a good time we got home at around thee in the morning. This was one of the most fun times I have had.

25: Developing Skills | The summer when I was eleven was filled with lots of soccer and friends. Burris had been having one of their first ever soccer camps I knew I was going to attend. I learned many skills as well as improving my already learned basics. This program was held by several college students and high school students. Even though they were young they knew what they were doing. I was one of the oldest in this group and I had the most experience so I took some initiative to teach. Surprisingly some of the players even got better than me. Our season was a very productive and positive one.

27: A Cultural Experience | Probably my most favorite trip was my visit to Japan. Unlike most trips this was a foreign exchange between Burris and Okazaki. While I was here I learned countless amounts of information and knowledge. It defiantly made me respect the Japanese people much more and understand there culture. This picture in particular was taken in a Japanese temple during a big ceremony. They were celebrating the coming of fall and the upcoming new year It was a very bright and wonderful celebration!

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