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do not steal!!!!

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do not steal!!!! - Page Text Content

S: Do not steal

BC: The End

FC: Written and Publish by Cassie Kingston | !DO NOT STEAL!

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. Cassie Kingston | In my this story it's about two girls wanting a dog. I wrote this because I love dogs and I do not want to see people who are friends not to be friends anymore only because they stooled from them. I want to be an animal cop so I can help animals.

2: In this story I am going to tell you not to steel. Why, it's bad. Know here is a question for you. Did you ever stool from a person? You do not have to tell me. This is in a nice sunny afternoon in the summer. Melina wanted a dog and she loved Kara’s so much. So one day she went to the dog park to see how fun that really is. Melina does something bad and Kara is mad at her. The only person to help them out is Cassie.

3: One sunny afternoon on a summer day Melina was walking down on the sidewalk and past the dog park were all different size and type were playing together. Melina thought about getting one but she thought about Kara and if it would make her sad or if you would steel it from me. Then she made it to Kara’s house and she heard Kara laughing so she went right around and she seen a little Border collie puppy. Melina ask Kara if that was her dog and Kara said yes it is do you like her and Melina said yes she is very cute. Kara said well we have to go to our training test. If you would like to come then come. Will wait what is her named and Kara said Sammy.

5: Sammy got training on herding sheep.

6: All things grow better with love.

7: In a gym Sammy was doing great she did everything right she was there for at least 4 hours. Sammy was so happy she made it to the 4thlevel. She got 1st in all the levels. Our next stop is to the vets to get all of the shot and that. When we were done Dr. Smith gave her a bone. Kara said to Sammy to the park and off they went. When Kara was playing with Sammy I was thinking on how to steel her dog. Kara asks if I would like to play with her and I told her no I have to go home see you later and by Sammy. Kara said bye and Sammy barked too.

9: Training on here running to win a race.

12: Melina went to her bed and pulled a plan book out and wrote in it.... HOW TO STEEL A DOG.... STEP 1 > THE DOG MUST NOT BARK TO MUCH Yes >IT MUST NOT BITE Yes >MUST BE OUTSIDE BY ITS SELF SOMETIMES????? >DOG MUST BE LOVED and yes When she was down with that she wrote yes if she did that and no if she does not do that. Know she was moving on to step 2 and that said. >IF THERE IS AN FENCE, SEE IF THE GATE IS UNLOCK >SEE IF YOU CAN PICK UP THE DOG OR MYBE HAVE AN LEASH AND COLLER >SEE IF THERE ARE ANY NOSY PEOPLE AROUND THE HOUSE

13: After that I went to bed. I woke up early and then took some things over to Kara’s house to sleep in tell the dog came out. Kara seen me and said what are you doing and I said um um.... I wanted to see what Sammy likes. Why? Well because if you go anywhere I can then look after her so Kara told her everything and well I wrote it down on a paper. When Kara was down I told her thank you and see you at the mall. Well I went on and the time went by so fast it was time to go to the mall and Kara brought Sammy too. The mall said no pets may enter from her. I said I will wait for you here okay then. Thanks. When Kara was in the mall Melina took Sammy to her house then I locked her up. I ran all the way to the mall and she ran inside to find Kara. I told her that Sammy ran away. She was so scared that she ran out made fliers I told a person to go up to her and say I seen that dog and I had an accent with her Kara started to cry and yelled at me for that because I was holding on to her.

14: I went to her and told her that I always wanted a dog and I never got one so now we are equal since we have no dogs or animals. You let her go on purpose. No I did not and if I did take her I would never give her back because I wanted a dog first and you know I always wanted one. O and I roof roof is that her Sammy o Sammy are you here roof roof. WERE ARE YOU COME HERE RITE NOW OR NO FUN TIME FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! What it sounds like she is in your house. Well she is not in my house and if she was um...... if she was what. If she was still alive that person said she died. But that is her bark well yes but you remember when I said we were equal we are not because I got a dog too. Let me see it then no. Why? Well because we are not friends anymore. SO THERE "SLAM" O AND BYE FOREVER "SLAM”!!!!!

15: When Kara was spying she saw Melina with Sammy " I knew it she was not my friend and I will never be again. Hey I saw my dog so give Sammy back. No way I love her and remember you have to share the dog with me since we live 5 minutes away from each other. Well yes. You never spent time with me anymore yup anymore because we are not..... Give her back she is mine I paid for her. Well only if we are friends again. Fine we are friends. Okay then sign here and here now we have a way to tell a person. Know sigh mine NO and get out of my house before I call the cops on you well then see you.

16: Standing for grading.

17: Cooling off after her show

18: Hello my name is Cassie Kingston. I love animals as you can see. When I grow up I want to be an animal cop. EVERYDAY I am with my animals. I would like to give this story to everyone so they can learn what happens when you steal something from a person or friend. Thank you.

21: Her favorite friends in her class and training.

22: "At that time Kara had called Cassie to tell her all about the problem." Nock nock. Hello there may I come in to talk to you. Now I heard there was a problem with Kara and you can you tell me." Well I was three when we were friends we promise we would get a dog together and we never did. So one day she bought a dog. She never played with me it was always Sammy and she named the dog too. I stole it and now she is yelling at me." Do you know why you are in this problem no well you stole the dog and that made Kara mad? Now you have to say you are sorry and pay her half of the price then give her the dog.

23: Starting by Monday you have to switch everyday and say were you are going. Okay then thank you does she know? Yes she does let me get her. Hey sorry can we be friends again and I can pay half of the price then every other day we get the dog? Yes. Here is Sammy. Hey girl. She seems to like you. Yup she does. Do you want to go to the park? Yes let’s go. THANK YOU CASSIE!!!!!! Know I now that it is no tan good idea. Cassie Kingston

25: She is always happy for what she does.

26: Hello my name is Cassie Kingston. I love animals as you can see. When I grow up I want to be an animal cop. EVERYDAY I am with my animals. I would like to give this story to everyone so they can learn what happens when you steal something from a person or friend. Thank you.

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  • Title: do not steal!!!!
  • I am making this book to tell anybody that stealing is not good.
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