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Domains, Kingdoms, Vertebrates Mixbook Project

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Domains, Kingdoms, Vertebrates Mixbook Project - Page Text Content

BC: Thank You

FC: by Kaoru Yamaaki

1: Domains Kingdoms and Vertebrates Project by Kaoru Yamazaki

2: The Domains

3: Domains are the most general classification group other than life in general. There are three groups. Bacteria, Eukarya and Archaea.

4: Bacteria

5: Bacteria is a big group of unicellular, prokaryote, microorganisms.

6: Procaryotic Cell | Staph Bacteria

8: Archaea | A group of single-celled organisms

10: Eukarya | Cells with complex structures inside their membranes

11: paramecium

12: We are Eukarya too!

13: So are they!

14: The Kingdoms

15: There are six kingdoms of life. Monerans, Protists, Plants, Animals and Fungi. They are the next most general classification group to Domains. | Some people take Monerans and split them up into two groups. But the 5-6 kingdoms classify all living things into groups by their characteristics.

16: Monerans | This kingdom contains mos of the Prokaryotic cells

17: Bacteria/procaryotic cell | Prokaryotic cell

18: Protists | They are a diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms. Their simple cell structure differentiates them from other eukaryotes like fungi, animals and plants.

19: Protozoa Protista | Phacus

20: Plants | They are living arganisms that are made of many cells. They live from what nature produces and they come from seeds.

21: maple tree | Grass | sunflowers

22: Animals | They are living organisms that are made up of many cells. They live off eating other organisms and they reproduce from cells.

23: Penguin | Cat | Squirrel | Dolphin

24: Fungi | They are living organisms that are made of many cells. They live from what they live on and the reproduce from spores.

25: Fly Agaric Fungi | Fungus | Yeast Fungus

26: Vertebrates | Animals with backbones

28: Mammals | ALmost all mammals give birth to live animals and are warm blooded

30: Monotremes | most primitive mammals still in existence and they lay eggs

31: Enchidna

32: Marsupials | mammals with a pouch to carry their young take up this section of mammals. THey evolve from placental mammals and they are mostly found in Austrailia

33: Quokka

34: Placental Mammals | Mammals that have a fetus which is attached to the wall of the uterus which is nourished by the placenta.

35: Man

36: Birds | THey lay fragile eggs and have feathers on their skin. They are warm blooded and have wrings but not all of them can fly

37: Penguin | Seagull | Eagle

38: Reptiles | They are cold blooded an the lay eggs on land. Reptiles also breathe with lungs and have skin that is rough and leathery.

39: Iguana | Snake | Turtle

40: Amphibians | They are cold blooded and lay soft jelly like eggs in water. Have different body shapes as they develop.

41: Salamander | Frog

42: Fish | Fish are cold blooded, live in water and usually are covered in scales.

43: Fish | Clownfish


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