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Don't Do the Crime if you Can't do the Time.

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FC: Don't Do the Crime if you Can't do the Time GANG VIOLENCE

1: Gang Violence has been rising for more then 30 years. They are also very popular in other countries too. Gangs became more violent as weapons became more available("Gang Violence"). Street violence is also a newer thing in gangs. Until the late 1980's people didn't think that gangs were making a lot of money and were strongly organized (“Gangs”).

2: George Tita, a criminologist, says that blacks and Latinos are more likely to be killed by one of their own when a gang killing occurs (Black 52). Gang violence has been on the rise in other countries too("Gang Violence"). Organized street gangs are groups who's members are usually young adults. Their goals are to get more stuff for the group. | It's not just the men that are in gangs. A lot of women have their own gangs and fight other gangs(“Gangs and Drugs”). When famous rappers/former gang members get arrested and murdered, violence becomes a big scene in gangs(Gangs and Drugs). Families struggle when their kids become involved in gangs. Lots of these kids are either killed or arrested("Gang Violence").

3: Gang violence costs can affect the whole nation("Gang Violence"). Drug selling is the main way gangs make money(“Gangs and Drugs”). Most murders committed by gang members connect to crack and cocaine("Gang Violence"). When the sales of crack began to slow in major cities, Gangs began to sell drugs such as marijuana(“Gangs and Drugs”). Some Chinese gangs have brought heroin from Asia(“Gangs and Drugs”).

4: There is no right or wrong answer to gang violence. It is such a big thing that it can’t be completely. The most popular solution to gang violence in most cities is Educate people about gang violence. make sure they know the risks that come with gangs("Contributor"). | G.R.E.A.T. is a program that schools used to help stop problems that kids go through such as gang violence("Home - G.R.E.A.T"). A lot of city schools have after school programs such as G.R.E.A.T. to keep kids off the streets. | Talk to the police about having a neighborhood watch. Look for graffiti, and other gang members. These are usually signs that gang related activity is occurring("Contributor"). Experts say that legalizing pot would actually decrease the amount of gang violence("Burgmann").

5: Johnny Rivera runs an organization that has baseball camps withs kids in the area. He says that violence can be in a kids life even if they are good kids("Mays"). The main way people are trying to deal with youth violence is social discipline. | Police are using special units to go to places where kids socialize. The city put a lot of officers in a small area, and the the violence level went down("Reducing"). People in communities are working together to make a difference in gang violence("Groups").

6: The problem with gang violence is that it hurts more then just the gang members. Help the gang victims in the area. Also, people always need someone to look up to. Bring leaders into the community to give people someone to look up to. That way people, not just gang members, have someone to rely on("Contributor"). | Love your kids like its your job. That way they won't turn to gangs for love("Contributor"). Programs can help figure out more about gang violence and how to stop it. OJJDP is a program that is supposed to lower the amount of gang activity in neighborhoods. The OJJDP started a program that developed programs with the school that will prevent gang violence in kids("Comprehensive").

7: Students came up with some ideas on why gangs and youth violence is in their community. They said that an easy was to lower the amount of gang members and violence is to have after school programs for kids to participate in("Mays"). | If there were one single solution to gang violence, it would probably be eliminated. Robert Lewis Jr. is the vice president of the Boston foundation. This foundation is a program that tries to keep youth and gang violence out of Boston("TBF"). If people understood gang violence more, then maybe they would play a part in trying to stop it.

8: A survey taken shows that parenting classes and family support classes are the leading way to lowering the amount of youth violence. Students and teachers don't think that guns and gangs are really changing kids behaviors("Seeking"). Some states are now allowed to raise the penalties of gang-related crimes. According to statistics from the National Youth Gang Center, more than 24,500 gangs, consisting of more than 770,000 members, exist in about 3,330 cities in the United States("Gangs"). Teens Against Gang Violence is a program that talk about gangs that are violent and gangs that aren't. The group is run by teenagers from different cities("Teens").

9: For the past several years, people in communities everywhere studied new ways to decrease youth violence and crime. One way they did this was make the parents responsible for their children's’ crimes. Also they started after school programs to keep kids out of trouble. Violence-Free Zones are places where gang members and troubled kids go to help change their violent ways through different activities. This program gives the people chances to redeem themselves with programs such as substance abuse help or life-skills training("Prevention"). | The Committee for Children is a program that is in different countries. They create programs for schools to reduce the amount of youth violence("Committee"). The more access to after-school programs, the more youth violence will decrease("Increased"). Not all programs work though. Some programs, such as the ‘Get Tough’ program, were found to not work very well("Cavanagh").

10: MTV is creating a campaign to aware people about gang violence and solutions to it. MTV president says,"Violence as an issue of concern for this group came out far in front of other things they were asked about, such as the environment and illiteracy. And more meaningful for me, this group in resounding numbers said they thought MTV could have the most impact trying to tackle an issue like this." MTV will be sending out steps kids can use to reduce violence in their communities and their homes("Petrozzello").

11: Media is also a reason why kids are growing up to be violent. The best way to solve the problem of violent media is to be a responsible parent and not let your kids see it("Preface"). In 1952, the Crime and Violence Prevention Center was created. It was made to help communities create solutions to crime and violence. Gang violence can be prevented by people in the community that understand how gangs work. This includes how to deal with gang behaviors and fining different resources that are able to change their ways("California") | People are doing more and more to help stop gang violence in their communities. Communities have protested gang activities and persuaded politicians to pass anti-gang acts("Gang Violence."). Some gangs are actually good. But others aren't. Gangs and kid gangs have been around for many many years("MIHAILOFF").

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