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Dr. Tarantola's Dental Practice

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S: Gregory J. Tarantola, D.D.S.

BC: We are happy to serve you at our new location at 559 West Twincourt Trail, Unit 606, St. Augustine, Fl. 32095 -right off I-95 and exit 323 (International Golf Parkway)- 904-671-6977 www.TarantolaDentistry.com

FC: Gregory J. Tarantola, D.D.S. 559 West Twincourt Trail, Unit 606 St. Augustine, Fl. 32095 904-671-6977 www.TarantolaDentistry.com General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry With A Holistic Approach

1: YOUR TEETH, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR SMILE Teeth are not separate from your health, they are an integral part of health. To be healthy overall, you need healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. With health, you smile from within...and then, if desired, we can enhance that smile. The following pages tell our story - who we are, what we are all about and how we choose to practice. These pages also contain the pictures and stories of many of the patients who have trusted us with their dental care. For this, we are always grateful.

2: Your Teeth, Your Health, Your Smile

3: Dr. Tarantola runs a different kind of dental practice. You’re more than just a “number” who gets squeezed in between other patients...you’re a friend who deserves—and gets—prompt, personal care. And you won’t be put on the “hot seat,” pressured into signing a treatment plan on your first visit. Just a thorough exam (unlike you’ve ever experienced) where Dr. T. gathers the necessary data to craft your personalized plan, which will be: * Holistic—considering your whole health for your simple-to-complex dental needs * Toxin-free—only natural, biologically-friendly materials used * Uniquely yours-built around your time, circumstances and temperament And you won’t find a more qualified dentist: 33 years’ experience, an author and a lecturer/teacher to other dentists. Call 904-671-6977 for your no obligation, no pressure “Meet & Greet” with Dr. T and his team. See for yourself if we are the right dental practice for you. Experience dentistry off the assembly line...then you’ll really smile.

4: Experience shows that most all silver/mercury fillings have cavities underneath

5: AMALGAM (SILVER/MERCURY) REMOVAL PROTOCOL 1.Nutrient/herb supplement ahead of time 2.Oxygen delivered through nasal mask during silver/mercury removal 3.Your eyes are covered with a surgical mask 4.Supplemental room ventilation 5.Iso-dry isolation/suction system to protect cheek, tongue and throat during entire procedure, from amalgam removal to restoration placement. Maintains a clean, dry field essential for restoration success 6.IAOMT’s “Clean-up” device for actual amalgam removal. Isolates and surrounds that tooth 7.Copious water and high speed suction 8.Rinse with chlorella immediately after amalgam removal Just as important as safe silver/mercury removal is the proper placement of the biocompatible restoration which restores, preserves and protects the tooth. The above protocol allows us to do that.

6: FILLING OR RESTORATION? The left photo shows a composite done by another dentist...a "filling" if you will. The details were not tended to, it was painful and it already has a cavity because it is not properly sealed. A waste of money. The right photo was done by Dr. Tarantola...a "restoration". All the details were managed so the tooth is sealed, restored and protected. The tooth is no longer painful. A much better investment!

7: WHAT DO WE DO THAT IS "HOLISTIC AND NATURAL"? Spry - Xylitol products that stop cavity causing bacteria MI Paste - Calcium and phosphate paste that strengthens enamel and roots to make them more decay resistant Herbal Dentist - Herbal tooth drops used to brush with Sockit Gel - natural, drug free oral wound dressing used after extractions and other surgeries Chlorella - Heavy metal detoxifier we use when we safely remove silver/mercury fillings Argentyn23 - homeopathic silver hydrosol that kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. We use this with low level laser therapy to help sensitive teeth. Arnica Montana and other homeopathic medicines - natural, plant-based anti-inflammatory Inflamyar - a compound of various natural plant based products for Treatment of Inflammation, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Bursitis, Sprains, Bruises and Sports Injuries. We use this with low level laser therapy to help with sore temporomandibular joints and muscles Low Level Laser Therapy - used to naturally help a variety of painful, inflammatory conditions Ozone (O3) - natural disinfectant - used as a gas and liquid to kill bacteria in cavities and after extractions Zirconia Porcelain Onlays - instead of crowns, when possible, to preserve and protect teeth Bicon Dental Implants - no screws to break, loosen or collect bacteria

8: www.JaxFaceAndSmile.com | BEFORE AFTER Meghan had congenital dental problems that resulted in many permanent teeth not developing. She said that all her life she had to endure procedure after procedure to try to give her a smile as she went through school. She finally was able to get that beautiful smile and pursue her career in music.

9: After orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, bone grafts and dental implants, we were able to treat Meghan with non-removable crowns and bridges that gave her what nature never did...a full set of teeth that looked beautiful and functioned perfectly. When we finished, Meghan cried tears of joy saying that for the first time in her life she was able to smile confidently!

10: BEFORE AFTER Because of her career, Awa had been in various types of treatment for many years and in five different continents! She finally was at a point in her life that we were able to create a comprehensive plan to replace the missing teeth, restore her smile, fix her bite and correct a jaw joint problem.

11: The orthodontist put the teeth in the right position, the oral surgeon built up the bone, corrected the soft tissue and placed dental implants. We were then able to create crowns and non-removable bridges that gave Awa her smile, restored her oral health, corrected her bite and resolved her jaw joint problems.

12: BEFORE AFTER Tom Jr. was in a bad car accident years ago. His front teeth were saved with crowns, but there was underlying bone and root damage which was complicated by bite mis-engineering and wear and tear from grinding.

13: The periodontal surgeon removed one front tooth, grafted the underlying bone and gum tissue, and placed a dental implant. This created the foundation for us to place four metal-free crowns on his front teeth, conservative bonding on the worn areas of his other teeth, not to mention the bite re-engineering. This gave Tom Jr. a smile that he said was the best he ever had, even before the accident.

14: BEFORE AFTER Luz was congenitally missing her lateral incisors, the teeth right next to the two front teeth. The surrounding teeth shifted unaesthetically into the spaces also causing a bite mis-engineering problem.

15: Orthodontics done by a specialist we work closely with moved the teeth into their correct positions. Implants placed by the periodontal surgeon allowed us to place some beautiful, metal-free crowns This gave Luz the confidence to smile without embarrassment and a correctly engineered bite will give her restorations trouble-free longevity for years to come!

16: BEFORE AFTER Peppy is truly a vibrant octogenarian who suffered with a variety of dental problems that were just not handled correctly by previous dentists. In addition to an unaesthetic appearance, Peppy simply could not chew well and enjoy a meal.

17: Some of the teeth could just not be saved. The periodontal surgeon removed those teeth and did corrective surgical procedures on the remaining teeth so we could do crowns and non-removable bridges to replace the missing teeth. The bite was also totally re-engineered in the process giving Peppy the smile she wanted and the bite for her to enjoy a meal better and in the end, improve her overall health.

18: BEFORE AFTER Enrique had lost confidence in dentistry, having treatment done without the dentist looking at the big picture, resulting in failure. His teeth had deteriorated and he suffered until his close friend referred him to us.

19: After having some hopeless teeth removed, periodontal surgery was done by a specialist we work closely with. We were able to restore Enrique's mouth with crowns, non-removable bridges and veneers, all engineered to a harmonious bite. It restored his faith in dentistry and his confidence to smile!

20: BEFORE AFTER Cheryl never liked her crooked front teeth. They had some very large old composites that were ready to change to something more definitive. Her dentistry on her back teeth done years ago needed some aesthetic improvement.

21: Orthodontics done by the orthodontist, and gum grafts done by the periodontal surgeon to cover receded areas set the stage for us to do some beautiful, metal-free crowns on her upper teeth. She also suffered in the past with jaw joint problems. The bite engineering improvements we made with the new dentistry allowed the jaw and muscles to work more harmoniously and comfortably.

22: BEFORE AFTER Marcia has had piece-work dentistry done through the years without a look at the big picture first and designing a comprehensive plan. She had an accident which fractured her front teeth and this prompted her to see us.

23: With the help of the periodontist, who did corrective periodontal surgery we were able to restore Marcia's mouth with non-metal crowns and bridges. The bite was re-engineered for longevity of the dentistry. Marcia said the appearance achieved was the best her teeth had ever looked, and we were able to make it work right without changing all her lower dentistry.

24: BEFORE AFTER Marcella, just like her mom Luz, was congenitally missing the lateral incisors, which are right next to the two front teeth. The surrounding teeth drifted and moved and resulted in some unaesthetic spacing. She sadly said that her school mates relentlessly made fun of her teeth.

25: After orthodontics put the teeth in their correct positions, the periodontal surgeon was able to place two dental implants. We were then able to whiten her teeth, place conservative composite bonding on her two front teeth to improve their shape and place non-metal crowns on the implants. She has more confidence now to start college and work. The only comments she now gets are about how great her smile is!

26: BEFORE AFTER Stephanie had a hereditary condition in which the enamel of the teeth does not form properly. This affected the appearance of the teeth and also the structural integrity as well as the functional bite. Not much reason to smile.

27: Stephanie's mouth needed to mature before definitive restorations could be done. She went through orthodontics to get the teeth in better positions and had some temporary bonding done on her front teeth. Finally, everything was ready. Her teeth were restored with bonded composite restorations, creating not only a life changing smile but also enhancing the structural integrity of the teeth and engineering a good bite.

28: BEFORE AFTER Mr. Cassidy was a career business man and never had the time to address his dental needs. There was decay, fractures and periodontal disease. After he retired, he decided to tackle this project.

29: The upper teeth that could not be saved were removed by the surgeon and replaced with crowns and non-removable bridges. The lower teeth that could not be saved were removed and several dental implants were placed by the oral surgeon. A non-removable bridge to replace the teeth was made. He loves his smile and can enjoy any meal he wants!

30: BEFORE AFTER Chuck always had crooked teeth and learned to just live with it. Because of his career as president of a big company, he never really considered orthodontics...until Invisalign came onto the scene.

31: It took just 14 months of wearing clear, removable Invisalign aligners. We whitened his teeth and did conservative bonding for the front chip. When we were all through he said that if he knew it would be so easy, he would have done it years ago. In addition to a nicer smile, he said his teeth were now much easier to clean...an added benefit.

32: BEFORE AFTER Sue had some crowns and a bridge done many years ago and although they still fit and functioned well, she wanted an overall improvement in the color and shape of her teeth so she could confidently smile and not worry about how her teeth looked.

33: Invisalign clear aligners were used to first straighten her teeth so we could do a better job with the new restorations. That only took a few short months. Then we created new crowns, veneers and a new non-removable bridge and Sue has never smiled so confidently!

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