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East Africa Tour

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FC: East Africa Tour By: Tony Lee Jason Kim Hong Cho Matt Soffer

1: Politic/Government of East Africa By: Tony Lee

2: Politics/Government of Somalia From 1991 to 2000, Somalia did not have any government... Somalia still does not have any strong form of government.

3: Since November 2008, Somali Pirates have caused numerous troubles alongside the coast of Somalia. Why?

4: “We don’t consider ourselves sea bandits, We consider sea bandits those who illegally fish in our seas and dump waste in our seas and carry weapons in our seas. We are simply patrolling our seas. Think of us like a coast guard.” In Somalia, these pirates are considered national heroes. They consider this idea of hijacking ships and making money through ransom an heroic action as well as a philosophy to live by. There have been more than 100 pirate attacks that were identifted in 2008. So What is driving them to do this?

6: 1. European Imperialism In the late nineteeth century, Britain wanted to ontrol the northern Somali coast to build a port. Italy also settled on Somalia. However, all the surrounding countries wanted a piece of Somalia. That time, Egypt needed help from Britain to fight off the Ottoman vessels but the Ethiopians also claimed some parts of Somalia as their territory. However, the Imperializing countries soon ran out of funds to stay in Somalia. So the Europeans just left Somalia as it was. As a result, Ethiopia was left to control Somalia by itself. Soon, Somalia wanted independence and revolted against democracy with "scientific socialism."

7: 2. Foreign Invasion Recently, Somalia was outraged from all the foreign ships dumping waste and fishing local goods from Somalian coasts. Therefore, Somalians not only wanted revenge against the passing ships but took the crews as hostages for ransom.

8: Politics/Government of Rwanda Rwanda is ran by a presidential republican office.

9: 20th century Genocide of Rwanda | In 1994, there was a genocide in Rwanda.

10: Rwanda is composed of two ethnic groups: the Hutu and Tutsi. The Hutu is the majority throughout Rwanda, taking up as much as 90% of the whole population.

11: Until its independence in 1962, the small portion of Tutsi was considered the aristocracy of Rwanda. Therefore, they ruled over the Hutu during its colonial period under Belgium. After Belgium left, the Hutu reversed the role and wanted to take revenge against the Tutsi.

12: Another European involvement... and the consequences...

13: Worse, now France is being blamed for the incident and currently there is a strong tension between the Rwandans and French. This shows how negatively European influenced not only the current situation of Rwanda but also the foreign relationship between Africa and Europe.

14: Politic/Government of Kenya

15: Kenya's government is operated through democracy. A president is elected every five year as well as a prime minister who is the head of the government. | The Kenyan Constitution makes provisions for citizenship, the protection of fundamental rights and freedom of the individual. Kenya's constitution was introduced at independence on 12 December 1963. It has been amended several times.

16: While Britain was controlling Kenya, it drove out the Kikuyu tribe out of his main land and caused them to disperse throughout the country. When they left, the Kikuyu immediately took the land back and became the wealthier group in Kenya. This led to division between Kikuyu and Lou tribe and caused tension between the two groups.

18: Politic/Government of Tanzania

19: Currently, Tanzania is a republican nation. It is a unitary republic based on multiparty parliamentary democracy. | The governmental branches of Tanzania is much like the western culture.

20: During the time when Germany colonized Tanzania, the men were forced to provide hard labor. | Not much different from the slavery, the Tanzanian workers were forced to put together harbors and railways. They also did other 3D(dirty, dangerous, and demeaning) jobs.

21: In Tanzania, Germany used brute force to crush any anti-imperialisitc groups. Therefore, the Maji-Maji War erupted which sparked the beginning of a gueruilla war between the anti-imperilists of Tanzania and Germany. As a result, Germany sorted to the scorched earth tactic and burnt much of Tanzanian soil. This cuased Tanzania to become very poor because the lands were useless. Now, Tanzania despises Germany for its wrongful acts.

22: Politic/Government of Ethiopia Ethiopia, since the Imperialisitc age, was a very unique countrry.

23: During the European "scramble" for Africa, Ethiopia was the only independent nation. | Around a decade ago in 1995, Ethiopia adopted a new constitution that established the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

24: Ethiopia was heavily influenced by western culture. Ethiopia's main religion was Christianity which was opposed in Africa.

25: Ethiopia experienced a civil war from the effects of Imperialism. Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, a group composed of rebels against "white terror." | In the end, Ethiopia became a democratic country thus declaring itself under the rule of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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