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Einstein's Big Idea

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S: Einstein's Big Idea by : Ernesto Rodriguez

BC: Einstein's Big Idea E=mc^2 | Einstein's discovery of E=mc^2 was revolutionary movements that brought about many other discoveries like The Atomic Bomb, and the separation of Atoms. From this he also gained fame by creating the Theory of Special Relativity and won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

FC: Einstein's Big Idea E=mc^2 | By: Ernesto Rodriguez Physics 8th Block 4-7-2011

1: Bern, Switzerland 1905 The great Einstein, creator of the formula E=mc^2, made his discovery by putting together Energy, Mass, and the Speed of Light. | E= Energy M= Mass C^2= The Speed of Light | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

2: E is for Energy Son of town blacksmith, Michael Faraday gains tickets to a local meeting over physics and the mysteries of Energy. Sir Humphry Davy was the prominent scientist of the Victorian Era. After much note taking Faraday turns his notes into a book impressing Davy. This gains Faraday a job with Davy. Faraday, Davy along with another laboratory assistant conduct various experiments together attempting to figure out why the electromagnetic wave was affecting the compass, making the arrow go a different direction. | Micheal Faraday | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

3: Sir Humphry Davy | Michael Faraday's Note Journal | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

4: Realizing what others thought was a joke, Faraday discovers that the electromagnetic wave exerted waves in different directions causing motion. | The Great Revolution! | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

5: A remarkable discovery made by Michael Faraday explains the E, Energy, in E=mc^2, leaving only Mass and the Speed of Light. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

6: Paris, France 1771 Antoine Lavoisier marries Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze, who later becomes his faithful laboratory assistant. Lavoisier discovers that mass can be transformed into to different states of matter. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

7: Lavoisier was a great addition to E=mc^2 because what he demonstrated was that you an take any type of matter or substance and literally transform it into another form, then change it back and still have the same amount of matter, demonstrating that no matter can be lost or created. Sadly, his discovery was made during the French Revolution, being a tax collector, he had to be killed. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

8: Antoine Lavoisier's discovery brought about the answer to how the mass in E=mc^2 is determined. Later to come a once mentioned Michael Faraday, will come to answer what light really is and how is ties into Energy. Especially with the help of James Clark Maxwell. | The "Key" lies in Electromagnetism. | C is the Speed Of Light | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

9: Great Minds | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

10: James Clark Maxwell | James Clark Maxwell, researched Micheal Faraday's theory that light was just pure electromagnetism. Maxwell was just the push that Faraday's theory needed to be proved correct. | The Royal | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

11: Maxwell discovered that light is really electricity producing magnetism and magnetism producing electricity, but for that to happen the process should be going at a certain speed, 670,000,000 mph, the speed of light. Light is an Electromagnetic Wave! Faraday was correct all along. | Institution 1846 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

12: Einstein began to wonder how light really worked and that if one were to be traveling the same speed of light would the light be static or would it even travel at all. | Leaving Squared in E=mc^2 | Albert Einstein | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

13: Emilie du Chatelet, scientist and mathematician learned many advanced math subjects and after marrying a general in the French army, fell in love with Voltaire, France's greatest poet. | Chateau Cirey, France 1722 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

14: Du Chatelet, proposed that Newton's laws had a flaw, flaws that we related to the velocity not being squared. She had many tests and experiments including one with lead balls, and clay. The balls were dropped from different distances and when the clay was cut in half showing the depth it went through the clay it showed that the distance was its squared of its original. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

15: E=mc^2 was finally complete, Du Chatelet discovery brought about many other revelations that introduced the world of science with a whole new example of what speed really was. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

16: The Bern Patent Office 1905 | Einstein's Miracle Year 1905 was the year that lead to Einstein's success. After having a conversation with a long time close friend, Einstein discovers that Maxwell was correct. He predicted that light's speed can never be changed. As we approach the speed of light, light begins to slow down. This discovery lead to his various amount of papers that earned him a Nobel Prize in Physics and also brought about Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

17: OBSESSION | After finally putting together that : Energy equals Mass multiplied by the Speed of Energy^2 This showed that when you put more energy so that the speed can increase what its really doing is increasing the mass, since the speed of light can never increase over 670,000,000 mph. | E=mc^2 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

18: Einstein's career began to a rough start; having reached no huge amount of recognition for his works explaining light and other physics topics, Max Planck, being a great figure in the scientific community supported Einstein's ideas and brought fame to him. Together they made famous the Theory of Special Relativity. | Max Planck and Albert Einstein | After 1905 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

19: Having his new well earned fame that built up Einstein also broke him as well. His fame allowed him to have many affairs and eventually caused a divorce with his wife Mileva Maric and ended up marrying his second cousin Elsa Einstein. | Lust, Adultery, and Broken Hearts | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

20: The Theory Of Special Relativity | This theory claims basically that the speed will stay the same regardless of the motion its in. | Theory of Special Relativity(Wikipedia) | Speed of Light

21: The speed of light was a crucial point with this discovery.

22: Going back all the way to the early 1700's, was what was required to put together E=mc^2, but this isn't the end for this formula. E-mc^2 will be used all over history beginning with the Atom. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

23: After E=mc^2

24: Unlocking the Atom | Berlin, Germany 1907 | Lise Meitner,graduate with a doctorate in physics looks for employment, when she runs into Otto Hahn who think that she can be a great addition to help with research on the atom. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

25: Meitner finally got what she wanted but with limits. She was still demeaned in the scientific community for being a woman. After years of working with Otto Hahn she was the first woman in Germany to receive the title "Professor". | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

26: Meitner and Hahn's idea was to create a big nucleus by inserting more neutrons. The biggest element during this time period was Uranium with 238 neutrons. | This can also be example of E=mc^2 because you are entering more energy and that will turn into mass. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

27: During the 1930's the Nazi's came into power and Meitner being an Austrian was forced to be removed from her position. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

28: Leaving Germany :( | Former Professor, now illegal immigrant, Lise Meitner was forced to leave her life because she was a Jew. | Not able to leave Germany, Meitner had to leave illegally to Holland where she had nothing. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

29: Kunglav, Sweden 1938 | Desperately thinking of Physics, Meitner sent letters to Otto Hahn asking what was going on. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

30: While In Sweden, Meitner and her nephew also a physicist, began to wonder why Otto Hahn was telling in his letters that the uranium got smaller and broke into two pieces when more neutrons were inserted. Meitner began to realize that the mass that was lost multiplied by the speed of light squared equaled the energy. E=mc^2 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

31: Otto Hahn, being under pressure from the Nazi Regime, he took all of the credit for the discovery of Nuclear Diffusion and won the Nobel Prize of Chemistry. Betrayal to a once good time friend Lise Meitner. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

32: The Manhattan Project | The Manhattan Project was the race to beat the Nazi's at having nuclear arms in the world. Lise Meitner didn't not want to have nay part in the group. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

33: Otto Robert Frisch

34: Science Turned Destructive :0 | After they figured out that you could split the atom with Uranium, other scientists began to make THE ATOMIC BOMB. They had plans to beat the Nazi's in the nuclear arms race. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the first instances where the ATOMIC BOMB was used. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

35: Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

36: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center U.S Department of Energy 2005 | Young physics students strive to build upon what Einstein's formula E=mc^2. Everyday they are figuring out how they can makes even better elements and explain different things everyday. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

37: Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

38: The Big Bang Theory | From a Scientific perspective, The Big Bang a great amount of energy just waiting to explode became mass. The planets that we have today are a result of the Big Bang. Stars and life itself was created by the explosion of the Big Bang. | We are a creation of E=mc^2 | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

39: Are we really just Stardust? | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

40: E=mc^2 began as a simple thought that eventually emerged to something bigger. Without the help of Faraday, Lavoisier, Maxwell, Du Chatelet,Einstein, or Meitner life would of been completely different as we know it. | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

41: Faraday | Lavoisier | Maxwell | Einstein | Du Chatelet | Meitner | Einstein's Big Idea (Youtube)

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