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Elementary Yearbook

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S: The Wacky & Wild Poetry of Third Grade

FC: "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success." | Mrs. Burd & Miss Schmidtke's Third Grade 2011-2012 | - David O. McKay | acky | & | Wild | W | THE | Poetry of Third Grade

1: Mrs. Burd & Miss Schmidtke's Third Grade 2011-2012 | acky | & | Wild | W | THE | Poetry of Third Grade

3: Breannen A. Amaya B. Ethan B. Joey C. Chance C. Dominic C. Chloe C. Maddie D. Lauren E. Patrice E. Timber F. Alexa G. | Table of Contents | Thatcher H. Catie L. Andre L. Jon L. Macy M. Ethan P. Kennedy S. Makayla S. Riley S. Wesley S. Megan W.

4: Kailey James | Our Project | We love writing in third grade! When deciding what to include in our class book, the students were excited to include poetry. We learned about rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, repetition, free verse style, similes, metaphors and more! We hope you enjoy our book!

5: Mrs. Burd

6: Breannen A. | As poor as a slave, As strong as a bull, As cute as a puppy, As smart as a person. As thin as a pencil, As white as a snowman, As fit as a ruler, As dumb as a deer. As bald as a bald eagle, As neat as a butterfly, As proud as a mother, As ugly as a turkey vulture. As stinky as a skunk, As long as a snake, As slow as a turtle, As fast as a cheetah. As wise as a king lion, As huge as a dinosaur, As flat as a paper, 2As noisy as a chicken.

8: Amaya B. | TNT Tnt is evil But sometimes even useful, Tnt is very cool and turns into a volcano pool, Now light the fuse either one now watch everything go ka-boom, Run away fast before boom boom happens beware.

9: Monkeys Monkeys smell damp, They are our closest relative, They like bananas, They sound like their angry, They feel warm, Their favorite hobby is to swing on vines, They eat fruit like us, Some people fear them from the movie King Kong, People like them from Donkey Kong.

10: Ethan B. | Clock Ranng Ranng says the clock, It pops up and bangs down On the dresser again then A hand from a human comes down, BAM! The clock stops.

11: The Door I squeal In a high pitch voice, I slam My body and hold hands with the wall, I’m so old and dusty, Until they move, But back at the new house, Squeak, Squeal, Bang! The door holds hands with, The wall.

12: Sea Serpents You are a sea serpent, Beautiful it’s true, Splish, splash you go hitting the top of the water, Drip, drop, splish, splash, swish Its teeth as sharp as a pin, Sea serpent, sea serpent, That lives in the water. Oh, water creature that is finely formed, You are knowledgeable, Some may think all you do id drip-drop, But soon enough you will drop, From hearing it over and over again that all you do Is drip-drop, Sea serpent, sea serpent, That lives in the water.

13: Joseph C. | Celibi Stuffie White wings green body, Plush, fuzzy, and fluffy, Cuddly, hugable and lovable monster that fits In your pocket and protects you! Green and white, Fluffy and fuzzy all over, Soft as a pillow, It’s a friend and a stuffie all in one!

14: Chance C. | Dragons Dragons are big fiery machines, They roar and growl, In their midnight prowl, As they snatch and scrunch in their lair, Dragons. Dragons. ROAR!

15: Griffons Griffons are horrid, They Screech and squak, They snatch up sheep to eat, SCREECH

17: Pop Rocks Pop rocks are firecrackers in your mouth They pop and snap in your mouth. They are sweet and sour in your mouth. Pop rocks Pop rocks Yummy in your tummy | Dominic C.

18: Chloe C. | Brownie Its sweet and a tasty treat, I gobble it up and say neat, next time you get a brownie don’t wait another second eat it up, lick your fingers mmm!

20: Madelyn D.

21: Homework Homework, I don’t want you, I don’t want to do you, I really hate you, Why do I get you. No one likes to see you, No one like to smell you, No one really likes you, No one cares about you. I’d rather have a puppy than you.

22: Lauren E. | Friends Ashley is a flower, Ashley is is sweet, Why is Ashley sweet, Maddie is sweet, Maddie is a flower, Why is Maddie sweet, Julianna is a flower Julianna is sweet Why is Julianna sweet

23: Friends Are Here Friends are here ding dong is, That my friends were here, This is going to be awesome!

24: Cotton Candy Cotton Candy is good and sweet I love cotton candy. It sizzles and pops in your mouth The sweet, delicious, scrumchas Taste is good

25: Patrice E.

26: Timber F. | Racecars Bang goes the starter pistol, Scream goes the crowd, Zoom goes the racecars, Bam goes a racecar crashing, Zip goes a racecar who passed the finish line winning the gold. Scream goes the crowd again.

28: Alexa G. | Oranges Oranges are the best It sounds like crunch crunch crunch. It tastes like juicy asomeness. It looks like orange peeling. It smells like heaven. It feels like rough orange pealing.

29: Pencil Sharpener A pencil sharpener is like very sharp vampire teeth chewing on your broken pencil making your broken pencil more sharp.

30: Thatcher H. | Skittles Skittles are a rainbow in a line of sweetness, They explode inside your mouth, With a bust of flavor, pop, boom, bam, There they go.

31: Cotton Candy Cotton candy is collerful clouds in the sky, It is like sweet, puffy, sour, hevens, It melts in my mouth with flavor.

32: Catie L. | Homework, I hate you Homework I hate you, I wouldn’t want to date you, I don’t know how to tell you, No one likes to smell you, If I had a choice between, Doing you or dieing I would rather die, Cause you always make me, Cry.

33: Homework Homework is awesome, Much better than an opossum, You may think I'm crazy, But I'm not very lazy, But when I do reading, I run away screaming. When I get math I freak When I get science my brain creeks, When I get social studies I cry When I get spelling I nearly die Maybe a opossum would be awesome.

34: Andre L. | Fly Buzz goes the fly as he soars so high then Splat! he dies Then the other Flies were so Sad the flies Said, lets go To bed

35: Pencils and Pencil Boxes A pencil is a magic wand that helps me write all my thoughts on paper an helps me draw with style. A pencil box holds all those magic wads called pencils captive.

36: Grandfather Clock The grandfather clock goes ding dong I hear it all day, I see my little kitty go meow meow, As she watches the grandfather clock go, Ding dong, ding dong.

37: Jon L. | Ice Cream Ice cream is flavorful. It sounds like laughing happiness. It smells like a sweet yummy mountain. It tastes like a delicious ice cream land. It looks like round spheres of goodness. Ice cream feels like a soft moon.

38: Macy M. | Cotton Candy Cotton Candy is a soft sugary ball, Sweet, Sugary, Soft, Cotton Candy is like a colorful rainbow all wrapped up, It’s like a sweet tasty pillow, It jumps around in my mouth, It’s a terrific, tasty, treat.

39: Coby My dog Coby is lovable, He sounds like a police siren, He smells like a sewer, He tastes like dog slobber, He looks like a Harrie Monster, Coby feels like a gigantic furball.

40: Ethan P. | Mrs. Dele and Putt-Putt Mrs. Dele is such a grinch, She grrrs and growles, With super string vowles, Horrible, hating, horrifying, I can’t believe I’m still surviving, She never smiles never laughs, She throws her expensive gifts in the trash, Please take me away from Mrs. Dele, Or she might eat me! Mrs. Dele can’t believe me, She says I’m the worst to be, The worst you’ll ever see, Holy, happy, what are you being, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, She actually is happy wow because of what, She gets to go Putt-Putt, Well Mrs. Dele has changed so much, All because of Putt-Putt, Well thank you Mrs. Dele, Because now changed me!

41: The Chair One morning I sat on my chair, when I heard it mumble, this so not fair, Standing up to my surprise, my mouth dropped open big and wide, to see my chair with a mouth and eyes, It said to me this is not fair, So good-bye, It walked away and left me there to cry, and so I whispered good-bye, and I just sat and cried.

42: Kennedy S. | Chloe Chloe is sweet candy, She is as harmless as air She is as cute as beaging puppy eyes She is as artistic as Vango She plays the piano like Batoven She sings like Beonca She is a fationest I am happy to be me no one can be me Chloe is who I am

43: Kyle Crazy Cool Annoying Adorable Superfast helpful Dashing Dude loves video games loves hamburgers

45: Makayla S. | Holidays Holidays are a awesome changing sensation, Changing cycle comes, I freeze and shiver. It’s almost the life cycle of a butterfly, The seasons go from month to month, And year to year, I love holidays, Holidays come by seasons, Seasons change all the time, Seasons bring nature, In Fall, The wind blows, I’d hope you’d like to know, In Winter, It chills, It gives me the thrills, In Spring, It chimes, It’s as good as rhymes, In Summer, It’s hot, I like it a lot, I hope you’d like to sing-along, But now I finished this poem song.

46: Riley S. | Cotton Candy Cotton candy is like white Foam, its very sugary, They come in many flavors, They have it in a bag.

47: Glass My brother is, putting up the dishes, Ting, Ting, Splash, My brother breaks the glass.

48: Boxing Punch gose the Boxer! Kick gose the Boxer! Pow gose the Boxer giving someone a black eye!

49: My New Shoes My new shoes are a dragon! They flap there wings on the ground. They fly off my legs. They are evil. My new shoes Why did I buy them | Wesley S.

50: Julianna Julianna is a funny friend, She laughs with me ha, ha, She is a funny friend. She swing, slides with me, That’s Julianna! | Megan W.

51: Puppy Love Puppys are a fluffy ball, You hear bark, bark all the way down The hall, Crunch, crunch the dogs Mouth goes, A puppy is a stuffed animal!

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