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Elementary Yearbook

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Elementary Yearbook - Page Text Content

S: 5th Grade Memories

FC: 2010 - 2011 | 5th Grade Memories By: Mrs. Feuerbach's Class

1: Clear Creek Elementary | "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success. - David O. McKay | Looking back at the 2010-2011 School Year...

2: Top 10 List 10. Learning Parts of a flower 9. Finding the missing degrees in a shape 8. Harvesting plants 7. Floating + Sinking 6. Early European settlement 5. 13 colonies 4. American History 3. Capitals and States 2. Mixbook 1. Monthly Poems | August 2010 | May 2011

3: 5th Grade Memory Of all the memories in 5th grade I have to choose one. I would have to say that the baby shower we threw for Mrs. Feuerbach was the best! My memory was about the baby shower. I had to do treats. The food and drinks were amazing! We had groups of people who did specific things. My group was food, drinks, plates, napkins. We all joined together and made plans and said who was doing what. Finally we came together and had a great. We came together and had a great party. We all had a blast! There were so many fun games. Like we had to eat apple sauce with no hands just our faces. We also brought in pictures of when we were babies. We had to guess who was who it was hard because some babies didn't look like they do now. We all got to share our own mixbook pages. We all so much fun! I can't believe 5th grade is almost over. I will never forget the baby shower. I am going to miss all my friends and of course Mrs. Feuerbach!

4: 5th grade memory Of all the fun things we’ve done in 5th grade the hawk guy was my favorite. When the hawk guy came, he played the guitar. He talked about why the hawk he brought can’t fly. The guy talked about how the hawk lives in her cozy little box to keep her calm when big groups of people come. He talked about how it is against the law to shoot hawks now. The hawk guy showed us his hawk. He talked about how every year is a disaster for her because she cant fly. He talked about why we should try to save the environment. Since this year is coming to a close we should treasure all of our memories. Of all the fun the hawk guy still is my favorite. | Augest 2010 | May 2011

5: Top Ten list By: Jacob Luedtke 1: Learning about the development of plants was my favorite. 2: How to identify triangles by their angles was my 2nd favorite thing. 3: Learning that Lewis and Clark traveled the Louisiana territory. 4: Learning that the Europeans came to America for many reasons. 5: Learning about Jamestown the first colony. 6: Learning about who settled in Plymouth 7: Learning about Lewis and Clark and what they did 8: Learning good journalism 9: Learning about Roanoke and the lost colonies 10: Learning about plants.

6: Top 10 List Things I Learned 10 How to play the ukuleles. 9 What Declarative, Exclamatory, Interrogative and Imperative sentences are? 8 Entrepreneur for a day. 7. Music bonus party. 6 Living History Farms. 5 Mix book 4. 8th grade came to tell us about the 10 amendments. 3 Wrestling with Mr.Weber 2Fractions 1 Learning my lines for the Play

7: 5TH Grade Wow!!! Out of all the memories in 5th grade I chose when Jackson Hamlin and I started Break dancing at the Sock Hop. At the end of the Sock Hop[. when the band kids left for band most of the boys talked the teacher’ s into letting us stay and dance for a little bit longer. Jackson Hamlin, Aaron Kelso, Niko Padilla, Chris Jacobs, and I started a line and started snapping our fingers. The girl’s started a dance off. One of the girls went, and then it was a boys turn next it was a girl's turn. Then it was my turn, so I did this one funny dance like 3 times. One time in Gym we were playing Capture the Flag. I just got the flag. Luke Eggers tried to get me. But there was a dirt pile so I jumped over it. I hit the ground hard and I started laughing. Some people came over to me and asked if I was ok. Sadly my 5th grade year is coming to an end. It’s been fun.

8: 5th Grade Memory By: Katelyn Pinkham Oh my gosh! If I had to pick one memory from 5th grade I would pick when we threw a baby shower for Mrs. Feuerbach. The first thing we did was decorate the room. We put up balloons and made it look pretty. Then we got all of the food and drinks set up. When she finally got there we all hid, jumped out, and yelled “SURPRISE”! The first thing we did for the baby shower was present our mixbook and eat the snacks. After that we had an apple sauce eating contest. I can’t remember who won but it was fun anyway! When the apple sauce eating contest was over, we had Mrs. Feuerbach open her gift. It was a pillow pet. When the party was over it was time to go. We all said good-bye to Mrs. Feuerbach and she left. That is my favorite memory from 5th grade. I have had so much fun! GO 5th GRADE!! | August 2010 | May 2011

9: What I Learned 10. Names of triangles 9. Spelling words 8. Angles 7. Negatives 6. All the capitals 5. 13 Colonies 4. Mystery of Roanoke 3. How to make mixbooks 2. About Sacajawea 1. How to play the clarinet

10: Top 10 List of Things I Learned 1.Angles 2. 13 colonies 3.Sink and float 4.Parts of Wisconsin fast plant 5.Roanoke 6.Jamestown 7.Polygons 8.Mosquito fish 9.Snail 10.Negatives | 5th Grade Memory By Truman Murphy By far the best memory was the Sock Hop because I like dancing. I’m about to list 1-4 now of my favorite memory. First is the sock hop, my 2nd memory is the baby shower for Mrs. Feuerbach and her baby. My 3rd memory was when Mr. Weber swallowed a bug. It happened when a fly landed on his mug and he took a drink and swallowed the bug. My fourth memory is when Luke tricked Bella on April Fool’s Day. He tricked her by turning the desk around and she couldn’t open it. My fifth grade year is coming to a close. I have so many fun memories. It was really fun at the Sock Hop because I love to dance.

11: apail | may 2011

12: Harrison 5th Grade Memories I have a lot of 5th grade memories. The best was the 5th Grade musical, The North Pole Musical . My favorite song was ‘Hoofin It’. I think Ben Finn had the best costume, but a lot of other costumes were cool too. The funniest part of the play was when David said “Hey the floors all wet right here” and Matthias said “Hope it’s notanybody we know”. Some things I learned are how shape and size affect buoyancy. I also learned Leif Ericson was the first person to find North America. I have learned all 50 states and all 13 colonies. I also like making mixbooks right now. I have 4 mixbooks going and I’m not done with them. My favorite mixbook we did as a class was explorers. I have mixbooks on aliens, star wars, robots, and cartoons. 5th grade was fun but I’m looking forward to 6th grade. I wonder who’ll I’ll have for teachers. The end

13: Top 10List 10. fractions 9. verbs 8. states and capitals 7. email;how to change backround 6. floating and sinking 5. dodge ball in gym 4 .13 colonies 3. French and Indean war 2. A.R. 1. mixbook | day 1 | last day

14: 5th Grade Memory Wow, my favorite memory of 5th grade was going to Mrs. Cooney’s room in the morning. I love going there. It is so much fun! Going to Mrs. Cooney’s room in the morning is really awesome! Her class does “Write the room”. ‘Write the room” is when the kindergarteners find words in the room that start with that letter. Mrs. Cooney has other 5th grade students in there, too. She has us help them with crafts that they need to finish, like coloring worksheets and writing worksheets and other stuff. I ask Mrs. Cooney if she needs me to cut or staple worksheets or do any thing else she needs me to do. Her kids started bringing books home and bringing them back to read to us 5th graders. “I am no longer allowed to cut laminating. I struggle a bit with staying on the lines.” (Mrs. Cooney told me to put this in!) My favorite memory about Mrs. Cooney’s room is seeing all the kids. It is so much fun to see all the smiling, cute faces when they walk in the room. I love helping them with worksheets. Her kids are really fun to hang out with. Mrs. Conoey’s kids are nice, sweet, and very cute. Wow, I can’t believe my 5th grade year is almost over. It’s really sad that I will be leaving Clear Creek. Mrs. Feuerbach has been an awesome 5th grade teacher! I will miss 5th grade and Clear Creek a lot

15: 10: Music notes 9: Entrepreneurs 8: How to write an Essay 7: Adding Fractions 6: parts of speech 5: The Explorers 4: Polygons 3: Multiply, add, subtract, divide 2: Monthly poems 1: How to spell words | May 2011 | August 2010

16: 5th Grade Memory By Matthias Yarian There are a lot of things I will remember about 5th grade. Here are some of them. I will remember the desk I used in Clear Creek. I will miss the school. I will miss the fire alarms when they go off. My teacher that I had in 5th grade. I will miss the gym teacher. I will miss my reading teacher. I will miss my math teacher. I’m going to miss recess, lunch, and the TVs. I’m going to miss my friends because they might be in a different class then I’m in. I’m going to a different school. I’m going to miss the gym. Sadly my 5th grade year is over. I have a lot of memories to remember about 5th Grade. For now I have to say good bye to Clear Creek hope to come back soon. The End! | Aug. 2011 | May 2011

17: Matthias Yarian | Good behaver | Jamie Feuerbach | 10) I learned to multiply fractions 9) AdVerbs 8)how to add decimals. 7) how to make popsicle band 6) Inferences 5) how to do mix book 4) new AR books 3)Mrs. Feuerbach was a Kindegarten teacher. 2) The Revolutionary war 1)The French and Indian war.

18: 5th Grade Memory This is a book that you can design yourself! My favorite 5th grade memory is doing mixbooks. They are fun to make, and I learned a lot. My class made mixbooks. We decorated our own page or two. If we needed help we could ask a friend or a teacher. Our class worked on many mixbooks. The first mixbook we made was Welcome Payton. The next mixbook we made was Explorers. The last book we made was for the end of the year. We could work on our mixbooks at school and at home. I preferred to work at school. Our class used our Language Arts time and Dear time too. Finding the time to write our mixbooks has been a challenge. My class and I learned a lot about technology as we wrote our mixbooks. We had to put together memories, do research, and present our information through our final project. Using basic keyboarding skill, the web site, and creativity, I was able to make mixbooks I am proud of. Doing a mixbook is exciting! I want to do it again.

19: Top 10 Memories of 5th Grade 10. The Valentine Party was a good time. 9. I started playing the flute in the 5th grade band. 8. The Old Creamery Theater presented short plays for our whole school. 7. Going to NIACC for Entrepreneur Day was interesting. 6. The North Pole Musical was fun, and I was a Chinese dancer. 5. The sock hop for the Winter Dance Party was fun. 4. Mrs. Mueller was our 5th grade substitute while Mrs. Feuerbach was on maternity leave. 3. I met Emily Logan, my mentor, and she helped me a lot with Social Studies and became my friend. 2. Our class had a baby shower for Payton Feuerbach. 1. Making our mixbooks was fun. | May 2011

20: 5th Grade Memory By McKenzie Kiefer Wow! I had fun in 5th grade. The main thing was my teacher, Mrs. Feuerbach, and my class mates. I will miss this school and all the little kids. I will miss my school and my buddies too. The number one thing I will miss is my teacher, old teachers and seeing my grandma every day at lunch. This school brings back so many memories. I had fun here. Going to middle school might not be so bad, and we all get to see each other next year. | I will miss the playground too. I like to play tag and swing with my friends. My favorite thing this year was the baby shower. It was my favorite because Payton was there and Mrs. Feuerbach looked happy. We all had a smile on our faces. My fifth grade year is coming to an end. I will never forget anyone in this school not even the teachers I had. I had great memories here. I hope none of you will forget me. I will see all of you next year. | August 2010

21: My Top Ten List 10. I learned a lot about Louis and Clark 9. I learned that the Indians taught the pilgrims 8. I learned about the 13 colonies in social studies 7. When Maxes dad brute the races car 6. How to play the ukulele in music class 5. I learned that Christopher Colombes never sailed on the Mayflower. 4. Louis and Clark traveled on the Louisiana territory 3. How to classify triangles 2. How to get into Mix book 1. More about science | May 2011

22: 5th Grade Memory By: Rian Dillavou Guess what my favorite memories are? My favorite memory was April Fool’s Day. One thing I liked about April Fool’s day was when they did all the jokes. They were all so funny. Some of the jokes were when Luke switched Bella’s desk around. When she went to open it she couldn’t. We all laughed. Another memory was when we switched Luke and Gavin’s desk around. Max taped Sean’s paper protector together and he could not open it. I chuckled! I had so much fun in 5th grade. I am going to miss it here.

23: Top Ten List of Things I Learned 10: learning about groups in guidance 9: bee’s life 8: how to write a paragraph 7: Parts of a flower 6: monthly poems 5: how to Entrepreneur Day 4: Floating and sinking 3: the fire and tornado drills 2: bike rodeo in gym 1: in art crating the sick band | August 2010 | May 2011

24: Top 10 List of Things I’ve Learned 10. Contractions 9. Floating and Sinking 8. Adverbs 7. Pocahontas’s Life 6. Capitals 5. Parts of a Flower 4. Long Dividing 3. Famous Explorers 2. How to play the Ukulele 1. Learning how to Play the Clarinet | August 2010 | May 20111

25: 5th Grade Memory Oh my gosh! Out of all the people in 5th grade I got 1st place on the Richie Valens Contest. Here is how it went... One art day, Mrs. Brant said “We are having a contest for Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper”. I was really excited because I knew a lot about Richie Valens. It was due in 5 days so I had to think about all the things I knew about Richie Valens. One thing I knew about Richie was Richie’s Flying Guitar. When I got home I asked my dad if we could go to Walmart to get supplies. We got a lot of stuff like glue, sparkles, stiring, and card board. When I got home I started right away. It only took like an hour and a half to do the guitar. The next day my mom brought it to school for Mrs.Brant to see. Mrs.Brant put all the contest things on the wall, and I got lots of compliments on my guitar. Three days later it was the Sock Hop, and we gfound out who won. It was Ike, Ethan, and me that won! I got up with the rest of the winners and got my picture taken, and it was going in the newspaper. We all got a prize I got a Poodle-Purse. I absolutely LOVED my prize.

26: Top Ten memory of 5th Grade 1.Sock hop in school 2.Harvesting in science 3.Learn to use Mix book 4.Science with Mr.Wiegmann 5.Learning how to play in Band 6.Village guy talking about the village 7.Learning about the 13 colonies 8.Baby shower for teacher 9.Umpalupa play in school 10.Waving baskets for my mom.

27: 5thGrade Memory What an amazement! I can remember lots of stuff from 5th grade. One is when Luke did April Fools. Once on April Fools Luke a classmate played a joke on Isabella by turning her desk around. Luke`s joke was so funny because Isabella looked so funny not able to open her desk. You should have been there. Have you ever seen an umpalumpa before? I have seen an umpalumpa in my school and it was funny because it was our own teachers. Umpalumpas are so hysterical because they modified the song. Another thing that I remember is when we did a baby shower for Mrs. Feuerbach because she had a baby. It was cool because we made a mix book. During the mix book I learned that my friend Nathan stole wallets in church. I have so many memories but these are all I can tell you. I will miss everything about 5th grade and my teachers I just can’t for my opportunities in 6th grade. | May 2011 | April fools!!!!!

28: Top Ten Things I Learned In 5th Grade 10.Reading book 9. Long division 8. Parts of speech 7. Angles 6. Experiments with plants 5. Ecosystems 4. Basketball 3. Sinking and floating 2. Fractions 1. Puberty | 2010

29: I must say, out of all of my 5th grade memories there are 5 that I remember most. I tell you what, if you were at the Sock Hop you would laugh your head off.It was funny because the jokes were histaricle. The dance moves were hilarious, and the dance- off was so funny I probably would of fallen apart and still be laughing. All of the boys were lined up doing the walk and snap. For once, Sean had to face his worst nightmare, JEANS! Another thing I remember is the time we had gym outside. We were playing Capture the Flag outside and Sean flipped over the dirt hill that used to be right next to the shed outside. Boy, was it funny! He was not hurt but he was laughing. I also remember the baby shower. It was funny seeing my classmates' baby pictures. But when the teacher walked in the look on her face told me she knew something about it.

30: 5th Grade Memory Wow! There are so many memories. I think my favorite is when Mr. Weber swallowed a bug. It all started when we had gym class outside. We started out with running two laps around the field. When we were done Mr. Weber started talking to us about what we were going to play for that day. Mr. Weber finished his apple but then he drank from his cup. There was a fly on the edge of his cup! He chewed and swallowed the bug along with his juice. He just kept on talking! I have so many fun memories. My fifth grade year is almost over. I can‘t wait till 6th grade! I wonder if my next gym teacher will do the same!

31: Top ten things I Learned By: Joellen Andrade 10. What exponents are in math class 9. The 6 pillars of character 8. Lion Pride 7. Parts of speech 6. Spelling words 5. Researching an explorer 4. Writing process 3. Lewis and Clark (what they did) 2. 13 colonies (their names & what they are) 1. How to play the flute | August 2010 | May 2011

32: My 5th Grade Memory By: Ike Branstad Wow, my favorite 5th grade memory is when we had the baby shower! It was fun! I made the invitations. My group was in charge of making the invitations. I worked on them at home. I made smiley faces at the bottom. I colored it pink and purple. It took 30 minutes to make. I typed "bring some money for a present" on the invitation. We decided on a pillow pet and some other stuff. We played games at the baby shower we ate cookies. We had a fun time. We got to see the baby. She was cute. The baby shower is something I will never forget. I had fun this year, it is almost over, but I’m happy! The end!

33: August 2010 | Top 10 Things I Learned By: Ike Branstad 10. How to abr. States. 9. I learned what the 13 colonies are. 8. I know the capitals. 7. I know my states. 6. How to use mixbook. 5. What my classmates looked like when they were a baby. 4. I learned about famous explorers. 3. Why things float and sink. 2. When we did exp. with plants. 1. When we learned about ecosystems. | 2011 May

34: 5th Grade Memories Wow! I’ve had so many memories, but I have to say my favorite thing was helping Weber with the kindergaärten. One of my favorite memories was APRIL FOOLS DAY. Luke and I were the only ones who didn’t get pranked. Another good memory was Chloe and Jordyn against Weber and I at basketball because it was so funny. P.S. We Won! Living History Farms was fun because I made a big joke about how QUIET we were and after I got to go to the Iowa State opening football game. I loved 50’s day because Luke and I were the Kings. This year I had my first neighbor as my teacher. I also had my first long term sub Mrs. Mueller. I had Mrs. Feuerbach for homeroom, reading, and language arts. I had Mr. Wiegman for math and science. Last but not least I had Mr. Peters for Excel. My worst memory was having my good friend Connor Burke move away but I made up for that with all my good ones. I will miss Weber! | Max McKenna # 22 | Go Lions | Ozzie Adams

35: Top 10 things I learned 10. American History 9. Proper Essay 8. Explorers 7. Ukulele 6. Entrepreneur 5. Be good at Spelling 4. Reading Music 3. Explorers 2.Why things float and sink 1. To play the Trumpet | MEEOW | Tarr

36: Chloe Mueller 2010-2011 5th grade | Top 10 List 10. American History 9. Learning parts of a flower 8. Harvesting plants 7. The writing process 6. Spelling words 5. Parts of speech 4. Monthly poems 3. Mixbook explorers 2. Welcome Payton books 1. Mrs. Feuerbach is nice

37: 5th Grade Memories There was so many memories in 5th grade. My favorite was my mom being my long term sub. Have you ever imagined having your mom as a teacher? Well, in 5th grade my mom, Patty Mueller, was my long term sub. It was amazing! It’s a little odd calling your teacher mom but we thought it would be more weird calling her Mrs. Mueller. I knew I wouldn’t get called on all the time so people didn’t think I was her favorite. (which I probably was) When she was a long term sub we had a baby shower. It was so much fun. There was an apple sauce eating contest, Baby memories, races and much more. All the posse groups. The posse groups had game, decorating, card making, and food and drink posses. It was all just for Payton and Mrs. Feuerbach So, what was your favorite 5th grade memory? I hope you all had a great year!

38: BY: MADDIE DAVIS Do you remember what 5th grade was like? Do you remember all the memories you had? My favorite memory was when Mr. Weber swallowed a bug. It all started on a regular gym day. We walked outside and then ran our two laps, like we normally do. This gym class we were playing football. I love playing football even though I don’t know what to do. During every gym class Mr. Weber explains the rules. Mr. Weber always has a kind of fruit and his gigantic coffee mug in his hand. While he was explaining the rules he took a bit of his apple. Then a fly landed on his coffee mug on the part that you drink out of. He went to take a drink and swallowed the fly. He coughed a little then went on talking. It was hysterical. Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! My 5th grade year is coming to an end. I will never forget Mr. Weber swallowing a fly. I hope 6th grade will be as much fun as 5th grade. THE END | August 2010 | May 2011

39: TOP 10 LIST OF THINGS I’VE LEARNED 10. Making Mrs. Feuerbach’s baby book 9. Learning parts of speech 8. Writing my essay 7. Learning long division 6. Learning spelling words 5. Learning states and capitals 4. Entrepreneur day 3. Ecosystems 2. Going to Living History Farms 1. Learning about explorers

40: Fifth Grade Memory Holy cow ! Out of all my fifth grade memories I can’t believe my favorite is making the baby shower Mix book! What a surprise! Do you have a favorite memory? Well , if you want to know why we made this Mix book it’s because Mrs. Feuerbach had a baby. The Mix book is one of the gifts we gave her. It was a lot of fun making the Mix book. We made this by thinking of a funny story from when we were a baby. In my story i talked about when I was little. I would run around flexing my muscles with a tough guy face . There were a lot of other funny stories. My favorite story was Nathan’s . He shared that he would go around stealing people’s wallets in church. When we had the baby shower, and gave Mrs. Feuerbach her presents she loved them. We gave her two presents one was the Mix book the other was a pillow pet. We all had a lot of fun. I don’t think I can ever forget the look on Mrs. Feuerbach’s face. You should think of your favorite memory. I have had a lot of fun telling you this. Good bye.

41: Top Ten Lists Of Things I’ve Learned 1. Explorer Mix book 2. Floating and sinking 3.Ukulele 4. Famous Iowa people 5.13colonies 6. Exp. W. plants 7.Fish 8. Authors purpose 9. All fifty states 10. Capitals | August 2010 | 5/11/11

42: 5th Grade Memory I’ve had so many memories in 5th Grade! My favorite though, is when I shared the pictures of my chickens. Sharing my pictures was my favorite because I got to show what chickens look like. People have asked me what they look like so I brought pictures of them. The best part about sharing my pictures was hearing people laughing at my Polish Chickens, which have afros. My chickens are a lot different then the average chicken. I finally got my own chicks that had big afros on their heads. They were so cool! A while back 103 of my dad’s 105 chickens died because they escaped. The ones that died were called Broilers they are the ugliest because they are plain white. | I'll never forget when I shared my chicken pictures. 5th Grade is almost over and I hope 6th Grade will bring even better memories.

43: Top 10 List By: Nathan Tofte 10. How to know if a sentence is declarative, interrogative, exclamtory, or imperative. 9.How to write a good paragraph. 8. What were the 13 colonies. 7. What an entrepenuer is. 6. How to play the ukuleles. 5. How to make a mixbook. 4.What makes something float or sink. 3.Who Gary Paulsen is and what he did. 2. Parts of a flower. 1. How to play the tuba. | August | May 2011 | Polish Chicken

44: 5 Grade Memories By Chris Hanson I have so many memories in 5th grade. My other favorite memories are golfing outside for P.E. and entrepreneur day but my favorite memory is getting to see Max’s dad’s race car with our buddies. When we were ready we grabbed our coats and went outside by the parking lot, we needed to wait for a while then they finally came out. We had to wait for a while for us to get settled and hold each other’s hands, so then we went on and there was a car waiting for us it took for a while for us to cross the road because it was a LARGE class. When we got there we got to see inside the race car and got to see inside the trailer and Max’s dad talked about the trailer and Max got to talk about the race car.

45: August 2010 | May 2011 | Top 10 List of Things I Learned to play the tuba to do high school math to write a story to make a chart for money about entrepenur day to send an email on our account | to play the ukulele in music to play the keyboard 3. 13 colonies to create mixbook 1. how to write an essay

46: Living History Farms | Mrs. Feuerbach's 5th Grade Crew | :)

47: :)

48: Living History Farms | :)

50: 2nd Grade Buddies

51: Garden Fun | 5th graders & 2nd graders

53: 2nd and 5th Grade Buddies.

54: Homecoming 2010 Go Lions

56: Teacher Day

58: Mrs. Crane Visits from NIACC to talk about Entrepenuers

59: NIACC | Entrepenuers

60: Entreprenuer For A Day NIACC | here we are avertizing for my grupes play -doh shirtes | here are the group products

62: Entreprenuer Day | Working as Entreprenuers!for a day

63: Naming our Business | Choosing and creating a product

64: HERE WE ARE HAVING OUR NORTH POLE MUSICAL AND IT WAS A BLAST. | What a blast it was to do a winter program.

65: Look at all the cool costumes!

66: North Pole Musical

67: This is our North Pole Musical! | we all had a great time at the program. The best thing was our costumes and our songs.

69: Sock Hop

70: Old Creamery Theater | in this photo the old creamery theater is doing a play on a girl who is trying save the foster home and does painting to raise money and a criminal steals a rich grouchy old ladies purse with hundreds of dollars in it.

71: Here the old creamery theater is telling a story about 2 secret under cover mice who have to get the special cheese and teach the evil doctor kitty about freindship | In this photo the old creamery theater is playing the 3 blind mice. | In this photo the old creamery theater is doing a play on a note pad who falls in love with a magazine and a recycling man comes and takes the magazine away and the note pad will do anything to get her back!!!


73: Max's Dad's Racecar | Charlie McKenna, Max's Dad brought his race car to share with the class. Max did an Excel presentation on NCAA Racing earlier in the year.

74: PBIS Assemblies | Mr. potato head | army man | woody | buzz light year


76: Science with Mr. Wiegmann

78: Band | BAND

79: Nathan announcing the song Olympic Spirit. | The trombones stood and did a feature in the song Slip and Slide.

80: The 8th grade presented I-movies on the Ammendments.

81: These are our 8th graders They created board games on the ammendments and then played their games with us. | The 8th graders were very nice to us.

82: Field Day!

84: Field Day Events | 1. Individual Sack Race 2. 2 Person Sack Race 3. Individual Hula Hoop 4. Individual Scooter Race 5. Partner Scooter Race 6. Individual Rope Jumping 7. Izzy Tizzy Relay 8. Individual BB Dribble Race 9. Ind. 50 Yard Dash 10. Balloon Pop Relay 11. Egg/Spoon Relay 12. Chocolate Pudding 13. Tug of War 14. Shuttle Relay 15. Sponge Relay with Buddy Class

86: sock hop | fifth grade band | tug of war | LIVING HISTORY FARMS | CLASS PICTURES

87: Go Niacc! | clear creek | program | First Day

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