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Eli "Bear Behind": Meet Great-Grandpaw Droopy Drawers

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S: Eli "Bear Behind": Meet Great-Grandpaw Droopy Drawers (The Teddy Years)

BC: Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure: Grandpaw Droopy Drawers and the Honey -Berry Jam | WHAT A NUT! | www.elibearbehind.com

FC: Eli "Bear Behind" | Meet Great-Grandpaw Droopy Drawers!. (The Teddy Years) | by Hal Price

1: In a sleepy town called Bear Ridge Not far from Tennessee Where hills roll into mountains Far as the eye can see. There was a lovely Mama Bear Whose record there still stands For having 9 bear cubs at once (It tripled her demands) But Bear Memorial Hospital Whose Infant Wing was great Just couldn't hold these 9 bear cubs They had just room for EIGHT! So Mama Bear sent her 9th cub To another infant wing And in her haste to get back home She did the darndest thing!

2: She left poor Eli in his crib It must have slipped her mind, And once at home she realized She'd left Eli BEHIND! She hurried back to get him For three days he'd been there, But Eli left to find his Mom A sad, determined bear! He snuck out before day-break Without a map or plan He only took his FUZZY HAT And some Honey-Berry Jam So this is where our journey starts A young bear all alone With a Mother who just writes & prays To guide her young son home!

3: Dear Eli, I am so sorry that I left you at the baby hospital. I had a lot on my mind that day with 9 cubs.!Please forgive me. By the time I got back to pick you up, you had escaped out the window. We looked for you for hours and I will start looking again in the morning, but while it is dark, I will pray that you find your way back home and I will write you each night. I want to tell you how special you are and all about your loving family and our history. Here is the story about your Great-Grandpaw "Droopy Drawers" and his magical hat that I left for you in your hospital nursery crib. I love you, MOM!

4: I'll start with your Great-Grandpaw They called him “"Droopy Drawers"” He once was stung 6,000 times In the Great Bee-Bumbled” Wars! Your Great-Grandpaw's a hero here His story's known through town His legend grows by word of mouth So I thought I'd write it down.

5: Droop's oldest child . was Mildred, Born back in '38. She was my mom . and just like me she thought her Paw was GREAT!! Now I was born in Bear Ridge In Nineteen Seventy-Three Mom named me Ruth, and I have proof She had me naturally! Eli, you're my 9th bear cub Born January 12th I put Old Droopy's fuzzy hat Inside your crib MYSELF... He wanted you to have it Because you're my last born. I'll tell you all about it now And why it should be worn! | Great-Grandpaw | Mildred his daughter | Me, your Mom | You, Eli

6: Dear Eli there’s so much to share About your family Let’s start with GrandPaw "Droopey Drawers” And his rich history Now Droopy was my mother’s Dad A bear of simple needs Raised down in Mississippi In a town the folks called Smedes He always wore big overalls He found near Yazoo City A railroad worker left them there And they didn’t fit real pretty! His overalls had just one strap And it was rather loose And every time Droop tried to run He showed off his caboose! | Yazoo City Raillway

7: His friends all made fun of his jeans They fell when he did chores And one day Emma “Big Claws” Called him Hot Lips “Droopy Drawers”! So many kids get nicknames Some fun and some that hurt But Droopy liked his special name ‘Cause Emma was a flirt! And Droopy Drawers set off one day To hunt for food to eat But this November while he searched He got in trouble deep | Hey Droopy Drawers! I think you are cute! Emma (Do you like me?)

8: While munching on some berries (A mix of black and blue) He heard some hounds from all around The year? 1902 Old Droopy dropped his berries there And soon began to run He saw some hunters coming near And each one had a gun! The hounds all chased him though the woods He ran like melted cheese But it was hard to run real far With pants down past his knees! The hounds chased him for hours He ran from day till night They cornered him and he played dead He had no strength to fight

9: The hunters hit the young scared cub And tied him to a tree They told him he should rest a while And wait for company What Droopy didn’t know that day He was to be the prize For a hunting U.S. President Who was almost twice Droop’s size! As Droop prepared himself to fall He said a great bear prayer That his life would be saved that day By a hunter who might care And as the hunters came toward Droop He lowered his head down And prayed beneath that great big tree That held him tight and bound

10: Then a man they all called Teddy said, “I just can’t shoot this bear!” “He doesn’t have a sporting chance, And I don’t think that’s fair!” He reached for poor old Droopy then And offered him his cup And then he smiled and told his friends “Men pull his britches up!” And Teddy asked the frightened bear What is this name of yours? And Droopy smiled and hugged the man And told him, “Droopy Drawers!” I love that nickname Droopy! They call me “Rough and Ready”! And some folks call me President, But you can call me Teddy!

11: Then Teddy’s friends were ordered To release him from that tree And stories grew about how Teddy Set this young bear free! See, Droopy’s life was spared that day By a man whose heart he’d felt And Droopy heard the men all call him "Teddy" Roosevelt And in our nation’s capital The Press was made aware Of a President’s compassion For the one called “Teddy’s Bear!” And from a cartoon drawn one day In print for all to see The “Teddy Bear” was given life To keep kids company!

12: Now Eli is it only fair I think you need to know That all bears understand this rule We all reap what we sow. And just as fate would have it The man who spared Droop’s life Had his life spared because he cared One Mississippi night From that fateful cold November day In Nineteen Hundred Two Ten years went by when some man tried To shoot at Teddy too! One cold night in Milwaukee Where Roosevelt would speak A man jumped out to shoot Droop’s friend And history here repeats. | See and Listen to Teddy Roosevelt here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYn5FJnvrZk

13: You see old Teddy’s caring heart Was ‘bout to meet its match When fate stepped in to save him One bullet lodged, but scratched. His heart God had protected Because the speech he wrote Was long and four-times folded And placed within his coat! The bullet aimed to kill him Had been slowed down you see By his own words to share with all This speech WAS history! And Grandpaw Droopy sent a note To his hunter friend named Teddy To remind him that his nickname made him Oh so “Rough and Ready”! | October 16, 1912 Dear Mr. President, It has been too long! I was happy to hear that you were tougher than that bullet! I wanted to thank you again for

14: And in return for his kind note Ted sent Grandpaw a gift It was a very special hat Designed to make folks SHIFT The hat he wore with Fuzzy ears Just made him smile inside He wore it in the Badlands Back in 1885! So now you know the history Of Droopy’s early years And all about this magic hat With Fuzzy, Floppy Ears.

15: Your Grandpaw made me promise So many years ago That my last son would have this hat I needed you to know This hat that I left in your crib The day we separated Has magic powers (just like you) But must be activated This magic is not hard to use But you must do your part It starts when you have loving thoughts And hold them in your heart Our hearts create our miracles My son, you must believe Both Ted & Droop each followed theirs So now let your heart lead. | Always follow your HEART

16: Help Eli Color Teddy and his Great-Grandpaw Droopy Drawers

18: Share some Positive Thoughts that Eli's Heart Needs to Remember while he begins his journey home: | What can Eli's Mom do to make him feel better while he is trying to find her?

19: She came to get him but he was gone! | So with only his Great-Grandpaw's Magical Fuzzy Hat and a jar of Honey-Berry Jam, Eli set out on his own to find his way back Home... ( stay tuned ) | Could this hat lead Eli HOME? | www.elibearbehind.com www.facebook.com/elibearbehind www.twitter.com/elibearbehind www.youtube.com/elibearbehind www.elibearbehind.tumblr.com | Follow Eli's Journey on: | I am always with you | Young Droopy

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  • Title: Eli "Bear Behind": Meet Great-Grandpaw Droopy Drawers
  • A lost young bear, Eli "Bear Behind", learns about his Great-Grandfather's encounter with former President Teddy Roosevelt in the woods of Mississippi and gets a "hand-me-down" magic hat from his Great-Grandfather given to him by the President.
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