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Eli Houser*

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FC: My Life | By: Eli Houser

2: My name Eli is a Hebrew judge and priest. My name is not the first in the family. There have been many more than me. My name is in the family history back very far. I come from corn that we grow. I come from deer whose eyes I can see at night. | Preface

3: I was turning one when this picture was taken. This picture was taken at my Grandma Mary's house. My Mom had brought a huge cake that was based on the Winnie the Pooh TV show. I loved to watch the show along with Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train. These are the only shows that I watched when I was growing up. Looking back at this is fun because I did not even know about this picture. At this time in my life we still lived near the Ball State campus. The reason we lived here is because my Mom worked on campus. We moved off campus a year or two after. Every day I went to my grandma's house and stayed there until my Mom came and picked me up. | My First Birthday

4: This picture was taken in 2001. I was only 2 at the time. I was with my Grandpa Jerry in this picture. This is a special picture because it is one of the few photos I have with him. In this picture I was outside at my grandpa's friend’s house. Every year she decorated a stone flower box that held a flag pole. Any time you drove by her house, you would see it. She was excellent at decorating the flower box. She and my grandpa had been friends for a for a long time. She had lots of cows. Some times when we had some corn left over we would take it to her cows. She always grew pumpkins and had cherry trees near by her house. | Decorating with Grandpa

5: I was 3 years old in this picture. When I was young I loved to play with farm toys. I had every toy from trucks to loaders. I had so many toys that I did not know what to do with them. As you can see I had lots of toys, but I had one place I liked to put them-- my barns. My barns were big and cool. One was red and one was wooden. I kept my barns in my playroom. This room was right next to our living room. When I got home from grandma's house or daycare, I always would go straight to the playroom. The room was close to a window, and in the winter months it got cold. We also have a piano in the play room. Any time grandma came over she would play some music on the piano. She played at a church in a town near by. | Barn Days

6: gThis picture was taken when I was 4. The picture was taken at my cousin’s house. We were holding our sisters in our laps. Their house is in Tennessee near Jamestown. It is so much fun when we go to Tennessee to see them. Every year we go there for the fourth of July. We always stop at an old fireworks shop. It smelled like thick smoke. Another thing we would do there is pull out their inflatable pool and swim in it. Whenever we go there on the last day we eat steak and mash potatoes. They always make mac and cheese that is so good. Also we would go to a diner in town that made the best breakfast. It was so fun when we got to go there. | Days at Damon's

7: This picture was taken on the first day of school. This was an exciting day in my life because after school I would get to go to daycare. I always had fun at my daycare. My best friend Garrison and I would play together all the time. We would play with trucks, planes, trains or boats. On the first day of school you are nervous and excited for the day. On the first day of school we learned about where the bathroom is or where the nurse’s office is. The best memory was when we got to play on the play ground for the first time. I had been there before but with my Mom. Our teacher was very nice. When she spoke to us as a group she always said ”friends”. All the kids in our class were very nice. Since there were two classes we did not formally meet everyone until 1st grade. It was a fun first day. | First Day of School

8: This photo was taken at our house at my sister's birthday. She was turning two years old. I was six in this picture. The picture was taken right before she blew out the candles. She did not know how to blow out candles. In the picture I was telling her. It snowing hard in the picture. I had been outside with my dad and it was very cold. The night before there was a snowstorm. It was that morning when I saw the snow and I wanted to play in it. The cake had a wonderful aroma that filled the air. The Dora cake was purple, pink, and white. The cake tasted so good. I thought I could eat the whole thing. | Sister's Birthday

9: In this picture I was 7 years old. I was at my cousin’s house. We were there for the fall break. In this picture I was standing with my cousin Damon. He lives in Tennessee. We went there for the fall break. We stopped at the same fireworks store on the way to his house. We got some fireworks and headed for their house. When we got there they were not home. They were at Walmart getting food for the week. Later we also went to Walmart and my Dad bought us matching Tennessee shirts. When they got home we road our bikes. We road them to a cliff were you can look over a valley. It is the coolest view. Then we would go to this good diner in town. | Another Tennessee Trip

10: This picture was taken outside my house. I was 8 years old in this picture. In the picture is my sister, my cat and me. In this picture my sister was 4 years old. This picture was taken on a summer afternoon. My cat was a stray that came to our house one night. We started feeding him and that's when he stayed here. One day he brought home a small furry cat who we later adopted. We named her Missy. We named the cat in this picture Charcoal because he looked like grayish coal. He was the friendliest cat I had ever met. He will always be my favorite cat. | The Cool Cat

11: This picture was taken on a hot summer day. I was 9 years old in this picture. My cousins were over to spend the night. One cousin's name is Justin. The other cousin's name is Jessica. The picture was taken at our pond in the afternoon. My cousin Justin always brought his DS so we could play games. That night before we went to bed we played games. We always watched a movie before we went to bed too. We had a good time no matter what. When we took them home the next morning we stopped by the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon is a good breakfast place to eat. Whenever I ate there I ate bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast. It was always good. | Cement Pond

12: I was 10 in this picture.This picture was taken in my house. We had just gotten home from getting our new puppy. We went to Indianapolis to pick one out. When we got her she was very small. She slept all the way home. When we got home she went to sleep. While she slept we got a baby name book out and tried to find her a name. We came up with Gracie. During that summer she got in the pool and swam a lot. She plays fetch and retrieves the ball. Now she is a really big dog. She still loves to swim and fetch. She chases after deer and tries to get birds. But, she is still our puppy. | New Dog

13: This picture was taken in February. This is my 11th birthday. It was dark in this picture but it was cold outside like always in February. I was at Cheeseburger in Paradise to celebrate. Turning 11 is fun because you get to do more things. You get to move up a grade next year and you get lockers. You also get chores like mowing the lawn or driving around the farm and helping. You get responsibilities like walking the dog or helping with stuff. The best thing about birthdays is the food and the family. The cake and ice cream are great. It is also good to see other family members who come to see you. It’s all just a lot of fun. | 11th Birthday

14: In this picture I was 12. This picture was taken at church. In the picture are all my cousins that are boys. We were at the church because of my grandpa’s death. It was a day of mourning for us all. But it was a good way to see people that we have not seen in a while. We are all ages, from 15 to 8. We all have different hobbies like swimming, soccer, gaming and basketball. We all live in different places from Indiana to Ohio to Tennessee. We all come from different backgrounds, but we are one family. All of us own a game system, PS3 or X-Box. We all enjoy playing a team death match or free for all on our games. We all like the outdoors though. We go and run around with airsoft guns until the weakest one is crying. We also drive the Ranger around the farm at 20 mph while the weakest one is saying “slow down” or “stop”. It is just the best time with my cousins. | Cousins

15: This picture was taken outside my house. I was getting ready to go on a walk with my Mom and sister. We were going to walk a mile to a curve. We had taken a walk earlier in the day. Also I was not happy in this picture. My Mom and me like to walk on the weekends for the fun of it. We also like to swim and run at the YMCA. We like to go to the Y to play basketball too. We don’t go much but when we do we stay there for a while. In the picture I am 13 years old. The picture was taken a few days after my birthday. I was wearing my new shoes to run in. They are very comfortable to wear. | 13

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