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Elizabethan England

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S: Eileen Molloy

FC: Elizabethan England

1: Elizabethan England

2: Geography | Geography

3: England was 50,334 square miles big. The northern area was covered in mountains, while the southern area was mostly covered in hills and plains. | England was 50,334 square miles big. The northern area was covered in mountains, while the southern area was mostly covered in hills and plains.

4: To people living in the Elizabethan Era in England strange things happened to them. The majority of the times, there seemed to be no logical answer, so someone needed to be blamed. The people living during this era targeted old, poor, and unprotected woman to blame. They accused the woman of being witches. The people were also very superstitious and believed in both good and bad luck.

5: Religion

6: Achievements

7: Some achievements that took place during this Elizabethan Era in England are: Medicine Art & Theater Sports Science Music Literature

8: Politics | The government during this time period was a monarchy. The head of this monarchy was Queen Elizabeth. There was also serve punishment for crimes

10: Economy | The food that a person ate living in this era depended on their social class and where they lived | Trade was important and the most important items were wool and tobacco. | For example, people higher up in society would eat meat. This was an uncommon occurrence for people of the lower class.

12: Society | If you were living in the Elizabethan England Era, your social class will heavily impact you daily life routine. | Like most societies, men were higher in social class and power than women. | Parents taught kids life lessons and how to live from the Bible

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16: William Shakespeare | He was born April 23, 1564. He was the third child out of eight kids. | For the majority of his life he lived in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He left England to pursue his long dream of becoming an actor/play-writer.

17: He attended school from the age of seven to the age of fourteen like most kids of his time. | For the most part, his family was his main priority. Although he did leave to pursue his dream, he still cared for them and supported them.

18: William Shakespeare is famous for many things. Perhaps the three most famous things he is famous for are being an actor, a play-writer, and a poet. | All in all, William Shakespeare wrote a total of thirty seven plays! Aside from plays, he also wrote poetry. A couple of his works were inspired by other writer's work.

19: He wrote a wide ranging genres of plays. Some of the plays he wrote were historical plays, comedy, and even tragedy. | He wasn't as famous during his life as much as how famous he was when he died. He had to sacrifice a lot to become an actor and a play- He also has to work really hard, just like everyone else.

20: http://www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk/images/soamapm.jpg http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01362/shakespeare_1362495c.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_OJsWo9ijhWY/S7N29_4HG9I/AAAAAAAAAIM/6O2ZXLFeKVo/s1600/Hamlet.jpg | More work cited

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