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Elizabethan England

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FC: Elizabethan England

1: Index | Geography - pgs. 2-3 Religion- pgs. 4-5 Achievements - pgs. 6-7 Politics - pgs. 8-9 Economy - pgs. 10-11 Society - pgs. 12-13

2: Geography | Elizabethan England was in England, Europe during 1558-1603. England has a mild climate, and is an island. The Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel surround the island. The island itself is fertile, has some mountains, many rivers including the River Thames and River Severn, and bays that include the Carbis Bay.

3: Geography | This is a physical map of England. | This is a picture of the English coastline.

4: Religion | The major religion practiced in Elizabethan England was Roman Catholicism. Also, the people believed in witches and witchcraft. People went on witch hunts to expose the witches, then tried them in special witch trials to convict them. A person was usually killed after conviction. The people also believed in charms, and superstitions. The phrase "God bless you" was created in this time period because when you sneezed, the people believed that you were infected by a bad spirit.

5: Religion | This is a cross, the major symbol of Roman Catholicism. | Witch trials like these were held in Elizabethan England.

6: Achievements | Elizabethan England had many achievements during its existence. Firstly, William Gilbert published his seminal study of magnetism, De Magnete, in 1600. Secondly, Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe between 1577 and 1581. Thirdly, William Shakespeare wrote all of his works during this era. He wrote 38 plays, including Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, and 154 sonnets. He often wrote themes not talked about during his time. The Elizabethan era was considered one of the most influential writing periods.

7: Achievements | This is a picture of Sir Francis Drake. | This is a copy of Romeo and Juliet.

8: Politics | In the Elizabethan era, England was ruled by a monarch. This monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, had supreme power. She was very religious, and demanded that religion play a part in life. She created laws that forced people to got to church every Sunday, and prohibited holy events to be portrayed in plays. She also made it law that people be tortured if they commit crimes. Queen Elizabeth I was the political leader during the Elizabethan era and kept her country in line.

9: Politics | This is Queen Elizabeth I. | This is a picture of a gavel, symbolizing harsh laws.

10: Economy | The Elizabethan economy was simple. Most people were farmers that produced food for the country. The most important commodity in the English economy was woolen cloth, which was a valuable item to trade. Most trading was from London to Antwerp, which is located in the Netherlands. Miniature portraits also became popular in this era in the middle and upper classes because of the efforts of Nicholas Hilliard. Tobacco also was a major product because it was used in Elizabeth's court. It was popularized by sea knights and explorers like Sir Francis Drake. Lastly, England got some money from the raids on enemy ships. Whatever those ships carried was eventually sold for money.

11: Economy | This is a miniature portrait. | This is a sheep, which produces wool.

12: Society | The society of Elizabethan England was like most societies of the day. The most common occupation in Elizabethan England was farming, but there were also bakers, basket-makers, blacksmiths, and carpenters, and lawyers. There were 5 major class distinctions, monarch, nobility, gentry, merchants, and laborers. The upper and middle classes had little respect for the lower classes. Only those who could afford it went to school, so lower classes were generally uneducated. The way Elizabethan England modeled their society shaped many others to come.

13: Society | Farming was the most popular occupation in Elizabethan England. | Education was mostly obtained by the upper classes.

14: Shakespeare | William Shakespeare was the most famous playwright from the Elizabethan era. He was baptized on 26 April 1564 as the third child of eight to John and Mary Shakespeare. He attended petty and grammar schools, getting a full education (because of his wealth). At 18 he married Anne Hathaway. Their marriage was full of rumors because Anne was pregnant before she was married, which was terrible at the time. They had 3 kids, Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith. After Hamnet and Judith were born, Shakespeare part of a acting group called The Queen's Men. They were a propaganda acting group made to make the queen look good. (continued on next page)

15: Shakespeare | Shakespeare worked with The Queen's Men until he reached London, where he settled down and began writing. There, he formed an acting group called Lord Chamberlain's Men, which acted out his plays. The name was changed to the King's Men when James I became king. In 1599, the Globe theater was built. (continued on next page) | This is a cutout diagram of the original globe theater.

16: Shakespeare | The Globe theater was built for Lord Chamberlain's men to act. It was owned by Shakespeare and other shareholders of Lord Chamberlain's men. The acting group preformed there all of those years but two, when all theaters were closed because of the black plague.The King's Men stopped preforming in the Globe in 1613, when the theater burned down. Shakespeare went on to write 40 plays and 154 sonnets in his lifetime. He died on 23 April 1616 at age 52. His will was very controversial because he left most his possessions to people outside the family, and only left is wife his second bed. (continued on next page)

17: Shakespeare | After his death was when Shakespeare became famous. He was recognized during his life, but long after he was dead was when his work was appreciated. Starting in the 20th century, his work was discovered by many people and was adopted by scholars. His plays and sonnets are still studied today. | This is a portrait of William Shakespeare.

18: Shakespeare | This is a picture of Shakespeare's first folio, printed in 1623.

19: Shakespeare | This is the house that Shakespeare lived in in Stratford-upon-Avon, and where he supposedly was born.

20: Persona | Name: Benito Saviano Age: 30 Occupation: Tax Collector Relationship: I support the Montagues because Lord Montague gives me a nice tip when I "cut" his taxes. | This is a picture of me.

21: Persona | Buon giorno, my name is Benito Saviano and I am 30 years old. I am the tax collector for the city of Verona, Veneto, Italy. I usually go to see people who need to pay their taxes to retrieve them. I will relentlessly pursue those people until they pay their owed amount in full. I am of high economic status. I am 5'11", 175 pounds, have brown hair and brown eyes. I am greedy, confident and assertive. I also am explosive and impatient. I physically am strong, handsome, and tall. I have a deep voice and talk with my hands (like most Italians). I wear suits that are in dark colors, the standard for my occupation. I have a beautiful wife and a 7 year old son. I usually have bread, beans, soups, and pasta with some meat. I got a full education.

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