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Elizabethan England

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FC: Elizabethan England and Shakespeare | Matt Baker

1: Geography | Elizabethan England was located in England which is in Europe. It is an island that is bordered by the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. It took place from the years of 1558-1603 under the reign of Elizabeth 1. England was one of the small regions not under the rule of the Roman Empire. The land was fertile due to the amount of usable water, contains some mountains and has a mild climate with a mix of freezing and warm temperatures during the course of the year.

2: Geography | Mountains in England, and a elevation map.

3: Religion | During this time period, daily life involved religion in a large scale. The people during this time were Roman Catholic or Protestant, and observed in churches. They also had a strong belief in luck, superstitions and witchcraft. The people of England would go on witch hunts and hold witch trials if they found a person. Some common superstitions of people were saying "bless you" when someone sneezes so the devil wouldn't enter the body and wearing good luck charms.

4: Religion | a witch hunt in England | Elizabethan Era church

5: Achievements | During this time, Shakespeare was probably the most influential person and provided many achievements such as writing plays and sonnets and writing about rarely expressed themes and concepts. Also during the time period, astronomy was flourishing along with the skills of navigation. Leisure activities like sports, card games, fairs, feasts and other events were taking place. Shakespeare has been one of the most influential writers ever and can be thought of the greatest achievement of the time.

6: Achievements

7: Politics | During this time period, religion played a large part in politics. Church was mandatory of one hour for everyone by Queen Elizabeth. The laws were strict and came with brutal punishments if any laws were broken.One of the rules stated that no religious activities are allowed to be performed on stage. The government promoted trade which is able to lead to a prosperous economy.

8: Politics | Elizabethan coins.

9: Economy | The economy during the Elizabethan era was very much reliant of trade and agriculture. The main products of trade that were exchanged consisted of wool and miniature portraits. Both money and bartering were involved in trade, sometimes taking place in markets. The main points of trade were London and Antwerp.

10: Economy | a miniature portrait.

11: Society | During the Elizabethan Era, there were strict divisions of social classes. Monarchs were the highest, followed by nobility then gentry, merchants and lastly laborers. These classes were very defined and each class was associated with certain people and jobs. Education is one of the main things that can define position, if you are intelligent chances are you will be higher in the class system. Also, family is a key element of life and society during the Elizabethan Era.

12: Society | Family is greatly important in Elizabethan England. | Education was highly valued by society.

13: Shakespeare | William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. For most of his childhood and early years Shakespeare lived in Stratford upon Avon. He was the third child, but only the first to survive. His parents were John and Mary, and William attended school for an unknown amount of time. He later married Anne Hathaway and had three kids. The children were Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judeth. Many rumors are put with his marriage, that Anne was pregnant before they were actually married.

14: Shakespeare was most well known as an actor, a playwright, and a poet. He write a total of 37 plays, but some say they have found three additional plays. Other than plays, Shakespeare was talented at writing sonnets and poems. William Shakespeare's career took off when he moved to London in 1592. Shakespeare had an acting company named The Lord Chamberlains Men, that later changed the name to The Kings Men. Shakespeare wrote many plays in the genres of comedy, tragedy and history.

15: Shakespeare opened the Globe Theatre as the co-owner with Giles Allen. The Globe was built just outside the lines of London because it was prohibited to have a theatre inside the city limits. Being right outside the city allowed people to be in walking distance to the theatre, but not breaking any laws. The Globe was three levels with an open amphitheatre and an inner and outer stage. The theatre suffered a tragedy when a fire struck, and then the theatre was shut down for two years due to the black plague. Part of Shakespeare's success was that Queen Elizabeth was interested in the arts and made it not only for the rich.

16: During the time of Shakespeare, he spoke and wrote in early modern English. The average person didn't actually speak the way Shakespeare wrote because he rhymed words often and was very poetic in his works. It was very common for the letter "v" to be substituted for with an apostrophe. Such words are o'er means over and ne'er means never.

17: The Globe Theatre.

18: Persona | Hello there people, my name is Nico Baker and I am 23 years of age and am a money maker. I am on the side of the Montague family because I do business with me, and has been happening more and more often as time goes on. | A picture of myself.

19: Persona | Currently I am a sly money maker who tends to "steal" so of the extra money that I am make that are outside of the price for taxes and necessities for my family. Each day I go to my shop and spend the whole day molding and making my coins. At the end of the day I take some of the coins that didn't come out perfect or extras that I made over the course of the day. I am in the upper class due to these sly behaviors and I am 6'1" 170 lbs. I have brown eyes with light brown hair and am calm, confident and overall a happy person. I have been told that I am handsome to go along with being tall and skinny. I speak with a deep silky smooth voice that lets a lot of emotion through during conversations. I wear normal clothes, nothing fancy, usually consisting of darker colors. In my family is my wife and my two kids, both sons. My home is a good size with a bedroom for my wife and I, and then one for my two sons. We eat with privilege being able to afford and get meat products, and almost anything that is available in the markets.

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