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Encyclopedia of Ms Tara's Life at ISB

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Encyclopedia of Ms Tara's Life at ISB - Page Text Content

S: An Encyclopedia of Ms Tara's life at ISB

BC: to be continued...

FC: An Encyclopedia of Ms Tara's Life at ISB | Written by the students & teachers of the Elementary School

1: Reader's Agreement You agree to grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy spot and savor this book that has been created just for you. You agree that your students and fellow teachers are filled with love, admiration, and gratitude for what you have given them these past four years. You agree that it will be sad not having a Starbucks a few steps from school. You agree that sometimes the universe knows what it's doing and arranges things so a girl from Chicago can meet a special human in Bangkok just as she's about to move onto a new life chapter. You agree that you have made a powerful, lasting, rockin' impression on the ISB community. __ I, Tara Ethridge, agree to these terms. xo amy k.r.

2: word | Mrs. Tara you are an AWESOME librarian. You spread your excitement about books and learning to all of us. We love the stories you read and the fun activities you do with us. | word | Awesome | A | Grade 1 Ms Souza

3: Books | Mrs. Tara you are all about books. You love books and we love book too. You share books and we share books too. You take care of books and we take care of books too. You give books to us and we give books to you. You make books for us and we make books for you. You bring books to us and the authors too. We like celebrating books with you. | B | PreK Ms Jennifer

4: C | Cool | Mrs. Tara you are so cool! We love the cool celebrations you do about books and authors. We love the crazy cool stories you tell us. For example, the time you bought yourself a cat as a Christmas present. And we love how you make us laugh and love reading. The next school is lucky to have a cool, considerate, crazy character like you as their librarian. | Grade 2 | Mr Dobrowski

6: D

7: Diary Entry | Dear Diary, We are devastated that Ms. Tara is leaving. She has taught us so many delightful things like Destiny Quest, DoGo News, and Draw a Stickman. She also has shown us neat things like Storybird, Tumblebooks and PebbleGo. Every time we go into the library, we know she will have a different book or surprise to tell us all about! She is the dearest, most delightful, most darling librarian ever. We will miss her! | Ms. Tara you helped us to dream about being able to eat candy all the time like Little Pea’s family; stay up late like Little Hoot’s family; and being messy like Little Oink’s family. For being our Dream in the Hub we are blowing you kisses to take with you so that you can plant the seeds of new dreams wherever you go. | Dream | Grade 3 Mrs Scranton | Kinders Mrs Brickerd

8: Endless | Enchanting Ms. Ethridge, Even though you are Ending your time here at ISB, your Endless Enthusiasm here will last an eternity. Thanks to your Expert knowledge in books and Skypes, we have become Ensnared in books and authors. We will always remember you as an Excellent Elementary librarian who has an Endless fire burning in you. Electricity crackles in your Endless Energy when you help us find Exciting books. You Encourage both students and teachers (Andree - boot camp). You were always Eager and on Edge to help others find amazing E books. To Each End, there is a new beginning. Eternally yours, | Grade 4 Ms Andree | E

9: Epic! | Epic librarian, Ms. Tara! Enjoys explaining books so elegantly. Excellent at energizing kids to read. Extremely easy-going. Excited for every trip to the library. | Grade 2 Mrs Arnold

10: Fabulous stories that you read to us like the Sandwich Swap. Favorite books like Duck Rabbit. Funny books that we check out of the Hub like Piggy and Gerald by Mo Wilems. | Fabulous | Fun-nomenal | Fun-o-menal Ms. Tara is the friendliest librarian of them all! Ms. Tara is a fabulous fiction and fantasy finder who recommends our favorite books. She makes our time in the Hub fun-filled. Futuristic Ms. Tara helps us use technology. Fantastic, funny and flexible, Ms. Tara is unfortunately leaving us to fly to Saudi Arabia. | Grade 1 Mrs Chin | Grade 4 Ms Terry | F

12: Genie | G | Ms. Tara, you are a genie with magical librarian genie powers. You are a genie because you are there whenever we need you. You are a genie because when we want a book, you find it in a snap and grant us our wish! You are a genie because you can fly inside books and take us on adventures. You are genie-rific! You are a great, gorgeous, graceful librarian genie that grants girls and boys their book wishes. Do you come in a lamp? A bottle? Or a book? Our final wish is that you have a good flight to Saudi Arabia (on your magic librarian carpet!) | Grade 3 Mrs Bentley

13: Genuine Genius | Grade 1 Ms Fitzy | Miss Tara - You are a genuine genius! You know ALL the best books, like Katie and the Kittens - Iris and Walter - Mercy- and Little Pink Pup. If we are looking for a book you know just where to find it. We will miss your gentle ways because you talk softly and never yell at us. You always let us on the computers. There will be a giant hole in our hearts when you go. We will miss you Ms. Tara! You are a book Goddess! With love and gratitude...

14: We love to HEAR stories told and read by you. You bring books to life for us. You inspire us to be readers because you love to read. We HEAR you are leaving us but we won’t forget you! We will miss you and think about you every time we pick up a Todd Parr or Amy Krouse Rosenthal book. | Kinder Ms Mac | Grade 4 Mrs Macky | We loved seeing you at the HUB everyday, Helping us find books in every place. You are leaving us now, The HUB will be empty without you around. We hope to see you, Goodbye and boo-hoo. We will miss you, and we hope you miss us too. | Hear | Hub

15: H

16: You are the MOST incredible librarian we have EVER had! You have read us fabulous, fantastic, interesting books! The incredible skype calls with amazing authors were spectacular! You have shown us interesting books that make us want to re-read the books over and over. You have taught us to LOVE reading. | Incredible | Grade 2 Ms Chirignan | I

19: Your word is Jaunty. It could have been, Joker, because you are funny, but it is not. It could have been Jannock, because you are honest and outspoken, but it is not. It could have been Jocoserious, because you combine humor and a serious side in the Hub, but it is not. It could have been Juvenescence, because you help us stay young at heart when we read, but it is not. Your word is Jaunty, because you are always lively, cheerful and self-confident, and we will miss you next year. | Jaunty | Grade 5 Mr Armitage | J

20: K | Grade 5 Ms Fleming | Kaleidoscope

21: You are all the colors of a kaleidoscope. You are always changing your patterns - from your clothes, to your ideas, to your creations! A kaleidoscope helps us to observe beauty in the world, just like you have led us to notice the simple details and joys of reading, learning and living. You help us to zoom to the heart of of it all, to the most beautiful parts of of life and to the most important parts of books. Every time we walk into the library your colors and bright light trap us and we don’t ever want to leave. The library has become a reflection of your energy, your spirit and your love of ISB - a true kaleidoscope of learning and being together. Nothing and no one will replace your ever changing patterns.

22: Kind | Miss Tara is kind because... You let us take a lot of books and you let us read anything! You let us choose our own books that we want to read! If we can’t find a book that we want you help us find a book we want to read! You let us get a book any time we want! You sometimes let us go on the computers in the library! You let us look in chapter books! You let my grandma and grandpa (old people) come to the library too and you talk nicely to them and welcome them into the library! You read to us! You let us Skype with Todd Parr! You asked Amy Krouse Rosenthal to come to ISB so we could meet her and show us pictures! | Kinder Ms Nagamine

23: Write word here

24: Love | We know you LOVE books! You read books to us all the time. We feel wild about books. We love them. We love you, Sojo and Dale, too. We hope you have a good time in Saudi Arabia, and we hope you love it there, too! | L | PreK Ms Elysa

25: Dear Ms. Tara We will really miss: - your lively laughter - your loveable librarian skills - your longing for books We will be lonely without you In our opinion, you are: - lovely - lucky - loveable - lively - luxurious Good luck at your new school! They will love you! | Lively Laughter | Grade 4 Mr Jessee

26: Ms. Tara, you are a good mom of Sojo because you go to school to work and make money for Sojo. You take Sojo to Central. You also celebrated Songkran and Chinese New Year with Sojo in Pre-K. You work at the library and teach us and Sojo about books and authors. You take Sojo back from school and to her friends’ houses. You clean dishes and make cupcakes for Sojo. We will miss you. | F I R S T I L O V E Y O U | M | Mom | PreK Ms Patty

27: Ms. Tara you are a NICE Librarian because ....... You help us find books You read with emotion You recommend books to us You read all your favorite books to us You give us the books you read to us You show us awesome websites on the computer We will miss you and "Oh sweet first graders". | SAN DIEGO, CA | N | Nice | Grade 1 Mrs Hardman

28: Grade 3 Ms Chesebro | O | OH, Ms. Tara, the OWNER of the library. You are ORGANIZED and ON-TOP of everything, making sure we read, check-out fun and just-right books, stay quiet, and are safe on the internet. You ORDER books we will love, like Pete the Cat, Little Pink Pup, and soccer books. Your personality is ORIGINAL and nobody can take your place. You are an OUTSTANDING teacher and librarian! We will miss you and we wish you luck in your new school. | Outstanding

30: You are the PERFECT LIBRARIAN—the President of the Books. You never run out of patience. You never get mad. You are always pleasant and polite. You give us powerful suggestions and help us find great books to read. You are a Pete the Cat lover, and you made all of us love Pete the Cat, too. Ms. Tara, you are the prize of the school. Good luck at your new school. We will miss you! | Perfect | Grade 2 Mrs Rodgers | P

31: Queen | You are the QUEEN of the learning hub. You are a fiery QUASAR of book knowledge. You QUENCH our thirst for books. You have many QUERIES so you can find out about our tastes. You are as QUICK as lightning when we ask you to help us find good ones. You are a QUALITY librarian and teacher. We are QUESTIONING why you are leaving ISB, but we wish you the best of luck and we will miss you! | Grade 5 Ms Law | (of the Learning Hub) | Q

32: Ms. Tara reads us stories All kinds of stories All kinds of books In a smooth voice Helping us think about the pages Using different voices for characters like grumpy, sad, funny, happy, crazy, deep, scary Showing pictures carefully Choosing books thoughtfully Taking time to enjoy the book Thank you Ms. Tara for reading to us. | Read | R | Kinder Ms Tulli

34: Ms Tara Moments

35: You have been a Really fun teacher. You have done Really fun things with us. We will miss the Really amazing stories you Read to us!! We are Really grateful to you for bringing AKR to ISB! You are Really good at everything that you want to do. We know that everyone in your new school will Really like you as much as we Really do! We will REALLY miss you!! :) :( | Really | Grade 3 Mr Palmer

36: Ms. Tara is SPECTACULAR! She is spectacular at being so smart. She has a spectacular, breezy style. She is spectacular at finding anything! Ms. Tara is the spectacular Queen of the Library! She has spectacular secrets about books. Her kind and caring personality is spectacular. She is spectacularly silly! She has a spectacular daughter Sojo. She is spectacular at sharing. Ms. Tara is spectacular at teaching. What a spectacular reader she is! Ms. Tara is spectacularly sweet. She has a spectacular expertise about books! We will miss your spectacular smile and cheerful happiness everyday! We love you Ms. Tara!!! :) | Spectacular | S

37: Grade 2 Miss Smart | T | Thank you! | Thank you for helping us LOVE books. Thank you for bringing AKR to our school and sharing her books with us. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for being fun. Thank you for being soooo kind. Thank you for being you! | Kinder Mrs Ashby

38: Terrific Storyteller - you tell us great stories and read wonderful books. Terrific Technology Guru - you show us so many awesome websites to help our learning. Terrific Caretaker - you care for the kids and the books in the library. Terrific Teacher - you help us learn about strong writing that we can use in our own stories to be better writers when you read us magnificent books. Terrific Book Finder - you have an amazing memory and know a lot about books. You help us find the “just right book” for us. Terrific Book Recommender - you always know us as readers and recommend great books. | Grade 3 Ms Yoo | Terrific

39: Unicorn | U | Ms Tara is like a unicorn ...... she’s a magical creature. We love her because she unites us all as elementary students and as readers. She understands the kinds of books we like to read. Like a unicorn, she’s unique in so many ways. No drab librarian black for her! Who could forget her book “necklaces”? She also thinks that we are all unique as readers. Never underestimate Ms Tara—she will always surprise you! We love our unstoppable, useful librarian, and it is unacceptable that she is leaving ISB. We’ll miss you, Ms Tara! | Grade 5 Ms McAloon

40: WonderWoman | Ms. Tara, you are a superhero! Some of your superpowers include: a super memory because you know all the names of the elementary students, x-ray vision because you know where to find all the books in the library, and super enthusiasm because you love books so much and that makes us love books! You have a super laugh. A super smile. A super sense of humour. You use your superpowers to get great authors to skype and visit us. You introduce us to super cool websites and order super good books for the library. You read to us. You care about us. Ms. Tara, you are our hero. We love you and we will miss you! | Grade 1 Mrs Ducharme | W

42: We are going to miss you so much! You had a gift to balance quiet and excitement, serenity and enthusiasm. You were always so happy to see us, even with your busy schedule...you would always make time for us. You remembered our names, and most importantly, what books we would like! We never left the library without a book, and you gave the best recommendations. Woo Hoo! How you did it, with 600 of us, we’ll never know. You are leaving us, but look what you are leaving behind: Destiny Quest, Skype Chats, Book Clubs (mother-daughter, father-son), and Saturday morning check-outs! Good luck to you and your family, we wish you all the best, and will think of you often. You will be missed.....Woo Hoo! | Grade 5 Mr Perkins | Woo Hoo

43: Grade 5 Ms Hahn | X | X-treme | She’s the most Xtreme librarian. She organizes the books at an Xtreme speed so we can take them out Xtremely fast! She’s an Xtreme computer ‘ wiz.’ She shows us Xtreme programs, websites, and sets up Skype conversations with great kids’ authors. She tells us which books are Xtremely good for our taste Above all Xtremes, she’s Xtremely nice! You will be Xtremely missed!

44: Yogi | A Karma YOGI does good to the whole world, loves the whole world and all beings. But most importantly, a karma YOGI is all about action; about doing good. That is what we think of when we think of you Mrs. Tara! | Y | Grade 4 Ms Hamlin | Z | Grade 2 Mrs Wood | Zeal | Ms. Tara you are full of zeal! You are always excited to do things, that makes you one of our favorite people! You are Zealous about books and reading.. . . and it is contagious. Ms. Tara you have zeal that you give to us, like a magic trick!

45: Zestiness | We enjoy your zestiness about bookzzzz. You have zest that equals happiness to other people’s faces! Your zesty energy will be missed at ISB and in the HUB. Ms. Tara you are very zesty because not only you are excited about books and authors but also you make us somehow excited too. You surprise us with a wacky and zany books. You show crazy videos with us. We think they are fun. Your zestiness is your awesomeness, because you’re zesty you’re great. | Grade 5 Mrs Melhorn

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  • Title: Encyclopedia of Ms Tara's Life at ISB
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