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End of Year Project for World HIstory I

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End of Year Project for World HIstory I - Page Text Content

S: End of Year Project for World History I

BC: Citations David Goldstein - (Library of the World) Myths Legends Jewish Legends [book] "Judaism 101". May 29, 2012. © Copyright 5756-5771 (1995-2011), Tracey R Rich. [website] "Roundup: Deadly suicide bombing shocks southern Israel." Xinhua News Agency 4 Feb. 2008. Gale World History In Context. Web. 29 May 2012. [website] Donin - To Be a Jew. May 2012. [book] "Jewish Symbols". May 2012. Copyright © NSW Board of Jewish Education 2012. All rights reserved.

FC: End of Year Project for World History I | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | By: Suzana Atangan

2: Dear Journal, My name is Eli Abramovich, named after my grandfather Eliezer. I'm a Jewish boy, who speaks Hebrew, my religion is Judaism, my father's a rabbi, and I live in Israel. Most of my life revolves around the church, but I always have my best friend, Joseph Ackermann and we are really close, like brothers.

4: My Father | the Rabbi

5: Dear Journal, My father, Eitan Abramovich, is a well known rabbi in our town and is a really kind man. A rabbi is a Jewish spiritual leader and the word "rabbi" means "my teacher" or "my master" in Hebrew. He has pastoral duties, such as leading a sermon, interpretive duties, interpreting the Torah, and administrative duties. In which a rabbi will often be available to a member of his or her congregation for spiritual guidance. He never misses a chance to help those in need and to accomplish what is expected of him. In fact the meaning of his name "Eitan" means "strong" and Joseph and I hope to grow up and become a rabbi just like him (he is our role model). | (There is no one spiritual leader for all of Judaism, like the Pope is for Catholicism. Rather several denominations may have a leading community rabbi, as the Hasidim do. Israel and some other countries have a chief rabbinate for both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions.)

6: S Y N A G O G U E | Dear Journal, My life revolves around the Jewish Church, which is called a Synagogue. A synagogue is a Jewish or Samaritan house of prayer. Conservative Jews usually use the word "synagogue," which is actually a Greek translation of Beit K'nesset and means "place of assembly" (it's related to the word "synod"). While Reform Jews use the word "temple," because they consider every one of their meeting places to be equivalent to, or a replacement for, The Temple in Jerusalem. But synagogue to use is a beit tefilah, a house of prayer and it is the place where Jews come together for community prayer services. Where we also conduct many important religious services, ceremonies, and practices, prayers, etc.

8: Dear Journal, Just as the synagogue is important to my family and Jews. So is the Torah. The Torah is the Jewish name for the first five books of the Jewish Bible. In Hebrew the five books are named by the first phrase in the text: Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim. For I am a Jew, the Torah is very important to my religion because it is the foundation of the Jewish religion and contains the 613 commandments from God, which guide Jewish lives. It's also the basis of almost every aspect of Jewish life, a symbol of learning and education, the preservation of ancient history, a tree of life to all those who cling to it, and the embodiment of the Jewish world view.

9: Torah

10: December 14, 2006 (Friday) Dear Journal, Today is an exciting day, because it is now my thirteenth birthday. In which I am given a Bar Mitzvah, is recognized by Jewish tradition as having the same rights as a full grown man (a coming of age ceremony). Bar Mitzvah literally translates as "son of commandment," and I would be now morally and ethically responsible for my own decisions and actions. This is also a formal synagogue service, where legally I am entitled to participate as a member of the congregation. | (Money is good a present!!! XD)

11: Where I read from the Torah for the first time in front of the whole congregation and make a speech on the part that I've read. This takes place on the first Sabbath after the Jewish birthday and I also put on Tefillin (phylacteries) daily starting on the day of the Bar Mitzvah. These contain verses relating to the relationship between God and man. Then, I am obligated to keep all the commandments in the Torah and pray three times a day. In the end we celebrate the second half with a party for my congratulations.

12: Dear Journal, Although my Bar Mitzvah was fun, as a Jew. I must also know and remember all of my religious symbols of Judaism. Like The Shofa, is a polished ram's horn used in Jewish services at certain times of the year and it is to bring in the New Year and mark important events. (Which was blown at my Bar MItzvah too). The Mezzuah is also a symbol that is attached to my family and doorways of Jewish homes that identifies us as "Jewish". It's a container made of wood, metal, stone or ceramic; which holds a piece of parchment on which are written prayers. The Menorah is the oldest symbol of the Jewish faith, a seven-branched candelabrum used in the Temple. The kohanim lit the menorah in the Sanctuary every evening and cleaned it out every morning, replacing the wicks and putting fresh olive oil into the cups.

13: Especially Chai, that I and many Jewish people wear this symbol on necklaces. The work "chai" is made up of the Hebrew letters chet and yud and these letter have a number value of 18. The word means "life" and it has a deep meaning to us. Some also wear a kind of good luck charm called a hamsa, it is shaped like a hand and usually has a picture of an eye in its middle (picture on right). It reminds us of God's protective hand and his watchful eye over us. And the Magen David is a star pointed star known as the Star of David. Is an ancient symbol; however it was not always a Jewish symbol. Today, however, it is on the flag of the State of Israel.

14: Tefillin (phylacteries).- Each morning Jewish men bind Tefillin (leather boxes containing four specific passages from the Bible) to their head and heart. This practice is meant to take them to a higher spiritual level.

15: Jewish men and I use a Kippah (yarlmulke/skullcap) to show our respect for God. | A Tallit ( Jewish Prayer Shawl ). - The tallit is a symbol that God is always protecting us. It is as if we are wrapping God’s laws around us when we wear a tallit.

16: Mother | January 29, 2007 Dear Journal, Today Joseph and I planned on meeting up at a neighboring café down the street at 4 p.m. I was running late, because of my daily prayers went longer than usual. But then on my way there, the ground shock and everything went black. The next thing I knew, I woke up at 2 a.m. with a major migraine like nails on a chalk board.

17: I had found out that a suicide bomber had blown up the café. With twenty-one people killed and six brutally injured, including me. I was shock and horrified to find out that Joseph had been killed in the explosion. There was nothing I could do now, but regret that "if I had been there." Although, I know my best friend wouldn't want it that way. So, we all sat there together mourning over what had just happened.

18: February 4, 2007 (Sunday) Dear Journal, Today is a very sad day, today is the day we bury my best friend, Joseph Ackermann; who was also like a brother to me. My father (rabbi), will lead the congregation in prayer during the service.

19: It is said, "Even though he had died at a young age (14 years old), He will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers for the rest of our lives." - with each pebble as a marker.

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  • Title: End of Year Project for World HIstory I
  • This is a scrapbook/journal about a character's life named, Eli Abramovich. A Jewish teen, who's father is a rabbi, and best friend died from a suicide bombing from a neighboring/local cafe. For World History I (2A).
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