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Endless Posibilities

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S: Endless Possibilities


1: Endless Possibilities | By: Victor Michael 2011

2: My name is Silver. it is the year 2062 in the land of Mobius. I live in Station Square. I have lived in a world where there is nothing but darkness. The only thing that lit our world was the fire surrounding us. I always wondered why our world was covered by fire, I ask the people here, but they just point to the flames.

3: “Silver, I need to tell you something!” a voice yelled. Silver turned around to see his best friend Blaze. She is a cat with powers of fire. “What happened Blaze?” asked Silver. It took a little time for Blaze to catch her breath. Blaze had a look on her face, a face that Silver knew that there was trouble.

4: “He’s here again!” yelled Blaze. Silver looked at Blaze, and then looked at a destroyed building. “You will be stopped today Iblis!” shouted Silver. Silver flew towards the building with his psychic powers. “Oh boy, this isn’t like silver to just get angry this fast.” Blaze whispered.

6: Blaze ran as fast as she could to catch up to Silver. When they reached the top of the building, they saw fire. “Iblis, You will be stopped!” yelled silver. Iblis was a rock golem covered in lava. Iblis dashed out of the fire furiously and roared loudly. “Come and get me you monster!” Silver shouted.

7: “Silver, be careful.” said Blaze. Silver stared at Iblis, and then he jumped and flew above Iblis. “Take this!” yelled Silver as he shot a ball of psychic energy at Iblis.

8: Iblis fell to the ground, and then all of a sudden, his body melted and turned into ashes. “What’s the point of destroying Iblis when he can turn back to normal.” said Silver. Blaze sighed. “What happened to our world that made it become like this?” asked Silver. “I don’t know how or why our world is like this, how can we tell why the world is covered by lava and fire.” said Blaze. “By its origin of course.” said a voice. Silver and Blaze turned around to see who was talking to them.

11: When they looked behind them, they saw a shadow. It was in a shape of a hedgehog. Blaze seemed calm, but Silver seemed confused. All of a sudden, the hedgehog's shape then brightened, and then there was a shadow of a hedgehog appearing right in front of them. “Like a chicken comes from an egg, everything comes from somewhere.” said the shadow hedgehog.

12: “Who are you?” asked Silver. “I’m Mephiles, Mephiles the Dark.” said Mephiles. Mephiles had an evil glare on his face. “Where did you come from? Answer me!” demanded Blaze. Mephiles turned at Blaze and he glared at her. For once, Blaze got scared.

13: “Blaze, you look like you saw a ghost." said Silver. “Be quiet Silver!” yelled Blaze. Silver laughed, but Mephiles did not. “Come with me if you want to know more.” said Mephiles. Mephiles walked away. “Should we follow him?” asked Silver. “I guess we should, he looks like he knows something.” said Blaze.

14: Mephiles walked into a building. It was a building that had a giant computer in it, but it was an old room. “Let me explain what happened.” said Mephiles. Silver and Blaze where dying to know what happened. “Well, back in the past, a science project in a lab went terribly wrong and it destroyed the world.” said Mephiles. Silver and Blaze where shocked. “But how can we change the past?” asked silver. Mephiles laughed. “Did you not realize that I’m from the past? I have the power to travel through time.” said Mephiles. | “That’s not possible!” said Silver. “Everything is possible when I’m around.” said Mephiles. “I bet you can’t fly!” said Blaze. Suddenly, Mephiles looked at Blaze, and then began to fly.

17: “Please, we don’t have time for this, we must go.” said Mephiles. After he said that, he flew down and landed on the ground. “C’mon Blaze, let’s go.” said Silver. Blaze nodded her head. “Okay, let’s go.” said Mephiles. Suddenly, a warp hole appeared right next to Mephiles, and then Mephiles jumped in it. “Alright, let’s do this!” said Blaze excitedly. Silver and Blaze jumped into the warp hole. | When they went through the warp hole, they where falling. When they landed, Silver and Mephiles had landed safely but Blaze wasn’t there. They landed in a forest. “Blaze! Where are you?” Silver yelled. “She must have separated when we had arrived here.” said Mephiles. “Great! Blaze is missing and I don’t know where I Am.” said Silver. Silver looked around the entire forest, but Blaze wasn’t anywhere around.

19: Silver looked around again and he saw a sign. It said “Welcome to Station Square! The largest city in Mobius!” “Maybe Blaze is in the city, what do you think Mephiles?” asked Silver. Silver turned around, but Mephiles wasn’t there. “How does he do that?” Questioned silver. “Silver, I found you!” Yelled a voice. “Blaze! There you are.” said Silver. “C’mon Silver, I heard that the scientists are in the city.” said Blaze. | Silver and Blaze looked though out the city looking for the scientists. Blaze saw a sign on a building. Blaze began to read it. “Mobius academy of science, finishing project Solaris today, come and see the creation of energy for the world.” “The Solaris project, that’s the project that destroyed our world.” said Blaze. Silver looked at a poster next to the building, it was a hedgehog. There was a lady standing next to the poster.

20: “Who is that?” asked Silver “That’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Everyone knows him, are you from a different country or something?” asked the lady. “Silver, we don’t have time for this! We have to find those scientists!” yelled Blaze. Silver looked at Blaze for a moment, then walked inside the building. | As Silver and Blaze walked in the building, they saw a crowd gathered around a machine. “We have to stop them fast before it’s too late.” said Silver. Blaze nodded. Blaze ran in front of the machine trying to catch everyone’s attention. “Listen up everyone, this machine is not stable. If it starts, then it’ll destroy the world.” said Blaze. Everyone in the room began to laugh at Blaze. “Be quiet or else I will destroy this machine.” said Silver. Everyone became quiet.

22: “You can’t do that, we worked so hard on this project!” yelled the head scientist. “I’m sorry but we have to destroy it, it’s for the fate of the future.” said Silver. Blaze explained everything to the scientist. “Well, we wasted so much time on this project, so it’s going to hurt when we watch it be destroyed so do it quickly.” said the scientist. “Okay, Blaze I’ll let you do It.” said Silver. “With pleasure!” yelled Blaze in excitement.

24: Fire appeared on the palms of Blaze’s hands. Blaze touched the machine and the machine caught on fire. The fire was so hot that it burned the machine to ashes. “Yeah we did it!” said Silver joyfully. Suddenly, a warp hole appeared next to Blaze, but it sucked them inside. Silver and Blaze screamed as they were falling down the warp hole. Finally they landed, but Silver fell on his head. | “Are you okay?” asked Blaze. “Yeah I’m fine.” said Silver. “Well done you two.” said a voice. Silver and Blaze turned around and they saw Mephiles. “Now this world is perfect, thanks to you.” said Mephiles. Silver and Blaze tuned around, they saw a beautiful, clean city. They looked at the sky and the sun was shining. “Mephiles, you were right. When you are around, anything is possible.” said Silver. “No Silver, you are the one who can create endless possibilities.” said Mephiles. Silver smiled.

26: About The Author | Victor Michael has gotten his ideas to write books from his inspiration, Sonic the Hedgehog. He has played Sonic video games since he was four years old. In addition to publishing books, Victor is a seventh grader who goes to Lower Macungie Middle School in Macungie, PA

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