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Endora Sauer *

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FC: Insanity

1: Preface Rose is a name that may mean beauty, grace, and pure, but I am from back roads and bumpy allies. Small towns, graffiti and old houses. Where you can hear the cars above the old bridge rushing to and fro, and the river below bubbling and crackling. Its peaceful in all the noise you feel comfortable. Thats my home!

3: Graffiti All I see is red, yellow, green and black. It's a form of art, yet it is illegal. Standing under the bridge spinning in circles you can barely make out what they say. The cars above rushing to and fro, and the river below bubbling and crackling. The rough concrete tares the soles of my tennis shoes. Where underside of the bridge is covered with writing it becomes smooth. The sent of car gas and fresh river water is overwhelmingly strong. You can also smell the old rotting spray paint cans.

5: I am from I am from spagetti samwiches and chili with my mom tacos steak and tomato soup I am from keep calm and call batman and do you know the muffin man you choose I cant decide and DOOM! I am from being called dodo and dura by my cousins turbo waffles and tacos by my dad I am from back roads and bumpy allies small towns graffiti and old houses I am from fenced in yards and chained up dogs brown grass flowers in summer and watching the river flow That where I'm from

7: Rose The beauty graceful and pure the middle name of a grandma is all they thought she will be kind and sweet Rose it may mean grace but it is the opposite I love my name even though it doesn't suit me

9: Blue Icing My first birthday was a special time for me. Presents, family, and more presents. The one time of the year they were all for me, plus the wrapping was pretty pink with little flowers. I guess seeing my family was nice to, but the one thing I could not wait for was the cake, blue icing with colorful balloons everywhere. I had heard tell of this magic delicious cake that melted in your mouth, but today was the day I got to actually eat it. All day long it was tempting me, sitting on the highest shelf it's sweet aroma filling the room. Then all of a sudden everyone starts singing this odd song that I took to be "Happy Birthday." What do my eyes behold next? A CAKE the size of my head! Now what happens, they sit it in front of me one quick glance at my mom and dad to make sure it was ok. When they nod their heads yes I started shoveling cake into my mouth. When all was said and done I had blue icing all over me in my ear, nose, and somehow the back of my head.

11: TODD What a name this strange man has this man named Todd. A rugged beard and tall legs his body structure seemed normal enough. I didn't like him at all though. Everytime he walked into the room I would scream and cry. Now he doesn't seem so scary.

13: Disney Before I knew it we were there standing in front of the magical Disney World, the pearly gates of childhood. I couldn't wait to see all of the princesses and characters from my favorite shows. The elaborate castle and fancy thoughts of fairies and such things danced in my head as we finally arrived.

15: Basement dweller After I lived in Muncie for four years I moved to Broad Ripple. The first year or so I stayed in my Aunt Jens basement of her blinding yellow house. While on the inside it was bright and cheery the basement was dark, yet homey. I don't remember much except the fact that it was cool during the summer and warm in the winter. I also remember that inside my closet was the under side of the stairwell.

17: Notebooks and Pencils My first day of Kindergarten started out horrible. Who in their right mind would want to wake up so early in the morning to go to SCHOOL of all places. Then my mom made me get out of the car and take a picture. Although when I finally arrived in my class I definitely cheered up. My teachers name was Mrs. Beal she was nice, pretty, a good reader, and smelled like warm cookies. Throughout the day we learned each others names and we did different exercises. My favorite time of the day was recess, and it was everyone else's too. When the end of the day came it seemed normal but it was far from it. Driving out of the parking lot, while still in the school zone, my mom gets pulled over for speeding. This was her first ticket so she didn't know what to do. I was sitting in the seat behind her staring at the police officer.

19: Fire When wet it smolders and smokes, but when dry its colorful red, blue, and orange flames dance and jump around. The heat warms your skin and gives you cold chills. You have to rotate to keep your whole body warm. The smell of smoke and burning wood fills the pint sized room.

21: Aidan A sweet little boy with a love for all things Star Wars and LEGO. He is kind at times any other time he is insanily hilarious. Funnier than the best comedy you can think of. Aidan may only be 6, but he has the intelligence of a ten year old.

23: Marshmallows and Raccoons Every year we rent a cabin for various reasons or holidays, and every year it was the same old woods, cabin, and smell of fresh air. Only this year was different, one night we saw a raccoon on the porch. The next night he was there again, but this time a little closer. I finally realized he wanted our marshmallows. Since this woodland creature was so cute we decided that we should give him some of what he thought of as heaven on a stick. Sugary and sweet, fluffy and white. When he saw us open the door and reach out his marshmallow his dark black eyes opened as wide as they could. He slowly reached out and then in a blink of an eye snatched the marshmallow directly from the stick. After that he ran off silently to eat his prize. Shortly after he came back begging for more, and the process started all over again.

25: Wedding Bells For my Aunt Jens wedding I was the maid of honor. I had a yellow dress and my short hair was curled in little ringlets. I was so excited, because I had graduated from flower girl to maid of honor. Jen had a long white dress on, and looked like her cake with rumples and laces. She stood out in the field of fall colors. When the wedding came everything went perfectly, and the happy newly weds gracefully walked out excited to start their new lives.

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