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English 12 Honors (;

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English 12 Honors (; - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: My Senior Year | English !2 Honors Journals

1: Molly and Becca are my happy thoughts. They bring so much sunshine, laughter and joy into our home. I'm always fascinated by their wild imaginations. They inspire me to be daring, take chances and dream. I am so grateful for my little giggly girls. Life would not be the same without them. | Journal #1 | What are your plans after High school? | -My plans after high school are to walk across the stage. -I would love to go to UNCG for my college experience. -I wanna major in Nursing and dance. I love children so i would like to be a Pediatric Nurse.

2: Journal #2 | Tell me about your background. This includes family, pets, places you've lived, school you've attended, etc. | I was born in Charlotte, NC October 31st, 1994 at the Presbyterian Hospital. I have a little sister named Sydney. I live with my mother, whose name is Valarie Jackson. I went to Forest Heights Elementary School, Grier Middle, & attend Ashbrook High. I'm 17yrs old soon to be 18 and i work at Bojangles

3: Journal #3 | Describe 3 things you've liked and not liked in English class. | - I like reading plays or poems. -I like when the class would read together. - I didn't like reading to myself. - I didn't like reading long boring books. -I HATE ESSAY'S

4: Journal #4 | Tell me about your hobbies, interest, sports, activities, etc. anything that interest you. | - I have a job - I'm on a dance team - I enjoy dancing to music - I love to drive - I absolutely love eating - Listening to music - Being on twitter - Buying SHOESSSS(:

5: Journal #5 | Would you change your name, why do or don't you like it, does it have a background, and was other names considered. | I love my name only because its different and i feel like I'm unique. No i wouldn't change haven chosen my name for myself. I don't know if my name has a story behind it. My name doesn't have a symbolic meaning. I don't know if my parents considered other names. I just deal with my name.

6: Journal #6 | Describing words for the Alphabet. | A- wesome B- rillant C- Cautious D-ingy E-xciting G-reedy H-ungry I-mitidating J-oyful K-inky | L-azy M-ean N-eedless O-ptimistic -P-layful Q- uick-witted R-age S-illy T-rusting U-nderstanding V-alueable W-ild X- Y-oung Z-

7: Journal #7 | What are 10 of your likes and dislikes. | Likes? 1. Food 2. Shoes #3. God 4. Family 5. Babies 6. Close friends 7. Taylor lautner 8. Music 9. Green 10. Parties | !1. LIARS! 2. Drama @3. Staring 4.SCHOOL LUNCH 5. Childish Stuff 6. Work 7. Cold Weather unless sleeping 8. Fakes 9. Dirty Stuff 10. School

8: Journal #8 | Write a short story using the 5 senses. | I was at a family reunion & I could smell all the food they were preparing. You could see all the people that were arriving. You could hear the musing that was blasting from the stereo. You could taste the different foods thats been prepared also. The touch of the food in your mouth was warm and smooth.

9: Journal #9 | Write 10 things and explain what they are to you. | 1. Anger is Pain @2. Happiness is my Grandmother 3. Music is Knowledge 4. Sadness is Hurt 5. Love is my Family 6. Food is Life 7. My room is My Space 8. Rage is Consequences when I'm mad 9. Hate is Drama 10. Horror is Terror

10: Journal #10 | What do these colors represent to you. Red, Yellow, Pink, Black, Blue, Green. | Red- Anger | Yellow- Happy | Pink- Loving | Black- Death | Blue- Sad | Green- Money

11: the | Journal #11 | Describe the items in your room by conveying the feelings you have for the room and the items in it. | My room is blue and green with Winnie the Pooh bears. A flat screen tv, I have alot of shoes inside and out of my closet, 2 dressers and a green curtain.

12: Journal #12 | If i were.....I would be.....because.... | Animal- Cheetah- Furious Car- 2012 Mustang- Fast Article of Clothing- Tennis shoes- Expensive Day of the week- Friday- Party & FreeDay | Food- Lasagna- Its good Color- Green- Money is life Movie- Save the last dance- I love dancing | Fragrance- Bath & Body works- Smells Great | Type of Building- Sky Scrapper- I'm tall | Plant- Sunflower- I love to smile Musical Instrument- Piano- Sounds Good Geometric Shape- Dodecagon- My fav number is 12 Piece of furniture- Bed- I can be lazy Song- PartyRock- Like to party Season of year- Fall- Not hot or cold Cartoon Pooh- Favorite Character Tv Character- Badgirls Club- Looks fun Appliance- Anything that helps cook Natural Phenomenon- Tsunami- Crazy

13: Journal #13 | Write a symbolic recipe for yourself. | 1 cup of affectionate 3 cups of mean 3 fourths of silly 3 cups of aggressive 2 cups of calm half a cup of nice 4 cups of dependable

14: Journal #14 | Tell me an embarrassing story.. | Well Ms. Wyatt I fell off my chair onto my butt. I think i broke my broke cheeks, i made my parents rush me to the hospital. When i fell I decided I should lay down on the floor that way when my parents came in they could easily pick me up.

15: Journal #15 | Tell a story about your parents. | My mom wasn't the type to get suspended from school. She would wait until after school. So this girl was messing with my mom so she told her that she was going to ride the bus home with the girl and beat her up. My mom went to the house beat the girl and her brother up. Then my uncle came back and fought the parents.

16: Journal #16 | What worries you, makes you angry,moody, and happy,feel confident, frustrated, depressed, comfortable, nervous, sentimental? | 1. I usually worry about my parents 2. I feel angry when people do stupid things 3. I'm moody when people make me mad 4. I'm happiest when things aren't going well 5. I feel confident when it comes to dance 6. I feel frustrated when things are going wrong 7. I feel depressed when my family is upset 8. I am comfortable when I'm in my zone. 9. I feel nervous when I'm about to perform 10. I feel sentimental when it comes to something i love

17: Journal #17 | Write a creepy story or eerie story based on the picture.. | Sorry Mrs.Wyatt??? Idk what to write!

18: Journal #18 | IN other words..... | 1. "Idolized or despised either way I'm recognized." -Anonymous 2. "Fear ain't in the heart of me, I learned just do it, you get courage from your fears right after you go through it." -Anonymous 3. " It's okay to make mistakes just don't make it twice." -Anonymous

19: Journal #19 | If you could relive on day or experience in your life what would it be? | - I would relive my 18th birthday b/c it was a big day for me, you only turn 18 once(; - I got the chance to vote on my birthday, I finally became legal, I shopped til I dropped with the people i love also. - It was a day that made me realize everything I been going through was preparing me what has came my way now.

20: Journal # 20 | In twenty years you will have forgotten most of the things that fill now..... | - Music Friends, Family, Sports, High school, Middle school, Elementary, nap time(:, etc

21: Journal #21 | As time goes bye bye... | - I wanna be a pediatric nurse. - Friends aren't needed. -A lot of shoes -Great Job -Nice house -A great life

22: Journal #22 | My own list of lists... | 1. My dad, my grandmother, and my mother influence me. 2. Dance practice 3. Around the world 4. Honesty 5. Lies, Drama, Fake things and people 6. Lies, failing, not understanding 7. Not care about things that usually bother me 8. Close friends I've lost, step sister being killed. 9. ???? 10. Number 12, color green, shoes, food, nails, and music

23: Journal # 23 | Map of Life | ????????????????????????????????

24: Journal #24 | A day in the Life | -She woke up and got ready because she had to go get a Ekg to make sure everything was well with her Brain because she had her first seizure back in October. It was quite interesting, they had to put some stuff in her hair and she had to do breathing treatments which led to her going to sleep. After that they told her everything went well. She went to steak and shake then school and enjoyed the rest of her day.

25: Journal #25 | Cheer yourself up!!! | 1. Dance 2. Sing 3. Eat 4. Watch music videos 5. Write 6. Tweet 7. Look up quotes 8. Listen to music 9. Sleep 10. Walk

26: Journal #26 | Name 3 people you look up to and write a paragraph why. | - I look up my daddy bc he's always there. He gives me great advice. He buys me everything that I want. My dad motivates me when I feel as if I can't do something. He is a hardworking man and I adore that. - I look up to Carrie. She inspires me bc of her love for gay pride. (lol) She always there when I need someone to talk to. She has gave me great relationship advice. She's my wife. - I also look up to my dads mom. She tries her hardest to make sure her grandchildren are satisfied. She also like the two people above gives me great advice. She takes very well care of me when I'm sick. Cooks for me when I'm hungry as well. She just wants the best for me and I wanna give it back to her.

27: Journal #27 | One Medium Suitcase.... | - I will smash them up (my shoes and clothes) as well as my cell phone, charger, and wallet. I will lay my shoes side ways and roll my clothes up and smash them down. I will put body wash. toothpaste, tooth brush, and perfume in the small areas and my make up also with my laptop laying flat on top of everything.

28: Journal # 28 | The Perfect Present | The perfect gift for me would be calmness because I tend to get mad very easily and I know I can do better.

29: Journal #29 | Memorable Event.... | Something that happened to me that was memorable was my last senior football game against Huss that we won. I swear every girl including me, the zoo crew, football players, and cheerleaders were crying. I thought we were going to lose at first but we came back. Knowing that was our last hone football game was a awakening moment to us all. I CAN'T BELIEVE WERE FINALLY SENIORS.

30: Journal # 30 | How to.... | - How to wreck a car= texting and not paying attention - How to break a heart= Cheat, Lies, Etc - How to survive football practice= Keep your guard up - How to make enemies= Be rude , or be better - How to lose a job= Don't do nothing - How to be miserable= Let people get to you, no confidence.

31: Journal # 31 | Always say Never... | I | - I never wanna read books again unless its Bluford High books or something similar, b/c i hate reading. - I don't wanna go back to Ashbrook's or hardly any schools girls bathroom, b/c they are disgusting. - People I never wanna see again are all the childish people, b/c their trifling. - Things I don't wanna have to do again is be in a sucky relationship, b/c i can't deal.

32: Journal #32 | Are you Hungry?? | I absolutely love lasagna, with garlic bread and a glass of grape juice, not forgetting my swiss roll or some kind of debbie cake for my dessert.

33: Journal #33 | The Examined Life..... | Best Things... 1. Great Friend 2.Truth Worthy 3.I can dance 4. Great sense of humor 5. Smart 6. Responsible 7. Respectful 8. Pretty | Greatest Faults... 1.My angry gets the best of me. 2.Let little stuff bother me. 3. Attitude 4. Outspoken 5.Hold grudges 6.Aggressive 7. Can be jealous 8. Mean

34: Journal #34 | Annual report... | A year ago if someone would have upset me in any kind of way I would've flipped out and this year I'm calm and basically stay to myself.I hope to be graduated for high school and in college a year from now. I wanna be a college student, getting my education. Yes, I expect to make progress. Last year didn't really prove anything but that I didn't need some of the people who were in my life. I feel as if I'm better now.

35: Journal #35 | Lessons i learned too late.... | I learned after it was too late that even your closest friends can turn on you. You are your only true friend. Don't put your all into something if the other person doesn't give a freak. If it happened move on don't dwell on the past, your future is waiting on you!!! Your attitude is not going to make things better.

36: Journal #36 | Advice to the young.. | Dear young person my advice to you is watch your surroundings. Be aware of your friends and your enemies. Don't trust everyone. BE STRONG!!! Help those who really need you, avoid those who just want attention all the time. You are your own person person, you don't need anyone but yourself. Keep your guard up and be successful!! (;

37: Journal #37 | Who am i?? | Nouns 1. Student- 12th Grader 2. Daughter- Oldest Child 3.Sister- Role Model 4. Friend- Easy to get along with 5. Christian- Religious | I'm easy to get along with ,but I'm still my own person.

38: Journal #38 | Rewarding Experiences... | 1. Waking up this morning -You never know when your going to go. 2. Making it to the 12th grade -I'm finally a SENIOR,ENOUGHSAID 3. Finding myself -I've became stronger and more independent. 4. Turning 18 -I'm finally legal 5. Seeing my uncle from the navy - I don't get to see him that often, so when i do its the best. 6. Performing(dance) -It makes me forget about everything else 7. Getting my license's -I can drive solo 8. Getting a car -I can have my own say so with my car and where abouts 9. Buying new shoes -I love the feeling of new shoes on my feet. 10. Watching my favorite movie - It makes me smile

39: Journal #39 | Futures- fantasy and fact... | I would love to go to UNCG for four years and become a double major in dance and nursing. | I would be torn to pieces if i didn't get into UNCG but i have my back up plans. I put in applications for Fayetteville, Central, Pembrook, and Winston- Salem | Depending on if I'm going to change my major or not and the type of environment I'm more comfortable in will determine the school I will put all of my focus into.

40: Journal #40 | Churchill/Ghandi Quote | Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -Mahatma Ghandi | Learn like you gonna live forever means that you will never be able to know enough knowledge, there is always more to learn no matter how long you live, basically, learn as much as you can because there is always new knowledge to learn. Live like you gonna die tomorrow means that you shouldn't worry about tomorrow too much, live for today, enjoy the present moments and have fun while you can because no one knows when their time is up.

41: Epilogue | If someone were to read my journal they would probably assume that I am crazy. They would more than likely say that I could be sweet when I wanna be but i could also show off if needed. Not saying that I have a attitude problem but I seem to get aggravated easily. They would realize that i have been through a lot and came a long way with family and friends.

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