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Ethan's Epic " We Didn't Start the Fire Anylasis"

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FC: Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire Anylasis Ethan Fogel

1: Introduction The song "We Didn't Start the Fire"by Billy Joel is a historical song. It takes major events by years and just runs down the list. My year is 1962. For my couplet I have: Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania, Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston Beats Patterson. All of these events have positive and negative influences on history. They are also very important. I think we anylasied this song because we had been talking about Wars but we weren't really talking about life in homes. These were the events that were happening in homes and had household names. This song was very good about telling what was happening in America and in the World.

2: British Beatlemania In the 1960-1970s an event called the British Invasion started in the United States. The British Invasion consisted of rock n roll bands coming from Britain and gaining popularity and stardom. One of the first and biggest of these bands was the Beatles. The Beatles were a huge band after becoming popular from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. They had several love song hits including ”Love Me Do”-there first single. The bad success was great and they starred in movies such as “Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!.” The band won some academy awards. In December of 1969 the band released “Rubber Soul” which is considered to be one of the most influential rock n roll albums of all time. Even after all of their music they were wildly popular teen band. Their signature “mop” hair style became widely worn by teens. Without question the Beatles were one of the most popular bands of the 60s and are still amazingly popular today.

3: Lawrence of Arabia “Lawrence of Arabia” is an epic historical film. It follows the accounts of T.E. Lawrence who was a British Officer in the Middle East in WWI. Lawrence inspires the Arabs and leads them against the Turks. They stage camel fights and hit and runs. The story is told as a flashback from his death on a motorcycle in 1937. The movie was released in 1962. The movie received very high critical acclaim and is considered one of the greatest historical movies of all time. It won 7 Oscars for its great battle scenes and beautiful desert scenery. It even won best score for the dramatic music that was played. The score was written by Maurice Jarre. Peter O’Toole (T.E. Lawrence) won best actor award for his great acting. I think Billy Joel added this to his song because it is a very culturally important movie. It won 7 Oscars and Joel was trying to include stuff that changed these time periods. This movie was definitely one of those culture changing movies. All in all this movie was considered one of the best historical epics of all time.

4: Ole Miss On January 31st, 1962, James Meredith an African-American applied to go to school at Ole Miss. Being the first African American he requested help from the Supreme Court Justice. The court said that James would be allowed to go to the University. The Mississippi governor, Ross Barnett did not let Meredith go to the college seeing as Mississippi opposed black rights. Also, major protests were held at the school and General Robert Kennedy dispatched about 500 US Marshalls. The protest kept raging on and the became so large that John F. Kennedy, the president, sent over 16,000 Army men to Ole Miss. The protest ended bloodily with 28 US men dead. On October 1st, 1963 James Meredith attended his first class. He was escorted by Federal guards. Meredith said that his goal was to get the military to show its support for citizen’s rights. He said that this was a strike against, “white supremacy.” Billy Joel probably included this in his song because at the height of the Civil Rights somebody took a stand. Meredith tried to be an activist and there was blood, sweat and tears along the way; however, finally he accomplished his goal.

5: John Glenn John Glenn was born July 18th, 1921. In 1942, John Glenn left college and enlisted in the US Marine Corps where he became a pilot. He served in WWII and the Korean War. In 1959 he was selected for the Mercury Program; this program’s goal was to get Americans into space. On February 20th, 1962 he took off from Florida and went into space. He orbited the earth three times and his flight lasted 4 hours 55 minutes. Then in 1964 John Glenn ran for the senator of Ohio. After two foiled attempts he finally won and became the senator from Ohio. He opposed Nuclear Weapons. Finally, in October 1998 he went back into space and became the oldest person to ever be in space at 77. I think Billy Joel included him in his song because he was hailed as a hero and became a role model for many children. He also was one of the first people in space and orbited the earth. John Glenn was a great astronaut, a politician, and a hero.

6: Liston beats Patterson On September 25th, 1962 Sonny Liston knocked out the former heavy weight champion Floyd Patterson. Liston knocked out the youngest champion ever in the first round. Sonny Liston was bigger than Patterson at 6 foot 1’’. Patterson had growing pressure to fight Liston but he said he wouldn’t because of Liston criminal past. However, I and most people think he was scared of Liston. This happened twice as in October of 1963 they fought again. Again, Liston crushed Patterson in the first round. In 1968 Liston was defeated by Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali). I think Billy Joel included this in his song because it was highly controversial. Since Sonny Liston was an ex criminal the world didn’t like him being the champion. Liston beats Patterson is just another example of how sports can influence culture and spark controversy.

7: PPhoto | Quiz 1.)What British rock band took American by storm in the 60s? a.) The Kinks a.) The Beatles c.) The Who d.) The Rolling Stones 2.)Which Boxing match sparked controversy in 1962 and 1963? a.)Sonny Liston vs Mohammed Ali b.)Sonny Liston vs Joe Frazier c.)Mike Tyson vs Joe Frazier d.)Sonny Liston vs Floyd Patterson 3.)True or False: Neil Armstrong orbited the earth three times on the Friendship 7 4.) Who Was the first African American in Ole Miss 5.)What war did Lawrence of Arabia take place in? a.)Six Day War b.)WWI c.)WWII d.)The Cold War

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