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Ethics Article Assignment

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BC: By: Usman Quddus

FC: Ethics Article Asignment | By:Usman Quddus

2: We are | Who is it about? wh Who is it about? The Article is about a senior policy analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. What happened (what's the story)? Coleman-Adebayo became a whistle-blower after discovering that a U.S. chemical company was mining a deadly substance in South Africa called vanadium pintoxide. Exposure often turns the tongue blue, causes nosebleeds, kidney and liver dysfunction, and sometimes cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency did not respond, and Coleman-Adebayo filed a suit against the agency for racial, gender discrimination and neglecting responsibilities . Where did it take place? Whistle blowing event took place in Chicago U.S.A when Coleman-Adebayo made public about dishonest and illegal activities in the EPA. When did it take place? Coleman Adebayo whistle blew in 1996. On August 18, 2000, a federal jury found EPA guilty of violating the civil rights of Coleman-Adebayo on the basis of race, sex, color and a hostile work environment, under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Why did it happen? The whistle blowing event happened because the The Environmental Protection Agency refused to follow their ethical responsibility to report any illegal environment damage by corporations. | Step 1: Whistle Blowing Article | Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

3: If I was in the same situation as Marsha Coleman Adebayo I would have also whistle blown on The Environmental Protection Agency. If I don’t whistle blow on the agency refusal to look into the matter of the antiquate safety precautions of the mining company, this could possibly have the effects of turning tongues blue, causing nosebleeds, kidney and liver dysfunction, and cause cancer to workers and nearby communities, these dangerous effects are something that I would risk my safety and job for. | Whistle Blowing Article Refection | How did it happen? The whistle blowing event unfolded when Coleman decided to risk her own safety and job to report EPA act of neglecting its irresponsibility by refusal to look into a violation by a mining company.

4: By: Usman Quddus | Unethical Article Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? | Who is it about? The Article is about Nike Corporations unethical practices of hazardous employee working conditions, safety and health problems. What happened (what's the story)? Nike has failed to uphold ethical behavior by having inhumane working conditions for workers in poor countries. Workers in some sections of the factories still face overexposures to hazardous chemicals and to heat and noise levels. Respiratory illness rates remained a concern. The Article uncovered that,” in addition to health hazards, many of Nike factory workers have to deal with ” widespread verbal and physical abuse, shockingly high rates of sexual harassment, forced overtime, [denial of] sick leave, inadequate access to medical care, and worker deaths. Where did it take place? Nike Corporations unethical behaviors are wide spread in developing countries in East and south Asian, for instance hazardous working conditions are wide spread in Nike factories in Cambodia and Pakistan. When did it take place? Nike Corporations unethical behaviors took place in 1980s when Nike went international. Why did it take place? Nike did unethical practices of ignoring worker rights because the corporation perceived it as being in their financial interest. The main goal of Nike is to make money for its shareholders, by using the steps of how to solve an ethical dilemma Nike came to a conclusion that it was more profitable for the company to ignore proper safety procedures in factories. There was little risk involved for Nike in exploiting laborers in nations that have weak or no laws in place against worker exploitation. | Step 11:

5: What is being impacted negatively? Shoe factory workers in poor countries are impacted negatively by being exposed to toxic isocyanides and other chemicals. In addition to inhalation, skin exposure is the biggest hazard for workers. This may cause asthma and other allergic reaction. What Motivates Nike to Act unethically? Nike is motivated to act unethical by the weak worker rights protection laws in poorer nations. Nike takes advantage of the law that a business primary objective is to make money and uses this to ignore other ethical considerations, the company chose to not give workers proper health and factory safety standards because it was not in their financial interest. | How did it happen? The event happened when the Nike corporation decided to lower its health and safety standard to increase earning to compete with other competitors. Unethical Article Reflection

6: Summery As CR practices expand, we see the positive impact we can have in our world. We’ve set a series of targets in terms of Corporate Responsibility. Working in Corporate Responsibility at Nike means you thrive on finding solutions Using creativity Harnessing innovation Tackling waste throughout the manufacturing process Get to the root of problems Long-term solutions Using responsible business practices as a tool for change and business benefit There are roles in corporate real estate, global procurement, Nike Foundation, Risk Management and Corporate Environmental Safety & Health. Nike sees Sustainable Business and Innovation as an essential part of how we can use the power of our brand, the energy and passion of our people, and the scale of our business to create meaningful change. The opportunity is greater than ever for sustainability principles and practices to deliver business returns and become a driver of growth, to build deeper consumer and community connections and to create positive social and environmental impact in the world. | Corporate Social Responsibility | Step 11I:

7: Refection of Corporate Social Responsibility | Nike, Inc. is the worlds leading designer, marketer and distributor of reliable athletic footwear, clothing, equipment and accessories for a range of sports and fitness activities. Nike is an International Corporation with unlimited liability for its shareholders. Nike typical costumers are buyers who are involved in fitness activities and sports. Customers buy Nike products because of its unique authentic athletic products which are specially made for physical activities. Actions that show responsibility to customer in the Corporate Social Responsibility of Nike are: Constantly strive to ensure that Nike employees and networks of counselors are close to clients and available. Respond quickly and efficiently to client requests and ensure quality follow-up on their cases. Create and enhance products and services by listening to clients in order to determine their needs. Provide our employees with the training and tools they need to deliver thorough advice to their clients. The Actions that show responsibility to customers in the Corporate Social Responsibility of Nike are: Providing equal opportunities for all Respecting the diversity of employees' backgrounds, experiences and contributions; Conducting business with integrity and encouraging business partners to do the same; Opposing harassment in the workplace Promoting constructive dialog between Nike, its employees and their representatives; Supporting employee efforts to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The professional training of employees in customer surface to provide better satisfaction for customers and the guarantee of a healthy and progressive environment for employees. Nike shows responsibility to society by supporting and funding World Aids charity programs by making a partnership with some of the worlds best known footballers to indorse donations for charity .This unique partnership creates an effective partnership to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa by delivering funds to support programs that offer education and medication on the ground and will give the gift of joy to children by engaging youth around the world in sports. Nike shows responsibility to their shareholders by aiming to deliver clear, complete and reliable information that meets the needs of all shareholders, regardless of their level of knowledge as investors and their expectations. Moreover, Nike is regularly praised for the quality of its information. Nike is also dedicated to building and maintaining a relationship based on trust and openness with both individual and official investors. Nike offers suitable, applicable information that is relevant to shareholder from all around the world.

8: Impact of Nike Job Creation Wealth Creation Environmental Impact Competition | By: Usman Quddus | Step IV: Community Impact Chart

9: Nike renovates buildings for its shops and for advertisement campaigns creates employment. When Nike Expands in Mississauga it creates jobs by opening stores. Wealth is the money that Nike has received or expects to receive. Selling Goods provides wealthy living for customers. Nike does not have factories in Mississauga because of high cost of employing workers in Canada. Therefore, without the polluting factories Nike does not have a lot of Environmental footprint then other companies. In contrary Nike is trying to incorporate environmentally friendly amounts of organic cotton into their products, are beginning to reduce GHG, and swear they're aiming for zero waste and 100% recoverability. Nike is the leading producers of its athletic products. Nike only competition is Adidas, these two giant companies work together to determine the market price for their products to lower rigorous competition, that will potentially harm both companies. This has a negative effect for consumers because without much competition the companies are not charging less to compete with other companies. This is also bad for the environment because they’re not using fewer resources to charge less. | Mississauga

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