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Eva Hitler

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FC: Eva Braun | 1912-1945 | By: Megan Priest Honors English II

1: Eva Anna Paula Braun

2: I was born on February 7, 1912. Although my father was disappointed I wasn't the son he wanted, whom he planned to name Rudolf in honor of a prince of Austria, he named me Eva Anna Paula Braun. My family was made up of two parents and three girls. My father was a school teacher. He later became the headmaster of the school, which gave us a greater income, but we were never considered rich. My father's name was Fritz,and my mother's name was Franziska Katharina Kranburger Braun, but people called her "Fanny." She was known as the most beautiful woman in our section of Munich, Germany. My older sister Ilse was three years older than I, and Gretl was my younger sister.

3: When I was in school, my main interests were swimming, ice skating and snow skiing. Books were NOT my priority. My mother even told my father that I was "too frivolous to study hard in school. She will only learn as long as she is being amused." Later my teacher agreed with what my mother had said. The teacher said I was, "Intelligent" but that I spent most of my time in class "being a troublemaker."

4: My parents were very strict Catholics. When I was fifteen and became interested in boys, my father shipped me off to a convent school. (My mother wanted me to become a famous dressmaker.) I hated the strictness of the school, but I took part in the theater productions, which made school more bearable. I was never a star actress, but I was an excellent dancer, and I often got in trouble for trying to teach others how to dance. To the disappointment of my father, I left school at the age of seventeen.

6: At the age of seventeen, I went to work for Heinrich Hoffman. He was known as the best photographer anywhere around, and he later became the official photographer for Adolf Hitler. Mr. Hoffmann was vulgar, overweight, and a drunk. He was also well known as a womanizer. He kept a list of attractive young women that he could introduce to Adolf Hitler when Hitler became bored or lonely. | Heinrich Hoffmann

7: I started a diary on February 6, 1935, one day after I turned twenty-three. After Adolf became Chancellor of Germany, he was gone even more, and I was left alone for long periods of time. I had hinted that I wanted a dog for my birthday, but I got nothing. I hate that Adolf does not want our relationship to be known yet. He still appears in public with beautiful women, and that makes me very jealous. I am going to buy myself jewelry for my birthday.

8: May 28, 1935. It has been over three months since I have been with my lover Adolf. He is the only man I have ever loved, and he has obviously lost interest. I have even seen him out in public with other women, and when we are with his friends, I have to act like we barely know each other. I have written him a letter. If I don't hear from him by ten o'clock tonight, I am going to take my thirty-five pills and "lie down peacefully." I had hoped my letter might scare him into realizing that he should love me. My scare tactic worked three years ago when I "wounded" myself with daddy's pistol.

9: My suicide plan worked! Luckily, my sister Ilse found me unconscious, and with the help of her boss Dr. Marx, she saved me. We told our parents and Adolf that I was suffering from "excessive fatigue" and needed some serious rest. Adolf found out the truth and realized that he really did love me. He got me an expensive villa outside of Munich, and he let it be known that I was the "first lady" of his mountain retreat. He even got me an apartment near his work in Berlin. We will finally be together for real. | My villa

10: Adolf and Blondi | The war is not going well. General Fredrich von Paulus told Adolf that his 330,000 troops were sick, starving, and freezing to death and could not continue fighting under those conditions. Adolf would not let the men retreat, so General Paulus surrendered to the Russians. Adolf is so angry and depressed that he is spending more and more time just walking with his dog Blondi. Adolf's friends and military leaders are slowly turning against him. He even said that soon his only two friends would be Blondi and me.

11: In July of 1943, when Adolf learned that Benito Mussolini had been arrested by his own king, he knew he had to save his most trusted friend. He ordered Otto Skorzney, the Special Forces Commander, to rescue Mussolini. Skorzney and his troops were successful. Even though Adolf now worried about me so much that his friends saw me as his biggest weakness, he knew the importance of a good woman in a man's life. He told Skorzney to go home for a few days and spend time with his wife. | Mussolini and Hitler

12: Dr. Theodor Morell is Adolf's main doctor. I think he is crazy. He is giving Adolf twenty-eight different kinds of medicine, and he is "shot happy." When three of Adolf's other doctors had one of Adolf's pills analyzed, they found that it was made up of two ingredients that would slowly posion Adolf's body. They told Adolf but they thought he was jealous of Dr. Morell, so he fired them as his other doctors. | Dr. Theodor Morell

13: Hermann was a German officer known for his riding abilty, his drinking, and his womanizing. He used to tease my sister Grelt and call her "goose." He was ambitious and could see the advantages of being married to my sister since I was Adolf's mistress, and he wanted to be close to Adolf. Hermann and Grelt got married in June of 1944. Adolf allowed me to throw a huge wedding and party at our place (I decided that since it looked like I would never have a big wedding, at least my sister could.) We ate, drank and danced all night. | Hermann Fegelein and my sister Gretl

14: C o u n t S t a u f f e n b e r g

15: In July of 1944, when the war was going badly because Adolf kept changing his leader's battle plans, a group of German officers decided to assassinate Adolf. Count Klaus von Stauffenberg, a thirty-six year old colonel and war hero, put a bomb in a briefcase and went to deliver it along with a report he had for Adolf. He put the bomb besides Adolf's desk and left. He pretended that he needed to go telephone Berlin, but he left the building instead. A minute later the bomb exploded. Adolf was badly hurt, but survived. There had been twenty-three other men in the room. Four had died.

16: For the next eight months after the attempt on Adolf's life, he was in terribly bad health, so I talked a young officer named Walther Galen into driving me to Berlin in my Mercedes even though I knew my life would be in danger. We were shot at by a Mustang airplane. The tire on my car was blown apart, but luckily I had a spare. We had to stop the car again later and run for cover as bombs were dropped near us. My Mercedes survived again, so we finally made it to Berlin. | My Mercedes

17: Adolf had a bunker built under his office. The bunker had thirty rooms on two floors. Our rooms were on the lower floor and were very lavish. My bedroom was air-conditioned, and it had carpet. I even had my own bathroom and monogrammed furniture. Adolf's room was across from his study. There was a suite of rooms for the Goebbel's. There was even a special room just for Blondi. | Floor Plans for Underground Bunker

18: On April 20, 1945, Adolf was fifty-six. Because Germany was losing the war and Adolf had been so depressed, I had decided to give him a party. All the Generals were there even though Adolf had screamed at them everytime he had seen them. Since Adolf's lack of control was making everyone lose respect for him, I thought a party for the "Great One" might make Adolf feel better. Everyone was shocked to see Adolf's physical weaknesses and their faces showed it. Adolf left the party early, but I danced until the next morning.

19: Everyone left the bunker a few days after the party since it was obvious that the war was lost, and Berlin would be captured. Adolf told his two secretaries, the cook, and me that we would be flown to safety the next day. We all decided to stay. Adolf gave each of us a small container that looked like a lipstick case. Inside was a small bottle of potassium cyanide. He suggested that we should keep it with us at all times since death might be better than capture by the Russians.

20: My wedding dress | On April 29, 1945, at nearly two o'clock in the morning, Adolf and I got married. I wore a black silk dress with pink shoulder straps. A friend Dr. Joseph Goebbel was the witness for Adolf. Martin Bormann was my witness. I hated Bormann, and he hated me, but he helped out when I needed him. When I signed the marriage document, I almost forgot to sign my last name as Hitler.

21: In the afternoon of April 29, 1945, Adolf had his secretary give Blondi poison. He also had Blondi's five puppies poisoned. Later I saw six small coffins being brought in. The Goebbel's six children ran to see me, and I kissed each one tenderly because I knew what their fate was going to be. I don't think they realized that they were going to drink posion soon too.

22: At 2:30 P.M. on April 30, 1945, Adolf and I had lunch with his two secretaries and the cook. I could not eat because the smell of the gas cans near the bunker's exit had made me lose my appetite. I knew that the gasoline was meant for Adolf and me to be burned after our deaths. At 3:30, we bid farewell to everyone still left at the bunker, went into Adolf's study, and closed the door. I have on my beautiful black silk dress. I will drink my posion and die beautifully dressed with a smile on my face. Adolf, will drink his posion and then put one shot into his head.

23: Adolf's Walther 7.65

24: Bibliography Infield, Glenn B.. The Private Lives of Eva and Adolf .New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 1974.Print.

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