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Explore The Renaissance Europe

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S: Explore The Renaissance


FC: The Renaissance | By: Tiffany and Tharuka | Class 8-2 & 8-6 Teacher: Ms.Proudfoot

1: This book was created becuase when we were digging up an old Renaissance building we happen to find a whole bunch of old scraps of writings and pictures. So after gaining permission we made this scrap book. We hope you enjoy it!!!

3: Feudal hierarchy- King | Possessor of the land. Leader of the people.

4: Feudal hierarchy-Nobles Owner of the serfs Master of the manor

5: Feudal hierarchy- Bishops Helpers of the church Servants of God

6: Feudal hierarchy- Knights Leaders in the war Fighters of the land

7: Feudal hierarchy-Freemen Workers of the market People of the towns

8: Feudal hierarchy-Serfs Lowest of the low Slaves of the nobles

9: Rursl vs Urban | VERSUS

10: on top of | Rural life Toil and work Farm all day for all the serfs

11: Urban life Waste thrown to streets Jobs a plenty

12: Black Death Tragedy 25% dead Caused by fleas on rats Believed as God’s punishment End of feudal system in Italy

13: Trade Silk road: trading route intercultural contact Jerusalem stained red

14: Farming < Trade

15: Social Organizations | Location Location Location !!! Let's all move to the Seaside | Who needs Kings& Queens? We can govern ourselves | Let's go have some fun in the sun! Climate matters! | Who cares about the country? Lets go to town!

16: USING THE POWER OF REASON | Humans should use the power of reason to help their decisions. This is present in todays society, which is why... | Humanist Values

17: Humans should have an open, curious and questioning mind. this poses a very important part of todays society. because of our questions. | Questioning Mind

18: Humans should be able to develop their mind and body. This is present in today's society, many kids participate in active events, as well as school. | Develop mind and body

19: Humans should strive to reach their full potential in order to serve God. This isn't present in todays community; if we strive for perfection, it is to serve ourselves or our community. | Reach your full Potential to serve God

20: Humans can achieve great things through learning | Humans are capable of great things, We should be able to know how to advance in society. This is present in todays society, because children go through many strenuous years of learning in school.

21: Art at large | Art at large Artisits can show face

22: -Leonardo Bruni Education 1st! | -Lorenzo Medici Civic Humanist | -Desiderius Erasmus: Religious education | -Francesco Pertarch: History Lover

23: Repeat Identify, Conclusion, Gather, Analyze , Experiment | Accurate results | SCIENTIFIC METHOD | IGHEACR

24: HUMANISM EFFECTS | Astronomy: advancement, constellations | Medicine: Accuracy, less gruesome | Dissection: Legal, body parts correct | Mathematics and Geometry

25: Political scuplted worldview Stopped chaos | LEADERS | Religious Taught Bible Power fleeting

26: Johannes Gutenberg invents Printing Press in 1450 this miraculous invention makes it easier to make books | Printing Press | Mainz Germany,

27: How was knowledge spread? | NOW Internet Phone | THEN Books Mouths

28: Exploration Motives -Trade -Gold/bullion -Better Equipment -Christianity | GLORY GOD GAIN

29: Exploration instruments -Compass guide the lost (map) -Astrolabe find the equator (N or S) -Cross staff where's the latitude? (pole star) -Back staff where's the latitude (sun)

30: Reasons to travel.... | Portugal Where: East Reason: Bullion Found: Slaves

31: Spain Where: West Why: Asia Found: Bahamas Ended up Circumnavigating world

32: Imperialism: . Extension of power over everything in a territory

34: -Economically beneficial -Spread of ideas -Cultural exchange -Spread of beliefs -Competition between countries | Positive

35: -Slave trade flourished -Spread of disease-fast -War-more of it -Famine everywhere -Expensive to keep colonies so far away | Negative

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