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FC: Expansion By Justin Rhyner Pre IB HIstory April 26 2010

1: Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was when people moved from working on farms in the country to working in factories in the cities. There were many positive and negative effects of the industrial revolution. Positive effects: more, better inexpensive goods, and better commutation. Negatives effects: pollution, child labor and crowded cities.

2: Location New England's soil was not very rich for farming. But rivers and streams were available. The waterways here provided water and a source for power for factories The rivers also made shipping a whole lot easier.

3: Inventions Workers,locations,rivers all played a role in the Industrial Revolution. But without the new technology and scientific discoveries the industrial revolution would have never took place. Inventions like the cotton gin or Spinning Jenny

4: The cotton gin Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793. Before the cotton gin farming cotton took many hours. This invention made cotton much more affordable for many Americans. This invention would start a cotton crave forAmericans.

5: Interchangeable parts Interchangeable parts where invented by Eli Whitney. Before interchangeable parts, most items or goods were produced by skilled workers who made each item by hand. Whitney's idea of interchangeable parts made it possible to put together and repair things a lot quicker.

6: Hero When Andrew Jackson was 13 he joined the Continental Army. Him and his two brothers joined the Revolutionary War. He also fought in the War of 1812. So in many American's eyed Jackson as a hero. In 1824 Andrew Jackson ran for president. Even though Jackson won the popular vote he didn't win the electoral vote. He complained about the lost election of 1824. He said it was a "Stolen Election" But Andrew Jackson would get a second chance because during his campaign he got the people on his side because he convinced many people to believe that the election was stolen from him.

7: More Child Labor Lucy Larcom was a worker at the mills at age 11. She recalls her life in the mill. "We did not call ourselves ladies. We did not forget that we were working girls,wearing aprons suitable to our work, and that there was some danger of our becoming drudges. " | Child labor was pretty common during the industrial revolution. The Lowell Offering was a magazine written about the different mill girls.

8: Growing Pains With the nation growing it caused many people to move westward but it wasn't as easy as thought. The roads were were just base stones. Toll roads did help the money problem. River travel was definitely an advantage at this time. It was much more comfortable then the bumpy roads. But most rivers flowed north to south not east to west. The idea of America's want to travel west caused Robert Fulton to build a powerful steamboat. Another way to help this problem was to build artificial r waterways, also known as canals. Many immigrants would build these canals.

9: Era of Good Feeling Ends The era known as the good feeling was soon not so good. With the nation expanding ,sectionalism became a huge problem at this time. Most Americans felt very strong allegiance to the region where they were located or lived. They either thought of themselves as Northerners, Southerners Westerners. These section of the United States disagreed on many issues in the government such as slavery and tariffs, national banks, internal improvements and many other issues. Now many Congressmen were beginning to become spokesperson for their regions.

10: View point on Britain Changed At the end of the American Revolution in 1783, the USA had been mad about the failure of the British withdraw. from America and they got the British off the Great Lakes. This led to a war between the U.S.and the British. U.S. forces were not ready for the war but it didn't matter. | . The Americas got into the war anyways . Finally when the war ended the pride of America grew much higher. But Americans finally realized that peace needed to developed with Britain. The idea of being friends started with the the many treaties to come like the Rush-Bagot Treaty which set limits on the vessels on the Great Lakes.

11: Child Labor With the growth of cotton demand. Many children were forced to go to work to help support their families. Instead of going to school the children worked many hours in factories for low wages. These children were often treated cruelly such as not being provided enough food or beaten . | These problems still happen through out the world today.

12: Fights against Banks The Bank of the United States was very powerful. Citizens had no control over these banks.It controlled a lot of the country's money. Henry Clay and Daniel Weber thought of a way to defeat Jackson. They thought they would get a government permit to operate banks. But Jackson vetoed it. This veto would win the Election of 1832 for Jackson,because the majority of the people loved that decision.

13: Tariff Debate One big issue during the Jackson Presidency was tariffs (which were a fee paid by merchants who imported goods). South Carolina thought the 1832 tariff was too high. So South Carolina got the idea to pass a Ordinance of Nullification which rejected the Tariff. | South Carolina threatened to leave the Union or to secede from the Union. This started an interesting thought. If a state disagreed with the government could they separate? This crisis passed, but this crisis would lead into a war in 30 years

14: The Clash of Two Cultures The United States still was expanding west in the 1830s but many Native Americas still lived in the eastern part of the country. Their tribes were not dumb they were very civilized. Many people wanted to force the Native Americans off their land. Andrew Jackson was in favor of getting the American Indian land. So with the idea of this Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. This act | allowed the government to buy the Native Americans land. Then Jackson sent treaties to the Native Americans. Most felt compelled to accept money for their land.

15: Trail of Tears In 1838 as a part of Andrew Jackson's removal act, the Cherokee was now forced to give up its land east of the Mississippi river. They moved westward in what today is Oklahoma. The journey had very bad conditions. They went through terrible rain. The Cherokee faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the terrible march. Over 4,000 out of 15,000 Cherokee died. They ended up marching around 1,200 through Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri.

16: The Monroe The Monroe Doctrine was the policy that threatened the the hard working freedom we had. This policy statement made by President Monroe in 1823 warned the Europeans. We stated that we would stay on our side if they stayed on their side. But the United States never did have the military power to back up this policy.But it was important for up to 170 years or more.

17: Indians Fight Back! In 1832 Black Hawk Warriors fought back against the Americans. The were fighting to go back to their homeland. They wanted what was theirs. But the militia and federal troops fought back and chased the Indians along the Mississippi River. The Americans killed most of them. The Government also tried getting the Seminoles to sign a treaty. | But they wouldn't, so the Seminoles decided to go to war with the U.S.A. By 1842 more than 1,500 soldiers were killed. So the U.S. decided to back out of the war.

18: hh | Cultural changes Fashions in clothing changed often during the 1800s. Ladies had light, muslin dresses, low cut, and short hair. Hats and caps with feathers were also very popular. The first lottery also bean in the early 1800s. | b

19: Rights begin to change Andrew Jackson, our 7th president, promised "equal protection and equal benefits." During his presidency equality was a command thing through his first term. Before Andrew Jackson only white wealthy men got to vote because | only men who payed taxes and owned property could vote. But by this time states loosened or got rid of this rule This was a step to expand the right to vote in the future.

20: Change And Continuity There are many things that have changed between now and the 1800s. Mostly the technological advances that have come with modern science. Things like cars,computers, and cell phones. These inventions make our everyday lives easier. There are still many things that stayed the same between now and the early 1800s. Today there are still many different cultures. Sometimes these cultures clash and disagreements arise within our country but they do not lead to war. Today racism still goes on through out the U.S. However movement towards equality has progressed. Present day U.S. has obviously benefited from the technological advances because these invention make our life 100x easier. But inventions do take away jobs and the economy does struggle.Some of the inventions can be used for destruction such as guns, bombs, and etc.

21: Oregon With many Americas moving west many Americans wanted to gain states likeOregon. With this idea John Adams created the Adams-Onis Treaty which resolved some land claims and claimed that some land was both America's and Spain's. The first Americans to reached this area of Oregon were called Mountain Men. They were fur traders. They trapped many animals and even created fur companies. | Their life's were very relaxing and peaceful up in the undeveloped tcountry.

22: Oregon Fever Throughout America Oregon became more and popular and the more and more people headed west to Oregon. But this trip was still very difficult with their wagons.The Oregon Trail was across the Great Plains.As more and more people from the East made it over to the West the number one question became ownership of the land in Oregon.This issue even decided the 1844 election. President Polk won this election because most people wanted to make Oregon the U.S, not Spain. Finally Polk reached peace with Spain and part of Oregon became the U.S.

23: Texas growing! More and more people at this time were moving to places like Texas like Davey Crockett who moved to Texas to begin a new life after politics. But Texas was owned by the Mexicans. By the 1830s Texans really wanted freedom so they offered to buy the land. But the Mexicans were weary of the Americans. During the 1830s the Texan population started to outgrow the Mexican population.

24: Tensions Escalate During the 1830's many conflicts grew between the Texans and the Mexicans. The Texans would talk down about Mexicans and their leaders. But after some inflammatory remarks the Mexicans became angry. Mexican leader Santa Anna sent his troops into Texas. But Santa Anna would eventually lose the battle. But this was the beginning of what was called the Texan Revolution. After this battle Texans started asking for Volunteers. They would offer free land to people that volunteered.

25: Alamo After the the Texans victory at San Antonio, Santa Anna became very mad. So Santa Ann marched his troops back into San Antonio. Even though the Texans had gunpowder this was still an unfair match. The Texans had around 180 soldiers while the Mexicans had a couple thousand troops.Defeat was inevitable. But this did not change what the Texans believed in. People like Davey Crockett were very determined. Eventually a message was sent to the government to have more troops come and help.

26: 12 Long Days | Everyone died for the Texans. Only a few women, children and some servants were able to tell the story. Finally the sides would reach peace.It would not last. | The Alamo defenders kept the Mexicans at bay for 12 days but finally a cannon blew through the Texan's wall. But the Texans did receive help from some of the Mexicans. But it still wouldn't help. The Texans were just too out numbered.

27: Not Peace Yet With president James Polk wanting to get California and the New Mexico territories, fights began breaking out again for land. Mexico already had tension with the Americans. The Mexican government announced plans to take back Texas. This lead to renewed fighting between the U.S. and Mexico. After many battles a peace treaty was finally obtained.

28: Secret is Out After James Marshall discovered gold in the beginning of 1848 the got out. Many people from around the world came to California for search of gold. In only one year 6 million dollars of gold was found. With the population coming in fast many boom towns were being formed. The economy was growing in soaring numbers until finally the gold rush ended. It didn't stop people from coming to California though. Many people stayed and created there own businesses there.

29: Thinking Like A Historian Andrew Jackson caused many events to happen. Since he was our president he was a big factor in what to do with serious decisions like gaining land. He decided on Indian Removal. The past is similar to the present becauseBlacks and Indian still get discriminated against in present day U.S.A. Decisions made on obtaining land have tremendously effected today's world. First of all the U.S. gained territory by these actions but at tremendous costs and and hopefully learned about fairness. At that time the people thrived on ownership of land. It seemed like there cared about that more then anything.

30: Citation "A Life in Brief."American Present:Andrew Jackson.The University of Virgina, 2010. Web. 25 Apr 2010. Sutton,Bettye."The 1800-1810s. "19th Century American Culture 1800-1810-Kingwood college. Kingwood College Library 06 2008. Web. 25 Apr 2010. . Appleby,Joyce.The American Republic.1st. United States of America: The McGrawHill,2005.432-505.Print.

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