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Fabulous Fifteen

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FC: Georgia Studies Fabulous Fifteen

1: Brasstown Bald | Brasstown Bald has the title of the highest peak in Georgia, with an elevation of 4,784 feet. Did you know that on a clear day it's possible to see Atlanta's skyscrapers! It has made my top 15 list because I have always wanted to go to Brasstown Bald and go to the very top of the mountain and look out over the mountain.

2: Paleo Indians | The Paleo Indians were one of the oldest prehistoric civilizations ever. Most of there tools were made out of stone. However, very few places the Paleo's roamed are not known because they took most of there tools with them when they moved locations. | The reason I chose the Paleo Indians is because they are my favorite out of all the Indian tribes. I think it is so cool that they followed there food source wherever they went

3: The Renaissance Period | The Renaissance period started in 1351 AD and ended in the year 1600 AD. The term Renaissance means rebirth. During the Renaissance there truly was a rebirth. There was a increase of learning, invention,trade, and medicine. One of the inventions that helped shape our world today was the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. I Chose The Renaissance period as one of my top 15 because it helped create the world we have today and I loved learning about it. | The Printing Press

4: The Salzburgers | The Salzburgers were protestants who came over to Georgia from Germany in 1734 seeking religious freedom. The settled on a place they called Ebenezer on the Savannah River. Later however, they moved to a different location because they were on a swamp and many people were getting sick. The Salzburgers were hard workers and achieved many of Georgia's firsts like the first orphanage, first church building, the first church bell, and the first grist, rice, and saw mill. I chose the Salzburgers as one of the fabulous fifteen because they achieved many first and without there knowledge we wouldn't be where we are today.

5: Mary Musgrove | Mary Musgrove was the translator for Tomachichi and James Oglethorpe. She did more than translate though. She established trading posts along the Altamaha river for Oglethorpe.He wanted her to do this so she could keep an eye out on the Creek Indians and make sure they weren't breaking the treaty. I chose Mary Musgrove because she is a very influential woman. Without her we would not have some of the land we have today.

6: James Oglethorpe came over from England and founded Georgia. He came because he wanted to buy land for a debtors colony because his friend died in a debtors prison. To get the land he had to negotiate with Tomachichi, the chief of the Yamacraws. | The chief only spoke in the Yamacraws native tongue so Mary Musgrove acted as the translator for the two. James Oglethorpe played a HUGE role in the founding of Georgia. After all we wouldn't live where we do if it wasn't for him. This is why I chose him for one of my Fabulous Fifteen. | James Oglethorpe

7: Sequoyah was a Cherokee Indian who developed the Cherokee Syllabary. Many of the Cherokee Indians thought that the syllabary would never work. Sequoyah didn't believe them so he taught it to his daughter who learned it in just a couple of weeks. Thanks to his Syllabary, Indians could write letters to each other and they created the first newspaper. Without Sequoyah's knowledge, Indians would have never of advanced with their way of communication. Thus, we would not know what we know now about the Cherokee. | Sequoyah

8: Sherman's March to the Sea | In November of 1864 Sherman gathered his troops and marched through Georgia and they destroyed everything in their path. The troops destroyed railroads, confederate arsenal's, and burned everything that might be useful to the confederacy. | But one of the most important things he took was Savannah. He captured Savannah in December, 1864 and telegraphed president Lincoln and offered it as a Christmas present. Sherman's march was an important and devastating moment in history. This is why it is in my top fifteen list.

9: Boll Weevil | The Boll Weevil is an insect that came to the United States Mexico. The Boll Weevil feeds on cotton which many people were growing during that time. It would go into fields and eat the white cotton fibers in the cotton buds causing it to die. Many farmer's tried to get rid of this pesky little bug, but the insecticide that farmer's used would bring more insects to the cotton. This tiny insect ended the "King Cotton" in Georgia. The Boll Weevil caused much destruction in Georgia and other parts of the U.S. This just brought America closer to each other and taught people patience. This is why it is in my Fabulous Fifteen

10: Eugene Talmadge | Eugene Talmadge was the 67th governor of Georgia. He won his first election in county unit votes. Eugene was racist and of course a white supremacist, which meant he thought of whites being better or superior to African-American's. He didn't like Franklin Delano Roosevelt opposed the New Deal because he was a racist. Eugene didn't do much for Georgia but lower taxes, yet somehow he got voted in office four times! Eugene Talmadge didn't do much for Georgia but I think that's why he remembered so well. It could also be because of his glasses, red suspenders, shirtsleeves, and his famous "stump"! At least that's how I remember Eugene and that's why he's in my top fifteen.

11: Sibley Commission | The Sibley Commission was a committee that interviewed many people in Georgia to find their opinion on integration. Many of those people however, were against the idea of integration so the government decided to let the school district decide for themselves if they wanted to integrate. This was just the step we needed. This was a major contributer to the advancement of Georgia. This is why it's my top fifteen.

12: Andrew Young | Andrew Young was a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference who marched with Martin Luther King. Andrew ran for mayor of Atlanta and won. He replaced Maynard Jackson. Andrew was one of the main people who helped bring the Olympics to Georgia | Without Andrew as Governor we would have never had the publicity we have know because of the Olympics and segregation. These are the reasons he is in my top Fifteen.

13: Jimmy Carter | Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the U.S. and the governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975. During his title as President Jimmy Carter negotiated peace between Israel and Egypt. Jimmy Carter also had some bad moments during his presidency; There was high energy costs, inflation, and the Iran Hostage Crisis. Jimmy Carter is in my top fifteen because he was apart of very important events and he was one of our presidents and everyone should learn about him.

14: 1996 Olympics | The 1996 Olympics brought a lot of money and jobs to Georgia, because facilities needed to be built for the many people who were coming to see the Olympics.The Olympics also brought publicity from the U.S. and also internationally since many of the athletes participating in the Olympics is from other countries. The reason I chose the Olympics to be in my Fabulous Fifteen is because it brought a lot of much needed attention to our state.

15: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport | The Hartsfield -Jackson Airport is named after William B. Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson. It is ranked as the busiest airport in the world flying both domestically and internationally. Also the airport can recieve international goods to ship wherever they may need to go . Without the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport we would not be able to go where we would want to without traveling to a different state.

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