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Famous 50 for Freshman

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BC: The End

FC: FAMOUS 50 FOR FRESHMAN Thrisha Oruganti

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

2: Indifferent (adj) Without interest or concern, not caring -Her indifferent attitude irritated me. Synonyms: -Mediocre -Undistinguished -Uninspired Antonyms: -Caring -Compassionate -Interested

3: Apathy (n) Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement -Her work was poor because she was filled with apathy. Synonyms: -Coolness -Indifference -Insensitivity -Stoicism Antonyms: -Ardor -Fever -Interest

4: Obscure (adj) Not clear or plain -The meaning behind her words was obscure (v) To conceal by confusing; to make dark, dim, indistinct -He tried to obscure the key by putting it behind the pillow Synonyms: -Arcane -Cryptic -Illogical Antonyms: -Apparent -Clear -Explicit

5: Ambiguous (adj) Open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations -The ambiguous question confused us Synonyms: -Cryptic -Muddy -Opaque Antonyms: -Clear -Definite -Explicit | (It's a duck and a bunny)

6: All things grow better with love. | Impartial (adj) Not partial or biased; fair; just Synonyms: -Fair -Unbiased -Equitable Antonyms: -Biased -Discriminating -Prejudiced

7: Objective (n) Purpose, goal -The objective of the project was unknown (adj) Not influenced by personal feelings -If you are a parent, you must be objective about your kids. Synonyms: -Detached -Evenhanded -Uninvolved Antonyms: -Partial -Prejudiced -Subjective

8: Revere (v) To regard with respect tinged with awe -Everyone revered the headmaster Synonyms: -Admire -Adore -Prize Antonyms: -Despise -Hate -Detest

9: Discriminate (v) To make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than the actual merit -They discriminated against the African Americans (adj) Marked by discrimination -The discriminate people were detested by the crowd Synonyms: -Favor -Segregate Antonyms: -Unify -Come together

10: Denounce (v) To condemn or censure openly or publicly -He was denounced at the parade. Synonyms: -Accuse -Blame -Scold Antonyms: -Approve -Command -Compliment

11: Innovate (v) To introduce something new; make changes in anything established -They innovated a different type of computer and were extremely famous. Synonyms: -Commence -Enter -Induct Antonyms: -Close -End -Terminate

12: Subtle (adj) Thin, tenuous; fine or delicate in meaning or interest -There was subtle irony in the passage. Synonyms: -Quiet -Delicate Antonyms: -Harsh -Noisy

13: Stagnant (adj) Not flowing or running, as water, air, etc. -The stagnant water tasted stale Synonyms: -Brackish -Dead -Filthy Antonyms: -Clean -Fresh -Flowing

14: Candid (adj) Frank; outspoken; open and sincere -Her actions were not as candid as they appeared Synonyms: -Bluff -Blunt Antonyms: -Deceitful -Planned

15: Discern (v) To distinguish mentally; to recognize as distinct or different -She was not able to discern the difference in the pictures Synonyms: -Anticipate -Determine Antonyms: -Disregard -Ignore

16: Hypocritical (adj) Acting like a person who pretends to have beliefs that they do not actually uphold. -He was very hypocritical to his sister about certain subjects Synonyms: Artificial, insincere, lying Antonyms: Truthful

17: Disdain (v) To look upon or treat with contempt -She disdained the old book. (n) A feeling of contempt for anything regarded as unworthy -The child was looked at with disdain Synonyms(v): Belittle, scout, slight Antonyms (v): Admire, approve, esteem Synonyms (n): Antipathy, arrogance, aversion Antonyms (n): Admiration, esteem

18: Abstract (adj) Thought of apart from concrete realities -Her idea was very abstract Synonyms (adj): Complex, Deep Antonyms (adj): Actual, Concrete

19: Valid (adj) Sound, just, well-founded -They had valid reasons Synonyms: Accurate, legal Antonyms: Invalid, false, unreal

20: Enigma (n) A puzzling or inexplicable occurance or situation, a puzzling character -Her disappearance and swift reappearance was a strange enigma Synonyms: Accurate, compelling Antonyms: Clear, definite

21: Inevitable (adj) Unable to be avoided, evaded -The accident was inevitable (n) That which is not avoidable -The inevitable is not avoidable Synonyms: Unavoidable, certain Antonyms: Undecided, fortuitous

22: Eccentric (adj) Deviating from the customary character -Her behavior was eccentric Synonyms: Droll, erratic Antonyms: Boring, dull (n) Something that is unusual, peculiar, odd -The eccentric walked away oddly Synonyms: Loner, original Antonyms: Normal, standard

23: Provincial (adj) Belonging to a particular province -The provincial newspaper was widely read. Synonyms: Bucolic, country, uniformed, unsophisticated

24: Inferred (v) To derive by reasoning -The inferred answer was not explicitly stated. Synonyms: Assume, believe, judge, reason

25: Diverse (adj) Of a different kind, form, or character -The group of friends was diverse. Synonyms: Assorted, distinct, several, varied

26: Apprehensive (adj) Uneasy or fearful about something that might happen -The girl was apprehensive as the car pulled up. Synonyms: Alarmed, doubtful, uneasy, uncertain

27: Vulnerable (adj) Capable of being susceptible to wound or hurt -They were vulnerable without armor Antonyms: Closed, guarded, protected, safe

28: Benevolent (adj) Characterized by expressing goodwill or kindly feelings -The benevolent angels granted the children a wish. Synonyms: Altruistic, helpful, humane, liberal

29: Pious (adj) Having or showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for god or an earnest wish to fulfill religious obligations -The pious man was benevolent Synonyms: Devoted, devout, orthodox, spiritual

30: Skeptical (adj) Having doubt -They were skeptical of the plan. Synonyms: Doubtful, unsure, dubious, questioning

31: Resignation (n) The act of resigning -The president's resignation shocked everyone. Synonyms: Abandonment, withdrawal, vacating Antonym: Taking on

32: Illuminate (v) To make brighter; to shed knowledge upon -The illuminated people illuminated the room. Synonyms: Brighten, enlighten Antonyms: Cloud, darken, obscure

33: Resolution (n) A resolve or determination -The resolution was one of determination Synonyms: Dedication, energy, intent, verdict

34: Servile (adj) Slavishly submissive or obsequious -The servant was not as servile as he should have been. Synonyms: Beggarly, unresisting, passive Antonym: Aggressive, dominant

35: Refute (v) To prove to be false or erroneous -The belief was refuted Synonyms: Cancel, expose Antonyms: Endorse, prove

36: Anarchy (n) A society without a government; chaos -There was anarchy in the city. Synonyms: Chaos, confusion, disorganization, unrest

37: Virulent (adj) Actively poisonous -The virulent air slaughtered the herd. Synonyms: Venomous, vicious, deadly, destructive

38: Miser (n) A person who lives in wretched circumstances in order to save money -The miser was greedy and never donated anything. Synonyms: Hoarder, penny-pincher Antonyms: Spender, wastrel

39: Articulate (adj) Uttered clearly in distinct syllables -The articulate professor was a great public speaker. Synonyms: Clear, coherent Antonyms: Misinterpreted, unclear (v) To utter clearly and distinctly -Everyone articulated each verse Synonyms: Enunciate, express, say Antonyms: Mumble

40: Discord (adj) Constant in effort to accmoplish something -They were diligent workers Synonyms: Active, assiduous, steadfast Antonyms: Lazy, inactive

41: Perceptive (adj) Having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition -The kids were very perceptive for eight-year-olds. Synonyms: Insightful, objective Antonyms: Dense, insensitive

42: Superficial (adj)Shallow; not profound or thorough -She's very superficial- she only cares about material things. Synonyms: Empty, shallow, trivial Antonyms: Deep

43: Contempt (n) The state of being despised, sishonor; disgrace -She was regarded with contempt. Synonyms: Audacity, malice, repugnant Antonyms: Admiration

44: Lucid (adj) Easily understood; shining or bright -Her lucid speech was easy to understand Synonyms: Clear, distinct, explicit, Antonyms: Foggy

45: Immune (adj) Protected from a disease -She was immune to malaria. Synonyms: Clear, exempt, free Antonyms: Susceptible, vulnerable

46: Aesthetic (adj) Pertaining to the sense of beauty -THere was great aesthetic appeal to the building Synonyms: Artistic, creative, gorgeous, beautiful

47: Prodigal (adj) Wastefully or recklessly extravagant -I don't want to be a prodigal person. Synonyms: Lavish, wasteful, extravagant Antonyms: Careful

48: Inclined (adj) Disposed, of a mind to; leaning -She was inclined to leave Synonyms: Bend, favor Antonyms: Avoid, divert

49: Uniform (adj) Constant, unwavering -The uniform law was never broken. Synonyms: Compatible, constant, invariable, static (n) An identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank -The school's uniforms were ugly. Synonyms: Dress, garb, attire, suit

50: Assess (v) To estimate the value of; evaluate -THey assessed the paper and gave it a 75. Synonyms: Guess, judge, survey, value

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