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Famous 50 for Freshmen

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BC: Verb; to estimate officially the value of as a basis for taxation | Synonyms: Appraise and Adjust Antonyms: Uncomfortable and Dispraise | Sentence: The government assessed the shops, with great detail. | WORD: ASSESS



2: Adj; without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic | Synonyms: Mediocre and Undistinguished Antonym: Concerned and Exceptional | Sentence: Martha was so indifferent from any other guy that George met. | WORD: INDIFFERENT

4: Noun; absence or suppression of passion, emotional or excitement | Synonyms: Coolness and Concerned Antonyms: Ardor and Fervor | Sentence: The girl was apathy towards that guy. | WORD: APATHY

6: Adj; Not Clear or Plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain | Synonyms: Doubtful and Dubious Antonyms: Certain and Clear | Sentence: She was so obscure about how she looked. | WORD: OBSCURE

8: Adj; Open to of heaving several possible meanings or interpretations | Synonyms: Puzzling and Cryptic Antonyms: Explicit and Certain | Sentence: The ambiguous passage was confusing. | WORD: AMBIGUOUS

10: Adj; Not partial or biased; fair | Synonyms: Unbiased and Unprejudiced Antonyms: Biased and Prejudice | Sentence: Most people were impartial after Martin Luther King Jr. | WORD: IMPARTIAL

12: Noun; Something that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish | Synonyms: Object and Destination Antonym: Personal and Deep | Sentence: The objective of the mission is critical | WORD: OBJECTIVE

14: Verb; To regard with respect tinged with awe; venerate | Synonyms: Reverence and Honor Antonyms: Disrespect and Hate | Sentence: The child revered his mother. | WORD: REVERE

16: Verb; to make a favor of or against a person thing on the basis of the group | Synonyms: Against and Hate Antonyms: For and Good | Sentence: A mark that discriminates in favor of his relatives. | WORD: DISCRIMINATE

18: Verb; to condemn or censure openly or publicly | Synonyms: Attack and Blame Antonyms: Praise and Commend | Sentence: The Judge denounced the prisoner. | WORD: DENOUNCE

20: Verb; to introduce something new; make changes in anything established | Synonyms: Revolutionize and Invent Antonyms: Stagnate and Not Creative | Sentence: The Board of Wake County innovated new requirements for graduation. | WORD: INNOVATE

22: Adj; thin, tenuous, or rarefied, as a fluid or an order | Synonyms: Shy and Tricky Antonyms: Nice and Trustworthy | Sentence: A subtle liar. | WORD: SUBTLE

24: Adj; not flowing or running | Synonyms: Dormant and Lifeless Antonyms: Alive and Hardworking | Sentence: The water was very stagnant, this winter. | WORD: STAGNANT

26: Adj; Frank; outspoken; and open and sincere | Synonyms: Ingenious and Naive Antonyms: Creative and Complicated | Sentence: The candid photo. | WORD: CANDID

28: Verb; to perceive by the sight; or some other sense by the sight; or some other sense or by the intellect | Synonyms: Discover and Descry Antonyms: Not Credit and Prejudice | Sentence: They discerned the sail on the horizon. | WORD: DISCERN

30: Noun; a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs | Synonyms: Deceiver and Pretender Antonyms: Trustworthy and Assembler | Sentence: Hypocritical people have no personal beliefs. | WORD: HYPOCRITICAL

32: Verb; to look upon or treat with contempt, despise; scorn | Synonyms: Contemn and Spurn Antonyms: Accept and Admiration | Sentence: The boy disdained the girl that he loves. | WORD: DISDAIN

34: Adj; thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances | Synonym: Draw and Untouchable Antonym: Touchable and Feel | Sentence: The abstract idea is beauty. | WORD: ABSTRACT

36: Adj; Sound; just; well and found | Synonym: Substantial and Convincing Antonym: False and Wrong | Sentence: A valid reason for something important. | WORD: VALID

38: Noun; a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation | Synonym: Problem and Conflict Antonym: Solution and Resolution | Sentence: His disappearance is an enigma that has given rise to much speculation. | WORD: ENIGMA

40: Adj; unable to be avoided evaded,or escaped; certain necessary | Synonym: Can't and Occur Antonym: Avoided and Escaped | Sentence: The inevitable end of human life is death. | WORD: INEVITABLE

42: Adj; deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc. | Synonyms: Strange and Weird Antonyms: Normal and Regular | Sentence: An eccentric person is not being weird, its better than being normal. | WORD: ECCENTRIC

44: Adj; belonging or peculiar to some particular province;local. | Synonyms: Rural and Small Town Antonyms: City and Urban | Sentence: The provincial customs were original. | WORD: PROVINCIAL

46: Verb; to derive by reasoning; conclude or judge from evidence | Synonyms: Deduce and Guess Antonyms: Know and Reduce | Sentence: They inferred his displeasure from his tone of voice. | WORD: INFERRED

48: Adj; of a different kind, form, character, etc.; unlike | Synonyms: Varied and Manifold Antonyms: Same and Alike | Sentence: There are a lot of diverse cultures in the world. | WORD: DIVERSE

50: Adj; Uneasy or fearful about something that might happen | Synonyms: Fear and Sadness Antonyms: Happy and Slow | Sentence: Apprehensive for the safety of the mountain climbers. | WORD: APPREHENSIVE

52: Adj; Capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon | Synonyms: Wounded and Killed Antonyms: Cured and Fine | Sentence: A vulnerable part of the body, the heart. | WORD: VULNERABLE

54: Adj; Characterized by your expressing good will or kindly feeling | Synonyms: Good and Kind Antonyms: Cruel and Mean | Sentence: A benevolent attitude made her smile. | WORD: BENEVOLENT

56: Adj; Having or showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for god or an earnest wish to fulfill relgious obligations. | Synonyms: Devout and Godly Antonyms: Not devoted and Not Committed | Sentence: People who are pious are devoted to the church. | WORD: PIOUS

58: Adj; inclined skepticism; having doubt | Synonyms: Skeptic and Unbelieving Antonyms: Believable and Confident | Sentence: A skeptical young women was very pretty. | WORD: SKEPTICAL

60: Noun; the act of resigning | Synonyms: Patience and Compliance Antonyms: Recalcitrance and Strong | Sentence: Mary resigned the position of manager. | WORD: RESIGNATION

62: Verb; to supply or brighten with light; light up; and reveal truth | Synonyms: Clarify and Explain Antonyms: Darken and Infer | Sentence: Everyone illuminated when they heard the news. | WORD: ILLUMINATE

64: Noun; a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting. | Synonyms: Resolve and Strength Antonyms: Weak and Problem | Sentence: They need to make a firm resolution of something. | WORD: RESOLUTION

66: Adj; slavishly submissive of obsequious | Synonyms: Cringing and SycophanticAntonyms: Aggressive and Exalted | Sentence: People that are servile were treated poorly. | WORD: SERVILE

68: Verb; to prove to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge | Synonyms: Disprove and Confute Antonyms: True and Approve | Sentence: People have been refuted a lot. | WORD: REFUTE

70: Noun; a state of society without a government or law | Synonyms: No Government and Theory Antonyms: Government and Story | Sentence: The anarchy was very chaotic. | WORD: ANARCHY

72: Adj; actively poisonous; intensely noxious | Synonyms: Venomous and Vicious Antonyms: Harmless and Peaceful | Sentence: Virulent bites are horrible, but treatable. | WORD: VIRULENT

74: Noun; a person who lives in bad circumstances in order to save and hoard money | Synonyms: Skinflint and Tightwad Antonyms: Giving and Nice | Sentence: The miser kept hoarding money from children. | WORD: MISER

76: Adj; uttered clearly in distinct syllables | Synonyms: Expressive and Enunciate Antonyms: Mumble and Unintelligible | Sentence: To articulate the speech they need to be specific. | WORD: ARTICULATE

78: Noun; lack of concord or harmony between persons or things | Synonyms: Conflict and Struggle Antonyms: Resolve and Solved | Sentence: The discord between those two people were terrible. | WORD: DISCORD

80: Adj; constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything | Synonyms: Industrious and Tireless Antonyms: Awake and Fast | Sentence: The diligent student is a hard worker. | WORD: DILIGENT

82: Adj; having showing keenness of insight or understanding | Synonyms: Discern and Sensitive Antonyms: Argue and Intensive | Sentence: A perceptive analysis of a problem is involved. | WORD: PERCEPTIVE

84: Adj; being at, on, or near the surface | Synonyms: Top and Surface Antonyms: Below and Under | Sentence: The wound was superficial. | WORD: SUPERFICIAL

86: Noun; the feeling which a person regards anything considered mean | Synonyms: Disdain and Scorn Antonyms: Happy and Exciting | Sentence: People are contempt to do bad things. | WORD: CONTEMPT

88: Adj; easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensive | Synonyms: Plain and Obvious Antonyms: Obscure and Dim | Sentence: A lucid explanation. | WORD: LUCID

90: Adj; protected from a disease or the like as by inoculation | Synonyms: Fight and Against Antonyms: Let and Keep | Sentence: The immune system really helps fight diseases. | WORD: IMMUNE

92: Adj; pertaining to a sense of the beautiful | Synonyms: Discriminating and Refined Antonyms: Equal and Fined | Sentence: To do aesthetics you have to be focused. | WORD: AESTHETIC

94: Adj; deviating in direction from the horizontal or vertical sloping | Synonyms: Steep and High Antonyms: Shallow and Short | Sentence: The inclined slope was very steep. | WORD: INCLINED

96: Adj; wastefully or recklessly extravagant | Synonyms: Crazy and Waster Antonyms: Cautious and Provident | Sentence: The man was prodigal with money. | WORD: PRODIGAL

98: Adj; identical or consistent | Synonyms: Precise and Exact Antonyms: Imprecise and Unclear | Sentence: The uniform was very precise. | WORD: UNIFORM

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