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Famous Figures Throughout History

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S: Our Book Of Fame

BC: Don't cry we will make another

FC: Famous | Figures | throughout | History | By: Austin Walker, Jordan Wilkes, and Jenna Stanley

1: You are sharing with Austin Walker. I am going to do Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Henry Ford, and John Hancock. | Jenna Stanley I am doing President Barack Obama, Michael Buble, Andrew Jackson, Clara Barton, Christopher Columbus. | its Jordan Wilkes i'm doing Wilb Chamberlin. Denzel Washingtomn | What do you guys wanna do for the back cover? AND NOT A SILLY GOOSE!!! | Micheal Jordan dunkin | NOT THE SMILY FACE IT REALLY ODD.

2: Michael Bublé | Michael Bublé is a well known singer. He has became well known for the following songs: Crazy Love, Fever, his remake of Crazy Little thing Called Love. He has a new song by the name of Hollywood.. His home country is Canada | Michael Buble

3: He was discovered by a Canadian Prime Minister by the name of Brian Mulroney. Michael was looking to give up his career in music, and get a job in media. In 2000 Michael had a gig and Brian happened to be there. He was impressed with his performance. Later Michael was introduced to a music producer by the name of David Foster, who took him under his wing. Since then he has became a really well known artist. He recently went on tour.

4: President Barack Obama | Barack Obama, is the first African American President. He is married, and has two daughters. He was born August 4, 1962, in Hawaii. His parents are: Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. His daughter's names are Malia and Sasha. During most of his life he lived in Chicago, Illinois and eventually became a member of the state senate.

5: Barack loves the political world. There has been one thing that has bothered him for his whole life, and that is the absence of his father. His mother and father split up when Barack was only two years old. Since his parents got a divorce Barack has only seen his father one time. He sometimes wonders what he would be like is his father had stayed. He is an important man in history and will always be remembered.

6: Andrew Jackson | Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States.He joined the Continental Army during the revolutionary war. He became nationally known as a hero following his defeat over the British Army in the battle in New Orleans in 1815.

7: He became Florida's military governor in 1819. Soon after he bought slaves built a mansion, the Hermatige, near Nashville. He was the first man to be elected in The House of Representatives, he also served briefly in the Senate. Jackson ran for president in 1824. He did not win. He later ran again and became president in 1829.

8: Clara Barton | Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She is the youngest of five children, and she grew up in a middle-class family. She is known as the founder of the American Red Cross. Even though she was known as the founder of the Red Cross the only experience she had was taking care of her sick brother. Clara organized a relief program for soldiers.

9: At only 17 Clara became a school teacher. For six years she taught several different schools. Eventually she established her own school in North Oxford. At the age of twenty-nine she wanted a change. She went into to Liberal Institute in New York. She has always been known as a women who has changed a lot of things in History. | Clara Barton

10: Christopher Columbus | Christopher Columbus is an Italian Spanish navigator. He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a route to Asia. Instead he landed upon a new land. Columbus was not the first European to reach the Americas. Vikings had been there before. The 15th century changed many things in History.

11: Columbus was born in an Italian port in Genoa. He was born on August 25 or October 31, 1451. Historical studies have still have not shown the exact date. His name in Italian was Christofo Colombo. Columbus moved to Spain in 1485. Christopher's father was a wool weaver, and his mother was the daughter of a wool weaver. Columbus had four younger siblings. He was the oldest. He had three brothers and one sister.

12: Jenna's sources | Andrew Jackson Biography. 8 December 2010 . Andrew Jackson Black shirt image. 8 December 2010 . Andrew Jackson in the army. The last battle of the war in 1812. 8 December 2010 . Barack Obama Biography. 6 December 2010 . Barack obama family photo. Obama family moves. 7 December 2010 . Christopher Colubus in a hat image. Christpher Columbus. 10 December 2010 . Christopher Columbus Biography. 10 December 2010 .

15: LT is a running back for the Jets he used to be a running back for the Chargers. He has had over 1,000 rushing yards in one hole season. LT has gotten 3,046 yards attempt with the Chargers. HE IS STILL THE BEST RUNNING BACK THAT ANY TEAM COULD EVER HAVE. SO STOP CRYIN!!!!;) | -Wilkyboo

17: He was born in 1946 he was raised in New Haven, Connecticut. He was our 43th President . He was a student at Yale. He had won the election in 2004 over Sen. John Kerry. His dad was a former U.S. President. He had received his degree from Yale. He got elected in Texas twice in 1994 and 1998. | -Wilkyboo

18: George Carver Washington

19: He was born in Kansas. He started his life as a slave. He had became a kidnap victim for the knight riders. His first was Neosho in Kansas. He was the inventor of PEANUTBUTTER!! For college he tried to attended Iowa for Mechanical Arts. But was turned down because he came from a African heritage. | -Wilkyboo

20: Albert Einstein

21: He was born in Germany March 14, 1879. He trained in Zurich to become a teacher and got his diploma from there. Einstein attended a Catholic School near his home.But, at age 10, Einstein was transferred to the "Luitpold Gymnasium. | -Wilkyboo

22: Edgar Degas

23: Edgar Degas was a famous artist. Edgar was born July 19, 1834, Paris, France. His real name was Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas. He had his own type of painting he liked to have fun while he painted. | -Wilkyboo

25: Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He was the one who fought slavery. He tried to ban slavery from America. This was what started the Civil War. The Civil War was fought between the north and the south. Abrahan Lincoln fought for the north, which was against slavery. They one after years of fighting. He also was the one who pronounced the Gettysburg Address. He re-read our natural rights and freedoms and said that the Civil War was the "New birth of freedom", in under two minutes! He was also my favorite president! | -Austin Walker

27: Martin Luther King | Many people know Martin Luther King for his famous speech, "I Have A Dream". It took place on August 28, 1968 at the Lincoln Memorial. It was about how blacks should have the same rights and freedoms the whites do. He also moved peace movements for African American rights. He said that a different color doesn't mean to be a different kind of person. He grew up poor, but not in the area by D.C.He was also the son of a preacher, which helped him in his speech movements. When he was a grown man, his childhood home was burned to the ground. Someone set it on fire because they disagreed with his peace movements and speeches. But, after years upon years of torture and pain, he eventually made America great for blacks and whites. | -Austin Walker

29: George Washington | George Washington was our first president. He grew up under the rule of Great Britain. He was also a commanding General in the French and Indian War. Then, America tried to separate from Great Britain. He was chosen to lead the Continental Army. It was the force that fought Great Britain. He then found it to be the most hardest job he would ever have to face. The war lasted for years. When it was over, the nation called for a king. They voted him to be the king, but he refused. He ended up to be the president led by the American people. | -Austin Walker

31: Henry Ford | Henry Ford was the son of a farmer. He left school to work on his father's farm. He moved 16 years later to Detroit. Ford was the man who invented the assembly line. He also created the famous Model T. It was introduced to the World on October 1, 1908. The steering wheel was placed on the left of the car. His creation was so good, many other companies copied it. It was made on the assembly line he created. The car was cheap to repair and easy to drive. | -Austin Walker

33: John Hancock | John Hancock was a patriot in the American Revolution. He is most famous for his signature on the Declaration of Independence. After all, he was the first one to sign it. He was also the president of the Second Continental Congress. This was a group that wrote petitions to King George the Third. They also wrote the Declaration of Independence. This was essentially America's birth certificate. It stated that we were no longer going to live under King George the Third rule. T hey were giving their lives for this because they would be charged with treason., and would be subjected to death. But, after they won the war, he eventually became the third president the United States. | -Austin Walker

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