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Famous Missourians

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S: Famous Missourians

FC: Famous Missourians Identify and Describe the significance of individual of Missouri 4th Grade Amanda Stewart

1: Welcome to my Mixbook technology project! The following pages are examples of work that students might create and publish following the directions of my Famous Missourians lesson plan found at the end of this Mixbook. Technology is a powerful motivator for students. They can create projects aesthetically pleasing and that can be published to share with other students, family and friends. In addition to being viewed on the Web, a Mixbook creation can be printed out as a hard copy that can be housed in a classroom, presented to a school library , or purchased by parents or guardians as keepsake of their student's work. -Amanda Stewart

2: Harry S. Truman, the 33rd president of the United States, born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar Missouri. In 1890 in the year Little White House was built, the Truman's moved to Independence Missouri. An excellent student, Truman was unable to attend college because of financial reasons. His eyesight prevented him to going to West Point. Following high school graduated in 1901 he worked a variety of jobs. Such as farming, banking and oil drilling. In 1917 he joined the Army. He served in France and left the army as a captain in May of 1919, and one month later he married Elizabeth Wallace. -Ryan G. & Amy R.

3: Harry and his wife had one child, Mary Margret.Years later Harry S. Truman was in the senate and decided to run for president. On April 12,1945 he was called to office because President Roosevelt had died. Harry was president from 1945-1953. He was a great president. He served during the Korean War.On December 5. 1972 Harry was admitted to Kansas City hospital where he later died on December 26 at the age of 88. Kyle T. & Jes B.

4: George was born to slave parents on July 12. 1864 in Diamond Grove, Missouri.George's father died before he was born.He was raised by adoptive parents Moses & Susan Carver. George started his education at age 12. Paul W.& Holly G. | George's adoptive parents taught him to work on a farm and do laundry, and tend the garden where he was fascinated with plants. Over the next ten years George attend college and got his bachelor in 1894 and graduate in 1896. | In 1896, he got a job with Booker T. Washington in Alabama. He conducted agricultural classes with students. He found a good use with peanuts and potatoes.In 1900 to 1920 his fame grew for his knowledge of agricultural experiments.

5: George drew even more attention when the polo outbreak occurred. He believed that peanut oil massages helped with relief of pain from the polo.Then during the Great Depression he grew more popular because of people tending to the farms during the drought. Bobby C. & Stephanie G. | George changed the life of many poor farmers. From peanuts he made useful products such as cheese, milk, soap and grease. He also made a lot from sweet potatoes. George died on January 5, 1943.He was buried next to Booker T. Washington.

6: Mark Twain or Samuel Langhorne Clemens as his real name. He was born November 30, 1835 in Florida Missouri. Sam didn't stay in school long. In 1850 he and his brother started a newspaper together. In 1853 not yet 18 he got tired of being in the town and set his ways to go to St Louis and wanted to try for New York. Beau M. | Later in the year he made it New York and got a job. He also worked in Philadelphia and made a trip to Washington. While this was going on his brother Orion was holding down the fort at home. Word got out to Sam about the war broke out. Sam hurried to Hannibal and enlisted with a group of individuals who had purpose. Josh D.

7: Samuel Clemens had several travels before he met his wife. He married Olivia in Elmira New York in 1870.The couple had three daughters Susy, Clara and Jean. Their marriage lasted 34 years until Olivia's death in 1904. | Samuel Clemens wrote several books. The adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper,Life on the Mississippi, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. After all his success and years later he became very depressed when he lost his favorite daughter Susy, then his wife and then another daughter Jean.Sam also lost a friend unexpectedly.All this took a toll on him. He had one surviving daughter Clara when he died on April 21, 1910 of a heart attack. Kevin W. & Lindsey S.

9: MixBook Lesson Plan SECTION ONE Author: Amanda Stewart Email Address: ans4186@missouriwestern.edu Semester Created: Fall 2009 LESSON OVERVIEW Title: Famous Missourians Brief Description: Identify and Describe the significance of individuals of Missouri. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/GENERALIZATIONS: The students will know the importance of three Missouri individuals when completing this assignment. They will know who, what, when, how, where they became to be famous in Missouri. ENGAGING QUESTION/SCENARIO: The teacher will engage the students on starting out with talking about the state of Missouri. Asking those questions if they know anyone who came from Missouri and what did they do to become famous. The teacher will explain to them on what we will be doing for the next couple of days. SUBJECT AREA(S) (Put an X by all relevant subject areas.) ___ Math ___ Science _X_ Reading _X_ Writing _X_ Social Studies/History ___ Foreign Language _X_ Art ___ Music ___ PE _X_ Information and Technology Literacy GRADE LEVEL (Put an X by all relevant grade levels.) ___ Kindergarten ___ Grade 1 ___ Grade 2 ___ Grade 3 _X_ Grade 4 ___ Grade 5 ___ Grade 6 ___ K-12 Elementary ___ K-12 Middle ___ K-12 Secondary ___ Secondary DETAILED LESSON DESCRIPTION GLE #1: The SWBAT Identify and describe the significance of the individuals from Missouri who have made contributions to our state and national heritage; examples include Lewis and Clark, Mary Easton Sibley, John Berry Meacham, George Washington Carver, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, Harry S Truman and Thomas Hart Benton (GLE Social Studies, Missouri, United States and World History, Strand 2a Knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the United States and the world, Concept A - Grade 4) (Performance Standards 1.5, 1.10, 2.1) STUDENT ASSESSMENT The assessments that will be used are a checklist to see if everything is stated correctly and completed. Also observe their work they have completed. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (based on selected content standards and benchmarks; create and link to rubric scoring guide/s.) COLLABORATION – The students will work in groups of two for each page in the mixbook. The teacher will be available at all time for questions and answers. The librarian will be available as well for questions students have about things in books they check out from library over these famous Missourians. Also the IT tech in the computer lab will be there to help. LESSON IMPLEMENTATION Length of Unit (hours, days): The length of the unit will be two weeks. One week to do research on what Missourians the class would like to work on. The other week is putting the mixbook together and presenting it to the class. Each day will be 30 min class time during social studies. Prerequisite Skills: Students must be able to know how to use a computer and be able to research on the Internet and Library for information to make this mixbook. ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS ELL/IEP Students: Assistive Technology Needs: MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION TIPS- The teacher will have designated times to work on the mixbook. The students will work alone for twenty minutes then get with their partner and compare what each have come up with. Then they will decide what exactly they want to put on their page before even going to the computer. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES REQUIRED FOR UNIT Books on Famous Missourians for research Internet Website www.mixbook.com Library Computer Lab TECHNOLOGY Web-based resources (name and link) UNIT PLAN FLOW CHART/TIMELINE Identify and explain the activities, materials, resources, technology integration strategies, collaboration, and timeline for your lesson. A clear and easy way to complete this section is to identify what you’ll be doing for each step of the process. Day 1: The teacher will introduce the unit of what will be going on. Explaining who famous Missourians are and what they completed when alive. The teacher will ask questions if the students know any of these people. This will get the students to brainstorm on who they want to research. Day 2: The teacher will ask students what they have come up on who they want to research. Then the teacher will see who has the same ideas and group students together. Day 3: The teacher will take students to the library to pick out books about their famous Missourian. The librarian will discuss that she would be available to help them at any time. The students will go back to the classroom and read over what they picked out and take some notes. Day 4: Today they teacher will collect the notes the students came up with and check to make sure everything they came up with was not made up and was true. Once the teacher ok’s their work they can get with their partner and layout what they want to do on the mixbook. Day 5: The teacher will see how far the groups have come and if they are ready to get started on the actual mixbook, then one group at a time will be able to go to the computer and star their layout of a page. Day 6: Today is the start of week two on working with mixbooks. The teacher has checked out the computer lab. The class now has started each page they were assigned. The teacher will be walking around helping them out while they work on their layout with their partners. Day 7: The class is in the computer lab working on their mix book. Again the teacher, lab tech and librarian will be there to assist students. Day 8: The class is in the computer lab working on their mix book. Again the teacher, lab tech and librarian will be there to assist students. Day 9: Today the students will be in the computer lab finishing up their last details on their mixbook. Once they have completed their layout the teacher will come around and check and make sure they have everything they need to be completed. Day 10: Today the class will present the mixbook to the whole class and each group of partners will present their page. While each group is presenting the other students will be using a checklist to see if they have everything in their page. Also they will observe on how well they put things together and worked as a team. Once that’s all done the teacher will publish their book and order one. Therefore the whole school can see and they can show their parents!

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